Christmas Tree Star

by belinda342

That Christmas Tree Star on top of your tree has a wonderful meaning. Do you know its story?

A Christmas tree star can help us remember what Christmas truly represents. We all get caught up in shopping, Holiday parties, and food preparations. But that isn't what Christmas is really all about. (And no, it isn't about presents either.)

Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. Some say that the day really has nothing to do with the actual date He was born, but I don't think that really matters. What matters is that we take a day to simply celebrate that fact that He was born.

So why a star on top of that tree? What does a star have to do with Christ's birth? Well, sit back and I'll tell you a little story...

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12" Moravian Star/Tree Topper

The Christmas Star's Story

Told in the Book of Matthew

The Old Testament is filled with prophecies foretelling of the Messiah's birth.  One was the star prophecy which told of a Star coming from Jacob.

The Christmas StarWhen Christ was born, a bright Star appeared in the sky.  The wise men (also called Magi) saw the star and knew that it meant our Savior had been born.

So the Magi went to Herod to ask where they could find the blessed child.  After consulting with all of his Scribes and Priests, Herod determined the child was in Bethlehem.  Before he released the Magi on their mission, he asked that they return to him once they found the child.  

Herod told the Wise Men that he wanted also to worship the child and to bring it gifts, but in his heart he planned to kill the child.  His plan had no room for a King of the Jews.  From questioning the Magi, he learned the time that the star appeared, signalling the Christ's birth.

The Magi found Christ and delivered their gifts.  But they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod with the news as he meant the child harm.  

Herod, furious with their lack of obedience, ordered all the male children in the land under two years of age to be killed.  (Thus fulfilling yet another prophecy.)  But God had other plans.  

Joseph was warned to take his son to Egypt, and so the child--our Savior--was spared from Herod's plan.

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Kurt S. Adler Capiz Star Treetop

Christmas Star Topper Options

There are a multitude of different Star Toppers available.  There are 5 point stars and 8 point stars.  There are plain stars that give your tree that simple, classic look.  There are very ornate and incredibly beautiful stars that will enhance your tree’s overall beauty.

Some stars allow you to place a colored Christmas tree light inside to illuminate the star.  This is great, because you can change the look of your topper each year by simply changing the color of the light inside it.  You can have a white star one year, and a red or yellow star the next.  You could even change the color on a daily basis, if you wanted.  But there is an easier way…

There are flashy stars that have LED lights inside that change colors on a rotation basis.  If you truly want to draw attention to the star on top of your Christmas tree, one of these may be your star of choice.  No need to change the light inside the star, it’s done for you.  But like said, these are a little flashy.  If you like the simple, classic look, these probably aren’t for you.

What is Your Favorite Tree Topper?

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katiem2 on 10/17/2012

Beautiful Christmas tree stars, I think this might be the year to get a new one. These are so nice thanks for bringing them to our attention. Tis the season. :)K

belinda342 on 10/17/2012

Angels are okay, don't get me wrong. But it just wouldn't seem right to celebrate
Christmas without that star on the tree-top. Thank you both for your comments and visits to my page. Very much appreciated.

sheilamarie on 10/17/2012

We always had a star on our CHristmas tree growing up. You've got some beautiful ones here. Thanks for focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

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