How To Choose A Niche

by pkmcr

We know that Niche Marketing is the way to go but then comes the challenge of choosing a niche! How do you choose a niche to market to and how do you decide what to market to them?

We know that Niche Marketing is important if we want to make money online but how do we go about choosing a niche or niches that we are going to work in?

It does take some creative thinking, a dose of patience, a willingness to be persistent and sometimes a willingness to dig deep into a broad niche to find one that is going to work for us.

So let’s take a look at how we can go about determining whether to choose a niche to work in and if it is going to be profitable.

Do You Have Passion?

Do You Have To Be Interested When It Comes To Choosing a Niche?

Having a real passion for the subject of your niche isn’t essential however, it is certainly going to help!

There are people who can make money in niches in which they have no real interest, but if you are like me that probably isn’t that appealing.

If you have an interest or indeed a passion for your topic then, in my view things are easier.

When you have a genuine interest or passion for your niche topic, then you are going to find it easier to be successful.

You are going to find it much easier to research a topic that you are interested in than one where you have no interest.  As you learn more you will be keen to share that knowledge and that will come through to your readers.

That’s because your passion and enthusiasm are going to come through in your work.

As I said earlier you don’t have to be passionate about the subject when it comes to choosing a niche but if you are then you are on the right track!

Do You Want Competition In Your Niche?

If There's No Competition There's No Profit

Whilst you don’t want to choose a niche that is saturated with competition the notion that competition is a bad thing is not true.  In reality you want there to be some competition.

If there is no competition in your niche then that is generally a fairly good indication that there isn’t that much, if indeed any, potential for profit. If people are competing with you, if people are spending money on advertising then that tells you that there is an interest in your niche and that there are buyers!

Examine your chosen niche carefully if there is no competition.

Competition also helps to keep us on our toes by challenging us to constantly improve. Take a good look at your competition to understand what they do and how they do it.  Can you differentiate yourself and make yourself stand out in the Niche you are choosing?

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Can You Make Money In The Niche?

Finding a Niche That is Profitable

Can you make money in the niche you choose?

If there is no one searching for your niche topic then there’s no potential for profit is there?  You might know everything there is to know but of few people are searching for it then you are not going to make much, if indeed any, money in it.

Equally if it is a niche in which there are no products you can sell, no adverts being placed through Google Adsense and no affiliate products for you to promote then it isn’t going to make any money for you.

Finding a good niche is possible and is certainly worth the effort involved. By investing the time, patience and effort you will be able to find a niche that is perfect for you.

More On Niche Marketing Strategies

This is the second in a series of pages addressing the basics of Niche Maketing and making money online.  Make sure to bookmark this page and additional pages will be added below as they are created!

Why Should You Focus On Niche Marketing?

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belinda342 on 10/14/2012

Choosing a niche can be a daunting task. That's another great thing about sites like Wizzley. Once you narrow your focus down to a few Niches that you think might be profitable, you can do a few pages here about them and see how they do. It's great market research...and it's FREE!

Ramkitten on 06/29/2011

That no competition is not good concept is so true. And the same goes for actual brick-and-mortar businesses. Like here in Flagstaff -- at one time, there were hardly any art galleries, and the few that were here didn't do well. Then more opened and then some more, and they all started doing much more business and attracting many more people. Same with the local breweries. It's not like they're in every other shop downtown, but there are enough of both about that art and local brews are two things (among others) that draw people to the area. Same-same for an online niche.

hamshi5433 on 06/24/2011

`Niche`, Small word with huge meanings and understandings. ha Learned some more about it here..Thanx for sharing

SimeyC on 06/22/2011

"If There's No Competition There's No Profit" - I slightly disagree with this - there are some niches (I found one) that are profitable even if there is no competition - what you find though is that these are short term niches thus explaining why there is no competition! I found one niche last September and have done really well with it - it will however die off in the next year or two...

ohcaroline on 06/21/2011

This subject has been in my thoughts. I'm new enough in internet marketing to get my wings spread...but no niche yet. I think I heading there now. Thanks for the wisdom.

nightbear on 06/18/2011

Great rundown on finding a profitable niche. I like niche marketing too. It is worth the effort for sure.

tandemonimom on 06/18/2011

I have several niches but they're all hot topics for me personally, so I have no trouble writing about them. :-)

Wizzler on 06/18/2011

Thanks for the helpful article! I would love to find one with a very little competition and some profit.

kimbesa on 06/17/2011

Always something new to learn about this...thanks!

BarbRad on 06/17/2011

I'm interested in a lot of things, so choosing a niche isn't easy. Interest doesn't equal knowledge. Right now I haven't the time to research a new niche when I'm not yet caught up with my present niches.

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