Children's Camo Bedding for Boys and Girls

by HomeArtist1

Camo bedding for boys and girls like these comforter sets will make that cool, outdoor impression your kid has been pining for in their bedroom in seemingly forever.

Creating a fun, camo kid's room for your boy or girl with its splash of nature and the thrill of the great outdoors is the ideal theme for your adventurous boy or girl. And camo is one theme for kids to grow up and into, so you won't be having to do a complete decor redo come their next 'craze-phase.'

Beginning your kid's camo themed bedroom is best started with an awesome focal point, one that captivates the eye, capturing the spirit of flora and fauna. But getting just the right children's camo bedding for your boy or girl can be a hunt in itself--and a hit-or-miss guessing game if you're not decor savvy.

Not to worry, though; together with a few basic pointers on color and contrast, we'll go from point A to C-amo in no time.

Scroll down to peruse (fancy word for 'hunt') several fabulous styles of children's camo bedding for boys and girls to create an amazing camouflage themed space you'll both love!

Getting Started With Your Focal Point - Children's Twin Size Camo Bedding Sets for Boys & Girls

Getting Started in Your New Camo Bedroom: The Focal Point

Your bedding will serve as your room's focal point, as beds are most often a bedroom's largest contributor.

Camo bedding like these themed comforter sets have the strong design you need to make a highly-visual, contrasting statement in your boy or girl's bedroom.

These camo bedding sets for children have great 'energy' your boy or girl will enjoy, while they do a great job introducing your your bedroom's theme.

Go as 'big' with your kid's bedding as practical for your kid's bedroom size--and your budget--and you'll be off to a great start.

camo bedding set; a comforter and matching camo sheet set for kids'
Green & Brown Children's Camo Bedding Set: Twin Size Comforter and ...

Unexpected Color in Your Kid's Camo Bedroom

orange camo is great for children of either gender

This cool, orange camo comforter set is available in twin-king sizes and sports the cool, 'hunter's' cautionary hue kids love. Orange camo has quite the unexpected element that's so necessary in every decor.

With every three pieces, I like to add one 'oddity' that's a pleasant surprise in every space. This orange camo comforter promises to be a fabulous focal piece in your boy or girl's room with its high energy. It's one piece that's sure to be remembered--something every space needs to be successful.

It's quite the WOW! piece, don't you think?

matching orange camo sheet sets are great but solid orange will do, too
Hunter's Orange Sheet Set for Boys or Girls: Children's Bedding in ...

The Camouflage Theme: Bedding and Decor That Lasts


Purple camo bedding for girls, like these fun comforter sets, promise to hang around for several more years of 'coolness' when compared to more age-specific, themed bedding.

Too, purple is a tried-and-true color--for girls of all ages--you can rest assured that any paint job in lavender or other similar purpley hue will last at least half a decade.

In for the long haul, these purple camo bed sets make a great choice for any age girl.

NOTE: While I may appear to be stereotyping, relegating colors to a gender: pink for girls, blue for boys but really, color is for everyone; how in the world did we get to this ideal about colors being feminine--or not?

Allow your child to go the way of their own dreams and ideals and you'll have one happier boy or girl. Color is for everyone!

budget-friendly purple camo comforter and sheet set for children to adult
Children's & Teens' to Adult Lilac Purple Woodland Camo Comforter &...
pink camo and matching sheet set will last from kid to teen--and beyond

Thinkin' Pink'n Decorating for Your Mature-Minded Girl

Camouflage is an ideal theme for budding girls who pine for 'big girl' everything seemingly since preschool [enter the shudder visual, here].

And since bedding can take your girl's space into a new realm, an enduring camo comforter set makes great economical sense--not to mention, saving a weekend of laborious painting and 'hanging.'

If you're not the decorating type, pink can be your best friend with its many shades that, even if you pile them on, you'll have a fabulous result.

Pink camo bed sets like these can be a great 'ground' to your overall palette, serving as both the room's focal point and base. Walls can be any shade of pink or green, though I'd opt for either color in a lighter shade.

While many of these comforter sets have coordinating window panels, I would go for solid pink-- or even white--sheers with a pink camo valance. This way, you won't have 'pink camo overload.'

I'll talk more about balance further down.

But aren't these bed sets fabulous?

Your Room's 'Voice': Serious or Playful? - Kids' Green Camouflage & Realtree Bedding for Boys & Girls


From the differing styles of camo bedding I've shown here, it's obvious there's no shortage of colors and 'personalities' in the many camouflage comforters and bed sets. The blue, purple and pink camo bedding betray fun, carefree vibe while the army and classic green camo sets are more in keeping with the great outdoors and camos true purpose of mirroring a deep, woodsy environment.

These green camouflage bed sets make for a great military-like arrangement in your boy or girl's bedroom and would look great with any number of armed forces decor like helicopter wall decals and military stars and stripes.

For the hunter's lodge decor, pair any of these camo comforter sets up with deer crossing signs or faux animal wall mounts for a convincing sportsman ambiance.

No matter what genre camouflage your boy or girl prefers, this green and military style bedding will serve you well for a successful result.

Adding Accent Color for Depth


As I mentioned, this camo boys bedding isn't just for boys; girls may take a fancy to its color and style, too.

As a mom, I say, "Let 'er have it!" Your girl won't be harmed inhabiting a blue room--I promise.

I've a penchant for multi-colored bed sets like this blue and khaki quilt set.

Its varying colors allow more options for wall color, accessories and artwork. And the color arrangement adds depth to your kid's space.

Yes, you can go for a monochromatic look but it may result in a two dimensional, flat look.

Instead of the flat look, go for two or more cohesive colors and layer your pieces in threes if possible for a warm, natural look versus the linear, stiff result.

I recommend the colors in this bedding, where you'll have the sky and an earthen (like compact dirt) type grounding--ideal for a convincing, militant ambiance both you and your kid will love.

Either blue camo bedding set will do; it's just a matter of personal preference and your child's age. If your boy or girl is headed for tween-age, I'd consider the set furthest down, as it promises to withstand the test of time. 

The Blue Hue & Its Effect on Mood and Ambience


Blue camo can go either way to make a playful room or all-out official style space with airborne military planes as wall art.

I like the airy presence of blue camo. I'm thinking blue skies and paratroopers, meaning a whole new genre for camouflage decor. It's all about what your boy or girl envisions for their camo bedroom but in either direction, you'll have the support from blue camo bedding like these comforter sets.

Just as the green camo bedding above works for a serious outdoorsy setting, these blue camo comforter sets for boys and girls betray a relaxed, serene setting.

Color has a big influence on our emotions. Did you know that blue is the 'calming' color? While we can see from its appearance alone how soothing blue looks, many medical institutions use blue to help calm nervous patients.

So, imagine what these gentle hues can do to quell high-spirited kids' energy levels.

Camo is a fabulous option for design with children's bedrooms, as you'll certainly get a lot of bang for your investment. Don't limit yourself or your child to any given color. Let their imagination be your guide for a space your child truly calls their own.  

Updated: 05/18/2015, HomeArtist1
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