Cool & Funky Chairs for Teens and Adults

by HomeArtist1

Cool and Funky chairs for teens like these will help transform your teenager's bedroom from a drab space into a 'fab' place they'll love.

Decorating for your tween or teen shouldn't be a mission that rivals rocket science. I'll help you 'get there' with minimal tug~o~war for that oh-so-important teen hangout space.
Appointing fun chairs in your favorite tween or teen's space is done right with a few basic decorating tips. Scroll down to find teen-friendly chairs for their bedrooms including: modern large bean bags and teen-sized loungers along with other fit-for-a-teen chairs they're gonna love.

From Bedroom to Dorm: The Best Budget-Wise Teen Chairs

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair for Teens in Blue Sapphire

Getting Started: What's Your Teen's Style?

Teens' bedrooms are one of my favorite spaces to decorate with the fun and funky color choices and their high-energy, 'output.' As your teen's bed is the biggest piece in the room, it often takes on the task, serving as the room's focal point, with other pieces accentuating the bedding and window treatments.

Chairs like this zebra print bean bag version are ideal accent pieces with their versatile solid colors - even the zebra will pair well with any color palette you decide on.

Opt for colors you pull from the bedding and choose a similar hue for your seating's color. Even a smidgen of hot pink or lime green in your comforter or bedspread can be reflected in your seating for a cohesive look in your teen's space.

giant bean bag chairs/loveseats in a host of cool teen-friendly hues
Giant 7-Foot XXL Bean Bag Chair/Loveseat in Comfort Suede, Sierra Red

Swivel Chairs for a Cosmo Look in Teen Girls' Rooms

create a book nook in an instant

Isn't this faux leather very-cool white swivel chair amazing? Obviously, you can gather it's my fave.

The sleek white upholstery and cosmo tufting make for a great first impression to any focal or accent corner in a teen girl's bedroom. For a quick and easy book nook . . . er . . .chat nook, I'm seeing a cool flokati rug underneath in white and an amazing chandelier overhead to finish off the corner.

Another consideration is placing the chair next to a tall, (rectangular) slanted floor mirror and a modern floor lamp to round out the space.

You may appreciate the black chair (on the same page as the link for the white chair).

If you're looking for drama or a bold look that's warm and rich, opt for the purple swivel chair. Most teen girls love purple and you can use the white rug I mentioned underneath this chair to create a fabulous corner that will look great in a teen's small bedroom space. 

Create a Cozy Nook with Budget-Friendly Lighting

I love creating cozy nooks - especially in bedrooms. You don't necessarily need a puffy chair; any small scale seating will do. Accent chairs like these saucer chair work best in small spaces, particularly tight corners.

I suggest hanging three complementary paper lanterns at different lengths overhead this chair. They're available in every color your teen loves - even animal print.

A well-lit corner with an accent chair is great for reading a book or chatting on the phone.

You may want to place a rug underfoot of the chair to really pull everything together in one cohesive look. You'll have a cool-looking space that's warm and cozy.

Isn't this silver chrome and black leather swivel moon saucer chair too cool?!

Your Teen's Chair Should Measure Up

Cool Mitt Chairs for Teens & Shorter Teens

in lots of fun to funky colors
LumiSource Cool Mitt Chair for Shorter Tweens (Multi-colored)

Avoid the Goldilocks Conundrum: Measure First

short teens and cool chairs

Teens that have a short stature may have a time with the depth of a chair's seat (usually about 22"). I'm pretty short and can relate to 'slouching' in adult-sized chairs (with the seat area being too deep for where the knees bend). I usually have to add cushions or pillows behind me if I'll be sitting for long periods of time in an adult-sized chair--not comfortableat all.

Hard-surface chairs are usually a problem for us short folks, as they don't 'give' like the bean bag chairs above, do. While seated, measure from your teen's back to his or her knees and from knees to feet planted flat to the floor.

Keep this measurement in mind when deciding which chair best suits your teen's stature in height and depth.

The Versatile Bean Bag Chair For the Task at Hand: Making Way for a Study Area

This fun and funky flat bean bag chair is the ideal pick for teens' rooms. Its flat-as-a-pancake style is great for impromptu sleepovers, gaming and chat sessions our teens are famous for.

Its slim form can sit in any corner or against a wall when needed but tuck nicely under a bed when events call for more floor space.

There's a plethora of colors, so I'd venture to say you'll find the right hue for your teen's decor.

