Christmas Gifts for Girls who Love Dora

by SusanM

Great Dora Christmas gift ideas for different spending budgets

If you haven't heard about Dora you must be living on the moon. Dora is loved by millions of kids. So if you know a child who's a Dora fan you have an easy way to buy a Christmas gift they will love.

I've found some great gifts at all price ranges (sometimes you just can't spend much if you have many kids to buy for). I have also added my absolute favorite Dora gifts to give to give some personal inspiration as well.

Dora Gifts for $10 or Less

There are some great gifts in the $10 and less price range. These gifts don't look cheap but they will stop you from going over your Christmas budget. 

The Ty Beanie Baby range has a few Dora  related Beanie Babies to choose from. If you know what their most loved Dora character is it's an easy pick. 

Or you can encourage a love of reading by giving a Dora book. There are heaps to choose from all at a nice price for your wallet. You can find everything from read aloud to beginner books in the Dora range. 

There are also lots of lovely novelty items like Dora purses that little girls love because they have a grown up feel to them. 

Amazon has a wide range of Dora for $10 or less. 

Picture: Ty Beanie Baby Swiper. This is available at Amazon

Essential Tips for Buying a Dora Gift

It might seem easy to buy a Dora gift for a child. If it's Dora how can you go wrong? Very easily unfortunately so before I mention some great gift ideas here's a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Some Dora fans are toddlers. Many of the Dora toys, books and other gift ideas aren't suitable for a toddler. This might be for safety reasons. Or it might be because they aren't at the right developmental stage to play with the gift. So always check the recommended age range before you buy. 
  2. The same rule applies to older children for different reasons. Some Dora toys are too baby-ish for preschoolers or children in the first grades of school. A child of this age won't be impressed if they are given a toy meant for a toddler. So again check to make sure the recommended age range fits the girl you are buying for. 
  3. Try to find out a little about your Dora fan? Do they have a favorite character? Dora is more than just the main character. You will thrill a little Dora fan if you not only buy them a Dora gift - but if you choose their most loved character.
  4. Think about the general interests and activities of the child. Do they love art? Do they collect Beanie Babies? Do they like soft toys? Do they love books? Are they learning to read? Have they just started school? These can all help you decide which Dora gift to buy.

You can find a wonderful selection of Dora gifts by going up to the $20 and less price range. 

The Fisher-Price Talking Dora Doll is very popular. She's a cuddly soft doll that says fun phrases when you squeeze her tummy. Good value for less than $20. 

Art materials are always a creative gift choice - and you can get Dora art gift sets. This makes for a popular gift. Be warned though this set has lots of coloring activities but no creative drawing. So make sure there's plenty of plain paper for creating art too. 

For a more impressive gift you can add some extra Dora coloring books to go with this. But plain paper is the best way to encourage creativity. So it's also a good idea to find a Dora drawing pad that has blank pages for creative drawing too. 

More Expensive Dora Gifts

Most bigger Dora gifts are often in the $20 to $50 range. So they are a good pick if you need a fabulous gift for a child.

Dora Fashion Ideas

When thinking of gifts for a young Dora fan don't forget to look at clothing. Now clothing isn't usually a great idea for young kids. This is because they usually think it's B.O.R.I.N.G. But kids absolutely love clothing with designs of their favorite characters on them. So a Dora t-shirt is sure to be a big hit with a child who loves Dora. So the usual rule of clothing gifts being boring for kids doesn't apply here. 

You can get some great t-shirts with Dora designs on them. So there's no lack of choice. Although you can get some less common and fun designs - like the one I've shown here if you know where to look. 


More Ideas for Bigger Dora Gifts

Dollhouses are a classic gift that encourages pretend play - and yes they do come in Dora style. Amazon has a good selection of these in different price ranges. Another gift to encourage pretend play is a Dora play house. Of course these are for kids to play in (not dolls). They are wonderful for something called "role play" (playing mothers is a type of role play). Play houses also give a little girl their own special space to hang out or play in. 

Amazon also has Dora kids' furniture and bedding. Dora kids' furniture is a nice idea because it's another way to give a child a special place that's just their own. The furniture is also kid sized so they feel very grown up too. 

Finally, the right bedding can make a bedroom more welcoming to a child. Being able to wrap themselves in Dora bedding can take the disappointment out of going to bed (sometimes but not always). 

A Fun, High Quality Dora Bag

This is a more expensive gift among the ones I've chosen. But it is a beautiful one that a child will get use of out for years until they're older and Dora becomes uncool.

This messenger bag is good for a child who goes to school. It's also a good quality product that can be passed down to younger children in the family. (You could also sell it on Ebay once a child is out of the Dora fan age group.)

So it's not a gift that will be good for years and years...

My Fave Dora Gifts to Give

These are my top picks for Dora gifts. They should suit girls aged 3 to about 5 or 6 years.

The Mega Bloks Dora sets are wonderful for pretend play. They can be used again and again (unlike art materials) and are a fun way for kids to learn about math. Amazon has the full range of Dora Mega Bloks  sets so there's plenty to choose from too. 

The Dora Pillow is a good choice because it's big and cuddly. It's perfect for cuddling up on the couch or in bed with on a cold day. It can be a new friend to tell secrets to. It can encourage pretend play. All great reasons to give as a Christmas gift to a girl who loves Dora

Picture: Dora Mega Bloks set. These are available at Amazon.

Find Dora Gifts on Ebay

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SusanM on 06/21/2012

Thanks Katie.... we have all the toy sales on here. Good time for early Christmas shopping.

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

Very nice Christmas ideas for the kids who love Dora the Explorer, great selection. Now's the time to get that Christmas shopping done.

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