Chalkboard Coffee Mugs -- You Can Write on Them Whatever You Like

by Regi_B

From funny to creative to "dubious" -- write what you like on coffee cups with blackboard finishes.

We have our choice of ways to communicate in this age. Coffee mug chalkboards may not be the most efficient, but they can get a fun point across -- like "Hey! You're cute!" or "Don't look now! There's a hipster riding a fixie behind you."

Hipsters would not buy these mugs, but they might mooch one from you. (Just kidding, hipsters! By the way, one of you owes me a snap shirt.)

Blackboard mugs have a certain appeal to me. Here is a great medium for cute love notes, or something silly.

Life need not be urgent all the time. Urgency is why we have smartphones (which mostly get used for non-urgent stuff!).

Simple, relaxed living -- that's why we have chalkboard coffee mugs.

Talk in Chalk with a Konitz Classic

This is my favorite of all the blackboard coffee mugs I could find online. The Konitz Classic Chalk Talk leaves you plenty of room to right a friendly message or draw something "dodgy".

What would you mark on yours? On second thought, don't answer ;-).

With the Chalk Talk, you have space to try out ideas.

Chalkboard Coffee Mugs in Full Color!

The imaginative folks at Present Time came up with a cool gift idea -- a twist on the blackboard coffee cup. Someone there had the "next step" idea to create colorful chalkboard space on white ceramic mugs.

The four mugs come in assorted colors -- blue, green, red, and pink!

These mugs come with chalk, but you will have to rely on your own mind for inspiration. :-D

The Ideal Chalkboard Mug for Teachers

At year's end, it is a tradition for some to give a teacher a gift. Your child's teacher might enjoy Paladone Products' entry into the field. Paladone has painted a white mug with chalkboard paint and put an outline on it to give the appearance of an actual blackboard.

Be sure to include a nice message from your child, to warm his/her teacher's heart -- you know, something like, "Turns out you weren't half-bad, after all."

The Chalk Talk -- But All Dressed Up!

I think the previously-mentioned mug-seller Konitz does the best job in the chalkboard mug marketplace. One really neat mug they sell offers a twist on their basic black Chalk Talk Mug. The Kissing Lips version of the Chalk Talk gives you a chance to write your partner romantic messages not soon forgotten.

Example: "How's about finally taking out the trash, Hot Stuff!"

What to Write on Your Chalkboard Coffee Cup

No matter which mug you choose to buy, I understand some folks might need assistance with what to write on their new mugs.

For this group of folks, I have chosen to "donate" a little free copywriting.

No need to thank me.

Here you go:

  • "Seriously! Deal with your morning breath before you come at me with that mouth of yours!"
  • "You were the most handsome man in the room the night we met. It was a small room."
  • "Ever heard of dental floss?"
  • "Shaving = More kisses"
  • "Next time you walk the dog, don't forget the SCOOP!"
  • "How many 'E's in 'divorce decree'?", and finally,
  • "Don't forget our Ska Dancing for Geriatrics class tonight!"

I hope that helps. Enjoy your new chalkboard coffee mug!

Chalkboard Coffee Mugs on eBay

Updated: 03/07/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 03/08/2012

It does seem like lots of fun, doesn't it! Thanks, Mladen!

Mladen on 03/08/2012

I don't have these in my mug collection! :)
I love the idea of writing on the mug. It seems like lots of fun!

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