JD Robb Books In Order

by marciag

Here you will find all the JD Robb books in order of publication and in chronological order - all 49 of them currently published or in the works. Main stories and novellas included

If you're like me and picked up one of the Eve Dallas books to read - and got hooked - you're probably looking for the rest of the series and you're wondering what are the JD Robb books in order, and where to start!

Afterall there are currently 48 Eve Dallas novels published with one more coming out in 2015, with 40 main novels and 8 novellas. Lots of books to read isn't it? This series definitely makes for a great beach read.

I love all Nora Roberts' books, but I'm hooked on the JD Robb Eve Dallas series. I love the interaction of Eve and Roarke and the sparks that their interaction causes. And of course, I love crime novels, and when they're pared with a bit of sci-fi making this series maybe the best futuristic detective series of all times - well consider me hooked!

New Book Alert: Festive In Death By J.D. Robb

Book #39 in the In Death series
Festive in Death

Complete List Of J. D. Robb Books In Order Of Publication

As I mentioned above, there are currently 44 JD Robb books published with two more on the way sometimes in September and October 2013. Because there are so many books in the series (compared that to the Twilight Saga, hmm), it's not so easy to keep track of what is what and in which order should one read them, especially when all books end with "in death".

So here is a quick list to keep handy so that you know which you need to read next.

  1. Naked In Death - The first book featuring detective Eve Dallas. First published in 1995
  2. Glory In Death - The second book about Eve Dallas published in 1995
  3. Immortal In Death - Published in 2006
  4. Rapture in Death - Published in 1996
  5. Ceremony In Death - Published in 1997
  6. Vengeance In Death - Published in 1997
  7. Holiday In Death - Published in 1998
  8. Midnight In Death - Published in 1998
  9. Conspiracy in Death - Published in 1999
  10. Loyalty In Death - Published in 1999
  11. Witness In Death - Published in 2000
  12. Judgement In Death - Published in 2000
  13. Betrayal In Death - Published in 2001
  14. Interlude In Death - Published for the first time in 2001
  15. Seduction In Death - Published in 2001
  16. Reunion In Death - Published in 2002
  17. Purity In Death - Published in 2002 as well
  18. Portrait In Death - Published initially in 2003
  19. Imitation In Death - Published in 2003
  20. Divided In Death - Published in 2004
  21. Visions In Death -  Publishing date was 2005
  22. Survivor In Death - Published in 2005
  23. Origin In Death - Published in 2005 as well
  24. Memory In Death - Published in 2006
  25. Haunted In Death - Published in 2006
  26. Born In Death - Published in 2006
  27. Innocent In Death - Published in 2007
  28. Eternity In Death - Published in 2007
  29. Creation In Death - Published late 2007
  30. Strangers In Death - Published in 2008
  31. Ritual In Death - Published in 2008
  32. Salvation In Death - Published in 2008
  33. Promises In Death - Published in 2009
  34. Kindred In Death - Published in 2009
  35. Missing In Death - Published in 2009
  36. Fantasy In Death - Published in 2010
  37. Indulgence In Death - Published end of 2010
  38. Possession In Death - Published end of 2010
  39. Treachery In Death - Published in February 2011
  40. New York To Dallas - Published in 2011
  41. Chaos In Death - Published in 2011
  42. Celebrity In Death - Published in 2012
  43. Delusion In Death - Published in 2012
  44. Calculated In Death - Published early 2013
  45. Thankless In Death - Published in September 2013
  46. Taken In Death - Published in October 2013
  47. Concealed In Death - Published in 2014
  48. Festive In Death - Published in 2014 (my review)
  49. Obsession In Death - To be published in 2015

There is another book as part of the series, under the name of Big Jack (published in 2010) which in fact has already been published under the name of Remember When in 2003 as a two part novel - first part a story by her real name Nora Robert, and the second part Big Jack, so if you really want to read all the JD Robb series in order, you should read this one after Imitation In Death and before Divided In Death.

