Classic Victorian Boys Costumes for Halloween

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Victorian boys costumes for Halloween can surprisingly look traditional and yet privileged and influential because they were worn by the best and selected few.

Victorian fashion trends for men and the Victorian boy’s costumes comprises of the distinct trends and ensembles. These were the outfits worn during British times by the elite section of the society.

The grand Victorian culture that emerged and grew in England province throughout the Victorian reign gave rise to a trend in fashion that is imbibed even in modern apparel. The unmistakable rule of the British Queen, Victoria, was a period from June 1837 to January 1901 that saw the pinnacles of Men’s fashion styles.

Traditional Victorian Era Apparel for Halloween

These costumes are hot choices for Halloween and wedding parties. The Victorian costumes after all never went out of fashion; it lives in our traditions, memories and gets revived year after year during festive events and Halloween’s eve.

Now, one needs to keep in mind that the Halloween time is a damn freezing cold time in United Kingdom. Perhaps during this Ice Age in England, it was obviously sensible and mandatory to wear fur overcoats and corsets for the simple reason that it keeps you warmer. This element is widely seen in the costumes of Victorian era.

Victorian Boys Costumes


Towards the eighteenth century Victorian era, casual wear for men would be shirts with trendy neckties and scarves. These accessories became very imminent with Victorian boys costume and men’s apparel. Fashionable shirts for elite class were generally made of decorous fabric that came with bold shades of black and soft hues of grey. Of course, these transformations would be inclusive of revolutionary modifications in arts, architecture, literature, in addition to the apparel.

The reign of Queen Victoria is famously called Victorian era, this period brought in stylish designs and all the rage of fashion for officially the first time in history. The clothing used in this period was impeccable, linen used from the colonies run by British Empire. The Victorian era boy’s costumes for elite families were made by expert craftsmen and the suits were customized by personal tailors. Seamstresses, milliners and glovers from destitute sections of society served the elite families. The designer apparel was personally chosen from their shops and ordered to stitch.

Victorian Designs


 As far as the Victorian era is concerned, perhaps the designs were impulsive and whimsical; the costumes that boys wore were heavily made. The boys wore formal costumes. The attire contained wasp size waist and frock coats distinct from the apparel of nineteenth century. The 18th century designs were tight fitting, the costumes fit smartly with the calf length coats that were designed like frocks, sober vest and a decorous waistcoat.

Boys looked quite gentlemanly with their well behaved attitude and the well mannered costumes which were the trends of Victorian era. These suits were certainly different from the Norfolk jackets of the 19 century era worn by the dandies and dudes.

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AngelaJohnson on 10/23/2014

I like these better than really scary costumes. People tend to concentrate more on girls' costumes, so this was a nice change.

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