Chalkboard Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

by Regi_B

You may enjoy matryoshka, and chalk drawing. Now, you can do the two together!

I recall from my childhood that my mother had a set of matryoshka -- or nesting dolls. As a child, I was fascinated. I think these chalkboard matryoshka are similarly fascinating, but also engaging.

At Play with Chalkboard Matryoshka

Do you like matryoshka?

Did you like them as a child?

Of course, nesting dolls have aspects that interest both children and adults.

These chalkboard matryoshka engage the childhood interest in drawing, as well as playing.

Not Just for Children

Lots of people collect nesting dolls, of course. These chalkboard matryoshka -- while not for the serious collector -- could add a nice touch to an adult's desk at work.

Give them a try, and you may find these nesting dolls on which you can draw a fit!

Especially for an artist, chalkboard nesting dolls might be fun to draw on and display.

What Could You Draw on Chalkboard Nesting Dolls?

While the image on the box shows these dolls with what looks like a family drawn on them, what else might you draw? Cats? Dragons? An army of vegan warriors? What you draw on your nesting dolls is up to you!

Matryoshka Madness Chalkboard Matryoshka

Matryoshka Madness Chalkboard Matryoshka
Only $9.99

Where to Buy Chalkboard Matryoshka

I am sure a quirky toy store would have this item. You can also get it online at Amazon. Also, look for them at novelty shops.

What Is in the Box?

In addition to six nesting dolls, you receive six sticks of colored chalk. Please note that the dolls are 4.5 inches and shorter, and the chalk comes in an array of rich colors from yellow to blue to red (no pastels here!).

The manufacturer's recommendation on minimum age for these chalkboard nesting dolls is three years. (Careful of the choking hazard for little darlings under that minimum.)

Who Are Chalkboard Matryoshka Sets For?

  • A budding artist? Yes!
  • An art school lifer? Yes!
  • Your favorite politician to hate? Why not! It would help them lighten up!
  • Your boss? Oh, totally!
  • The postal courier? More often than not, ha!
  • Your friend in the next cubical! Help her over the blahs of the job!

Chalkboad Matryoshka for Valentine's Day

You know, everybody loves a neat Valentine's Day gift idea. Why not try writing your love note to your valentine on these nesting dolls! Everybody loves a memorable love note. These little nesting dolls can sure help you make an impression!

Are These Versatile Nesting Dolls a Fit for You?

Okay, I really hope you will pardon the pun! One of my other pursuits is stand-up comedy. Not that I am good at it, but it is a pursuit of mine. (And I also enjoy a nice pun.)

Priced around $15, this "toy" can be part of fun or pastimes for people looking for something a little different to do with their art skills -- no matter how truly artistic!

Updated: 01/30/2012, Regi_B
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sheilamarie on 05/03/2012

What a riot! I think these dolls would make a great gift, especially if you drew in them before wrapping them up. You could be very mysterious and/or funny and/or romantic. The possibilities are endless. I may need to get these nesting dolls.

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