Cheap Baby Cribs - Quality At Discount Prices

by Tested_to_Destruction

There are plenty of cheap baby cribs on the market that don’t sacrifice quality in relation to possessing a discount price tag.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with spending upwards of a $1000 or more on what may appear to be the best crib ever – high prices and top quality are not mutually exclusive.

Some of the best cribs and travel cots on the market are for sale for less the 3 and 4 hundred dollars. For the average parent, the smaller the price tag that they end up paying for their crib, the better the outcome. But, you can drop to a point whereby quality is sacrificed and this is what you need to look out for.

How To Find Cheap Baby Cribs That Don't Sacrifice Quality

Year round, there’s always a discount to be found, a drop in price, and there’s a number of reasons as to why you can find some wonderful bargain that not only benefit your baby, they also benefit your pocket.

Here are a few hints and tips that relate to finding the kind of deals that perfectly suit your budget:

Take advantage of mailing lists. The internet is fast becoming the primary method by which companies advertise, sell and communicate. Don’t miss out simply because you didn’t fill out an online email form – if you’re browsing the site now, chances are you’ll browse again in the future. Babies grow ... there’s always something else you will need in the future!

Factor in seasons. As an example, travel cots are often cheaper to buy when the usual run of vacation periods are over. A portable crib purchase is more likely to occur when a family holiday is in the offing, and the one thing that’s missing from the ‘what to pack?’ list is a lightweight mini crib. Let’s face it; you’re always going to find one in the fall or winter seasons that’s lower in price than what you’ll find early spring.

Do a coupon search. This is an easy option for anyone with internet access. A quick search will always return at least something that you can go and explore. Companies are always looking at ways to promote new lines, end of line stock and unsold products. Coupons are a great way of selling cheap baby cribs

Check out direct merchants. There’s a variety of reasons that provoke companies to sell off travel cots and cribs at cheap prices, some of which are mentioned above. Sometimes a product line hasn’t sold as well as it was hoped. The buying public can be fickle, trends come and go and if you look at the right time, you may well be surprised as to what you will find. Don’t rule out clearance sales!

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What To Look Out For

Before you do go on to purchase what may appear to be a great deal, make sure that you’re buying exactly what you need. As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, discount cribs can sometimes equal a shabby product.

As an example, you could luck out and find a great deal on a crib that was originally priced at $800 and is now for sale at $250. That’s an awesome discount but – why the aggressive price drop?

If it’s simply related to the fact that its part and parcel of a stock clearance, comes from a brand that’s trusted for its quality, function and appeal, you’re on to a winner. However it may relate to the fact that despite high sales, the product has been found to be of a lesser quality than it should have been.

That doesn’t necessarily signify that it’s an unsafe baby crib; it may just relate to the fact that the manufacture was substandard enough to cause an awful lot of parents to voice a negative opinion about the product.

In commerce, there’s nothing quite like a horde of unhappy customers that vocalize their complaints all over the internet to devalue anything. Do your homework and make that sure you understand why a cheap baby crib is being sold at a price that may appear as though it’s too good to be true.

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The Best Thing About Buying Cheap Is …

The fact that they’re cheap! Hopefully they also sit well of the quality versus price ratio. Thankfully we live in a world that encourages competition and whilst that isn’t always the easiest of oceans to navigate, it can be a very fruitful one.

There is an abundance of cheap baby cribs on the market that also focus on comfort, safety and quality. I know because part of my working life involves finding and testing them wherever possible. I also advise parents on what may or may not suit their baby’s need the best.

In fact the US demands that travel cots, cribs and cot mattresses meet with a minimum standard of quality as per Federal State laws, at the point of manufacture and before they hit the suppliers.

The best news issued for a long while, in relation to baby products, is the fact that of July 2011 this year, safety standards are tightening up what constitutes a safe, functional crib that is deemed as being fit for use with babies and toddlers.

One thing to consider now, prior to the ruling becomes actionable is this: avoid buying drop-side cribs. Once June swings around, this type of crib will be illegal. If you do seen any cheap baby cribs for sale, make sure that they’re not of this variety.

There’s a reason that their design is being withdrawn and it’s pointless spending money on one, even if it is a steal of a deal. As per the new ruling, this includes:

  • including new and used cribs
  • full-size and non-full-size cribs
  • portable cribs, and crib pens.

Now you know, so whether you find you discount crib at your local store, online or through the classifieds, be aware that drop-side designs will are longer be available for resale since the middle of 2011. That said, many cribs and travel cots don’t make use of drop-sides so it’s fairly easy to avoid buying one. To read in full the new legislation: Drop Side Cribs Outlawed

Hopefully, all the above information will help you to locate the perfect crib at the price you’re wanting to pay. Cheap baby cribs are out there – you just have to know where to find them.

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Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for cheap baby cribs for sale and this is the first site that is giving me hope. I've also been looking here ( and they seem to be pretty good. I love making choices and getting good deals at the same time!

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