A Few OF My Death/Eve Dallas Books In My Personal Collection At Home

Book I have left after trading or giving away the rest in the series
Book I have left after trading or giving away the rest in the series
my own image of the books - please do not copy

If You've Never Tried The J.D. Robb Series

How about you start at the beginning?
Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)

In a world of danger and deception, she walks the line--between seductive passion and scandalous murder... Eve Dallas is a New York police lieutenant hunting for a ruthless kill...

View on Amazon

Glory in Death

The first victim was found lying on a sidewalk in the rain. The second was murdered in her own apartment building. Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas had no problem finding connection...

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Immortal in Death (In Death, Book 3)

She was one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted -- even another woman's man. And now she was dead, the vict...

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Should One Read The J.D. Robb Books In Order?

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I think so, yes, because
Rhonda on 12/19/2013

The characters are continually growing and changing. The progression of the characters is much more understandable if the books are read in order. References are made to earlier cases in the later books. That's how I realized I had missed the supplemental series books.

Andirea King on 12/15/2013

Yes, because each continuing books reefers from the the previous ones & you could get confused or lost.

Vickie Pietz on 12/13/2013

have read at one time all of them... now reading them in order... I also downloaded the whole series for my husband on his kindle he is in a nursing home... he loves the books!!!

So What Exactly Is The In Death Series By J.D. Robb About?

It won't make sense to start reviewing every single book of the 44 in the series published so far, so I will give an overall rundown on the series.

J.D. Robb is in fact an alias of the popular romance author Nora Roberts. I've read almost all her books under her real name as well, but nothing really caught my attention and my interest as much as her In Death series written under the pseudonym J. D. Roberts.

Her books focus on an NYPD Lieutenant Eve Dallas who lives in the year 2058. While this is not so far off from our time, it is still set in the future, and the gadgets, vehicles and other things they have around here makes it a nice sci-fi crime mystery, one of the few of its type actually.

Nora Roberts, The Author of the In Death Series

Writing as J.D. Robb
Nora Roberts
Nora Roberts
Creative Commons

Eve Dallas is a take no prisoners strong willed character who right in the first book meets the enigmatic, charismatic (and sexy) Rourke, who is an Irish businessman. Oh and did I say he's filthy rich?

Because of the passionate relationship between Eve and Rourke (even after they're married - how lucky are they?), the series is in fact a romantic-mystery, or romantic suspense as I call it.

The first thing Eve remembers about her childhood is when she was 8 years old and she was found in a back alley with a broken arm. She doesn't remember anything before that time. She is put in a foster home and when she grows up she becomes a detective. And during her life some of her horrible memories return...

In the first book, Naked In Death, Eve first meets Roarke as a suspect in a series of murders and she immediately has a strong attraction to him, attraction that she fights with everything she can. But of course, she can't withstand too much Roarke - I love that character and I so wish they made a movie about the two. Although something was in the works a while ago, apparently right now the movie idea is abandoned...

What Do You Think About Eve Dallas And Roarke Together?

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A Few Fun Facts About J.D. Robb

  • Did you know that the real name of the author is Eleanor Marie Robertson? She was born in 1950 and so far she wrote over 200 books, mostly in the romance genre.
  • Some of her other aliases or pseudonyms are Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb, Sarah Hardesty and Jill March.
  • As many of the author's books are published over and over again sometimes under different names, the only way to know that a particular book hasn't been reissued before is to find a logo on the cover in the form of a circle with the letters NR in the middle. This means the book is a new release and it has never been published before.


Have You Read Any Of The Eve Dallas Books In the J.D. Robb Series?

What Others Say About J.D. Roberts

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marciag on 05/23/2013

It is a wonderful series. I bet you can find the older books at the local library to check out. I really hate it when I start to read a book and then don't understand half of it because there are references to older ones in the series. So for now whenever I start a new book at least by a new author to me, I always first research if it's part of the series. If it is, I put it aside and hunt down the first one and work my way up :)

belinda342 on 05/22/2013

How did I miss this series? It sounds right up my alley. I'll be watching for that first book at my local library. Thank you for listing them in order, there is nothing worse than reading books out of order and having them spoil the ones that went before...

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