Coffee Table Books For Men

by marciag

Check out these coffee table books for men that speak more about their interests, hobbies and preferences. Afterall not every guy likes to flip through women fashion magazines.

When we hear about coffee table books, usually our mind goes automatically to huge picture laden fashion books for women, or books about the latest interior decorating styles for new homes and apartments. And yes, these are mostly books that women enjoy looking at.

For me it all changed a few weeks ago when I visited the home of a new couple who moved in the neighborhood and I spotted a couple of books that fall into the category of 'coffee table', but were still rather different. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was different: it was the topics the books were about.

Then it dawned on me that these types of large books do not always have to be typically about fashion and homes, but about many other things that men can equally enjoy flipping through.

Starting with the list of what I saw in that neighbor's home, here is a hand compiled selection of coffee table books that men can feel good about leaving it on their cocktail table and occasionally reading through as well.

Coffee Table Book For Golf Lovers

Sure, not everyone, but many guys love golf. And there so far I haven't seen many coffee tables about golf in homes yet. So why not change that when there are wonderful books that make perfect coffee table picture books about your favorite past time: golf?

One of the books I recently came across is The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes. Granted, I'm not much of a golf fan, but it was one book that was sitting on the cocktail table of our new neighbors, and both hubby and me got ourselves flipping through it without actually getting bored. It was a fun book!

The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes

The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes

The over 600 photos are so well made that you almost want to be in those places - every single one of them.

Along with the breathtaking photos you also find descriptions of each place with some interesting anecdotal data as well. I'm not a golfer, but honestly I'm thinking of spending one of my next vacations in the area near one of these places - the beauty of the place truly took my breath away, no kidding. It's just one of those places like in paradise, nothing short of that.

And for the lovers of golf, well obviously not everyone can go to each of these places, so the golf enthusiasts can live vicariously through being there at least visually until such a real chance arrives.

Btw, did you know that this type of book makes for an excellent gift for a golf lover? Perfect for birthdays, even Christmas (so they can dream about next summer) and other fun occasions where gifts are given or exchanged.

Are You A Golfer?

Do You Like Photography Or Do You Know Someone Who Does?

For the lovers of photography, here is another interesting book that I've actually seen on my neighbor's coffee table: The New York Times Magazine Photographs.

It's not just any photography book, but a culmination of some of the best photos taken and presented in the popular New York Times Magazine for the last 30 years or so. And the photos are good. Really good.

My neighbor is a hobbyist photographer and he told me that he's actually going through that book pretty often, that it's more than just a photo coffee table book, it's also instructive. It's like a dialog between photographers teaching you stuff behind the scene.

The New York Times Magazine Photographs

The New York Times Magazine Photographs

It is quite an inspiring book and not just for photographers, but for anyone with a sense of art and creativity. Plenty of close-ups of famous celebrities, with interesting stories to go with each and every one of these photos. A book well worth owning - and giving as gift to a hobbyist or starting photographer. It will be treasured for years to come.

Do You Enjoy Taking Photos?

If You Like Pizza Here Is The Book For You

This it the third book that was on the coffee table of my new neighbors. It was an interesting choice, but both of them told me that usually guys love pizzas (maybe more so than women - don't quote me on that though), hence the books is a great choice to be displayed on a small end table in the living room. And after seeing the (literally) mouth watering photos, I agree.

Granted, I love pizza, it's one of my favorite 'junk foods' and I can eat it pretty much every day. And these photos were such that I wanted to try some of those recipes in the book right away. I actually wrote down a few to try next time I want some home made pizza.

I also enjoyed the history lesson in the book about how it become what it is now in Italy, the area of Naples, Sicily and Liguria.

Pizza: From Its Italian Origins to the Modern Table

Pizza: From Its Italian Origins to the Modern Table

It is truly a great book about pizza in every sense of the way, and yes, it makes a great gift for pizza lovers, but also for hobbyist cooks. The real Italian pizza recipes can be all made at home with some simple typical ingredients.

Here Is A Debate Question For You:

Do you think American pizza is just as good as the Italian one?
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What Makes A Good Coffee Table Book

Men Like Fashion As Well

True, men like fashion and style as well, but maybe not so much women's fashion. How about a coffee table book about men's fashion?

Granted, this book was not on the table at my neighbor's, but when I discussed ideas with my husband (since I can't really read men's mind) he told me that it's not true that men roll their eyes when they see a fashion book or TV show. It's because most of them are focused on women.

So that got me thinking...what about a book that is all about men? And I found it: One Hundred Years of Menswear has a great selection of clothing for men that have been popular the last 100 years or so.

The perfect book for any guy who loves his fashion. Also I think it's perfect for fashion students, stylists, designers, because it gives great ideas and inspiration - heck even for writing a book!

One Hundred Years of Menswear

One Hundred Years of Menswear

The coffee table book walks us through various time periods starting from 1900 until today. There is not much information and description, it's really more of an eye candy with great pictures of stars wearing various outfits, even with fun older fashion ads. Whoever says that menswear fashion is dull and boring, should flip the pages of this book and I personally guarantee that they'll change their minds!

Is Looking At Fashion For Men Boring?

A Coffee Table Book For Everyone

This is a fun one for both genders, it's actually perfect in a home as a coffee table book.

The book is in fact a collection of photos that are fun, meditative, relaxing, stimulating and even making you dizzy.

Imagine you're 'high' and you're looking at pictures. I guess that's how it would look like for many.

One thing for sure is that this book will be a great conversation starter at many parties. Also makes for a cute gift.

Most of the pictures have been photoshopped, I mean you will find pics about dogs walking on water, a forest in the mist that leaves your eyes watery, double rainbows, or like the cover of the book - the grumpy cat (if you don't know about this cat, just check out any friend's Facebook timeline and you'll see plenty of it in no time) and its face sticking out from a stone.

All in all a fun book that will be entertaining every time it is opened. Image after image after image, right until the last page of the book.

A Few More Coffee Table Books For Men

That have many and varied hobbies and interests
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