What Is A Micro Niche?

by pkmcr

The trend for marketing to move into micro niches continues but what exactly is a micro niche? How do you define a micro niche and do you need to focus on them in your marketing?

You might have thought that you were just getting used to the idea of Niche Marketing and along comes another term - Micro Niches!

So is a finding a niche not enough now? Do you really need to find micro niches? What can a micro niche offer and what exactly is it?

Those might be some of the questions going through your head at the moment as you ponder this new arrival on your online marketing learning curve.

Don't worry it isn't that complex and in fact once you start to think about it you will soon discover that it makes perfect sense!

So let's take a look at Micro Niches and what they can do for you in your internet marketing.

How Do We Determine What A Micro Niche Is?

As we already know from looking at Niche Marketing and how we Choose a Niche, a niche is a specific segment or part of a target market.

To make this easier to follow let's use a specific example in the form of coffee and coffee drinkers. A niche of the coffee drinkers market might be organic coffee drinkers.

When it comes to a micro niche that is an even more specific and targeted segment of our niche market.

So if we continue with the coffee drinkers example example a micro niche of our coffee drinkers market might be organic coffee from Columbia drinkers.

Do You Need To Focus On Micro Niches to Succeed Online?

No a micro niche is not essential to be able to succeed. However, many people like me are choosing to focus on micro niches because they offer some unique benefits.

By having a focus on micro niches:

  • You are able to appeal to and offer real value to a very specific target group;
  • You may find it easier to get on page one of Google and other search engines because there’s less competition for micro niches;
  • You may find it easier to establish yourself as a credible expert in a micro niche;
  • In terms of selling products it is probably going to be easier to sell to your specific audience as you are probably going to be one of the few who are offering products to your micro niche.

Let's say you had a niche website on our example from earlier of organic coffee. You could then have several micro niches websites each on a coffee micro niche to support it. With this approach you can generate traffic to each of your micro niche sites and ultimately to your main niche site. The other option of course is that you could simply create micro niche sites. 

How Do You Find a Micro Niche?

If you have been working in a niche for some little while you may already be aware of some micro niches within your niche. Quite often you will discover micro niches because of questions that come up from your customers and visitors.

Like me you can also use keyword research tools to help you find micro niches such as Micro Niche Finder which has been invaluable for me.

Good potential Micro Niches are generally found as long tail keyword phrases which have high demand and relatively low supply.

The internet and internet marketing is becoming more and more competitive. The internet is expanding and is getting full of ever more information which means that searchers are becoming more focused and demanding. That means that the trend towards marketing through micro niches looks set to continue.

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Updated: 05/28/2013, pkmcr
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Do You Focus On Mirco Niches?

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AJ on 02/23/2012

It all makes good sense Paul. As you say targetted traffic may be smaller in number but it does tend to convert better than the hit and miss approach of a topic that is not so well focussed.

Tony Payne on 08/21/2011

Great article, and this is something that I have been trying to work on for a while myself, in particular with my Bournemouth lens on Squidoo. Using a lens about a place (County/Country) as an example, there are many micro-niches that you can apply. This includes: places to visit, museums, places to eat, nightlife/entertainment, famous people from etc. The possibilities are endless, however you do need to consider the popularity that some of the micro-niches might have.

tandemonimom on 06/26/2011

I'll have to check out micro niche. I've been tending that way in my writing anyway, so of course I think it's a good idea! ;-)

nightbear on 06/25/2011

why fight with a lot of competition in your chosen niche. Micro niches make it so you can beat the competition. Choose a micro niche and then do it better than everyone else. Great job Paul!

sheilamarie on 06/25/2011

More things to learn! Thanks, Paul!

dustytoes on 06/25/2011

I will follow this advice about micro niches and also check out the micro niche finder. Thank you.

GrandmaMarilyn on 06/25/2011

I think I tend to think in micro niches. I tend to do a lot of categorizing within the categories and within those categories. LOl I know what you are talking about anyway. Thank you.

spirituality on 06/25/2011

Absolutely - micro niches are essential to making it online.

mandeesears on 06/25/2011

I think you are the King of Niches Paul! :D Thanks for the insights into Niche and Micro Niche marketing! I always learn something new from you.

petunia on 06/25/2011

I sure love Microniche Finder, too!

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