Get Organized With A Closet Purse Organizer

by Jerrico_Usher

De-clutter your closet with any of a variety of purse storage units both vertical and horizontal

Women love their shoes and purses. In fact many women color coordinate them almost religiously. For many women, however, the closet holding sometimes dozens, even hundreds of purses you've purchased over the years is a nightmare. Purses end up damaged, clutter up the closet, and finding the right one when you need it can be a frustrating endeavor.

The solution, of course, is organization. Purses are no different from shoes in the storage respect. They need a place to both store them, and for them to be easily in view for a glance through the wardrobe.

By putting your shoes, purses, clothing, and other items in an organizer you save time, patience, and overall add more space to what used to be a cluttered closet. In this article we're going to cover purse organizers specifically as they fit into the matrix of wardrobe ensembles and time management (and sanity!).



Closet Purse Organizer - Add Another Demension of Organization To Your Closet!


Having a matching purse with their shoes and outfits is not uncommon for a lot of women. They may have different purses and bags for different occasions, seasons, events or activities.

What ever the case some women may have just as many purses as they have shoes. It can be overwhelming to have to sort through different purses to find the perfect match.

Having a closet purse organizer may be the best option to find order among the many choices. It will make things easier to see, find, and quickly decide. It also helps with storage.

Most organizers stand neatly in one area saving time and money.

Many purses are expensive or have a lot of memories attached to them. Many women keep them for sentimental value rather than actually using it again but being able to store even these classic purses helps a great deal.

Some organizers are pretty cool even hiding behind things, blending in, using interesting shapes and designs that are as aesthetically pleasing as the organization of your purses!

Using an organizing system reduces the chances of the purses getting damaged, increasing its longevity and maintaining or increasing it's value.

A closet purse organizer can go just about anywhere (most are portable).

Some models are designed for portability while others are permanent fixtures (still a bit portable but heavier).

Organizers can be added to an existing closet and put on display with other handbags or shoes. The laundry room is another great option as well.

This is a location that can add a great new look to the room. Adding cabinets with glass doors can allow the purses to be put on display.

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Preference, Budget, Style

Things to consider when deciding what type of closet purse organizer to purchase is preference, budget and style. A very inexpensive way to store purses neatly and effectively is an over the door purse organizer (pictured above from Amazon).

These start at around $19.99 (but often go on sale for about 5.00 on Amazon!!!) and can hold up to 10 purses each. Made of cotton canvas they are breathable and portable too.

You can also use several of these at the same time to scale your closet as you gain more purses.

They are also very convenient- you can use them on either side of the door so that opens even more room to hang more.


This One Holds A LOT Of Purses!

Hanging Purse Organizer


Another great option is the Park-A-Purse Organizer. They can be added to any standard shelf or floor and are easy to assemble.

They are affordable and take no time at all to install. This organizer is sold for $29.99 which is a great price.

For those that want to design your own closet purse organizer installing shelves and cubbies may be a great option. It is a great do it yourself project and will protect the purses and keep them organized.

You can install the shelves to an existing closet or design and build a closet just for the purses. This may cost more to build than purchasing a kit however it may be the better method.

There is no limit to what you can do to make the closet purse organizer that you need and want.

Updated: 08/17/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 08/15/2012

Thanks for commenting Brenda! Yea I'm becoming a minimalist myself, I have enough baggage on the computer don't need my outside world cluttered too :) I'm working on number 90! I refuse to go to bed without hitting it :)

BrendaReeves on 08/15/2012

These are great organizing ideas for purses. In my younger years, I would have needed it. I own only one purse now that I'm in my minimalist phase of life.

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