Various Features And Aspects To Consider When Comparing Flashlights

by Ethan_R

In the pursuit of comparing and shopping for bigger ticket outdoor equipment, flashlights are frequently overlooked. Here is a brief primer on the topic of flashlights.

Dorcy Cyberlight
Dorcy Cyberlight

Flashlights: An Undervalued Tool?

There are so many different emergencies, scenarios, and instances where a overlooked tool such as a flashlight can literally seem to be worth its weight in gold. With many newer model flashlights becoming progressively smaller, lighter and cheaper than previous generations, there are fewer reasons not to keep a flashlight or two somewhere handy ready for use when needed. Of course, like most other products flashlights often have the usual array of confusing lingo and marketing hype spread by manufacturer’s in an attempt to sway individuals to purchase their products. Here is a rundown on the most common sources of confusion related to flashlights.

Handheld flashlights vs. Headlamps

Often many buyers will find themselves in the dilemma of choosing between a headlamp or flashlight. While each might have the same end result of providing light to a specific area of the user’s choosing, there are some functional and ergonomic differences that can provide specific benefits to the user. Flashlight are great for quickly providing light on demand for short periods of time, however they can rapidly become somewhat cumbersome for longer periods of use. Headlamps on the other hand might give the wearer a peculiar look that might not represent the height of modern fashion, but they can free the user’s hands to perform other tasks including those that might have required the use of both hands. Headlamps are also much easier to use for extended periods of time than handheld flashlight due to the fact that they rest comfortably on a wearer head. Both have their uses, the question of which is better will be best answered by knowing what your intended use for your flashlight or headlamp actually is.

Energizer Trailblazer
Energizer Trailblazer

Tactical Flashlights

Tactical Flashlights is a specific type of flashlight that was originally designed for use by military and law enforcement. These flashlights are usually much brighter, more durable, and generally more reliable than ordinary flashlights as they were designed to survive in more demanding environments such as combat zones. These days, tactical flashlights have found more widespread appeal in other activities such as outdoor recreation like rock climbing, hiking or camping where the beams and durability is especially valuable. 

Nebo Redline
Nebo Redline

LED Flashlights

LEDs were developed and introduced for commercial release decades ago, but due to being relatively expensive and a few technological hurdles they were not commonly used flashlights and other household products. However, with subsequent technological improvements have finally allowed manufacturers develop and offer reasonably priced LED flashlights like the SureFire Tactical Flashlight. There are number of advantages of using a LED bulb over other alternatives like halogen or the venerable incandescent light bulb. Many LEDs can produce light bright output while consuming less energy than other bulb types. LEDs also are more durable and longer lasting than their similar counterparts.

Updated: 11/24/2011, Ethan_R
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