Decorating note: Accent chairs should complement - not compete - with the room's focal point. If your teen's bedding is solid color you've a free range of hues to pick amongst the usual, run-of-the-mill color and style of chairs. These smashing (teen's can smash these bean bags into comfort) chairs will expand upon your teen's bedroom theme with their highly-visual upholstery.

Make your choices stand out with each addition and you'll succeed.

Small Chairs in Small Spaces: a Perfect Pair

Fun and Funky But Very Useful in Small Teen Spaces

Smaller bedrooms often mean floor space is at a premium and you'll have to be a bit more inventive in furnishing them. It's here where chairs without arms, i.e. saucer chairs are an ideal seating choice.

Here's one fun color--hot pink-- among teen-friendly seating, the saucer chair. You can tuck one or two of these chairs into a corner or create a conversation area with several pieces and still come out ahead space-wise.

I can see this chair paired up with small funky pillows with cool designs of different colors.

this fun saucer chair comes in teen-cool hit pink and cobalt blue
Saucer Black and Green Upholstered Chair

A No-Hassle Chair for Teens that's Ideal for Now and Dorm-Room-Later

Teen's Gaming Bean Bag Chair

or on the rare ocassion: a fabulous chair for reading

I know these cool chairs are for teens but as a parent, I appreciate their portability, their versatility and the easy clean up.  While this gaming chair is lime green, there's quite a few color choices to match whatever decor you can imagine.

Like the other Joe Roma bean bag chairs above, this armless wonder is super-durable with its double stitching and heavy duty zipper. As a parent that's seen my share of ,'WHOOPS!' episodes, so the reinforcements come as a comfort where a 'plethora of beans' are concerned.

Other color choices are: Zebra print, Sapphire Blue, Pink Passion, Lime and 'Stretch Limo' Black.

cool teens' bean bag chairs for gaming in lots of colors
Funky Bean Bag Gaming Chairs in a Host of Teen-Cool Colors: Spicy Lime

Designating a Space for Your Teen's Seating: Inflatable Chairs & Loungers 

Portable Chairs Make Sense in Teens' Rooms

Obviously, larger rooms allow more freedom of choice with placement of your furniture pieces. Smaller rooms often require innovative strategy.

My twins used to share a bedroom, so seating was a bit tricky. I'm always suggesting one larger piece of furniture versus a collection of smaller pieces that only lend to a cluttered effect.

Trust me, teens have no trouble creating clutter; it seems to trail behind their every move. Opting for more portable seating like these extra large bean bag chairs where two or more teens can sit together--or not.

This inflatable lounge 'chair' affords teens the extra seating and/or lounging they need, and can be tucked under the bed when order is 'in order.' These inflatable chairs are my teen's faves, and I like their portability. .

Why Teens Need a Small Room: A Mom's Manifesto

I bet there's not a teen in the world (that might be a stretch, but just sayin') that wouldn't love a huge room where they can chill, chat, sleep, eat and game and then back again.

While I love my teens I beg to differ: they don't need a big room--not even if they're 6'9" and wear a size 15 shoe. Kidding aside, I'm being dead serious with this room business.

Why the Sergeant Mom attitude?

Because the more room you give a teen, the more room to :

  • make a mess
  • make a bigger mess
  • lose their shoes
  • lose their homework


lose my sanity.

No, keep your teen's bedroom the size of a large postage stamp if you can help it. Small bedrooms will teach your teen to respect space while learning how to save it.

Doesn't that sound a lot nicer than the, "Mom, I lost my . . .." at every in-opportune moment.

Just keep that ideal under your hat and go for the less is more mantra.


Getting Rid of That Dark Corner in Your Teen's Room


I think every room has one: the dark corner where looming shadows abound. Lounge chairs work well in corners where the walls can support the lounger's backrest. I like to place an uplight (or can light) on the floor, behind the lounge chair. The light creates a cool glow that's perfect for a gloomy corner.

Uplights are really cheap but you can also make one yourself using an old lamp cord and socket from a retired lamp. You can literally use a large vegetable can and feed the wire through it, or just buy a cheap hanging lamp kit. I'll give more lighting ideas below.

Fun gaming and lounge chairs like these gamers will get plenty of use in a teen's bedroom; they're adjustable and give the room a cool and funky 'uptown, loft' look. I love the modern design and the 'cushion-aplenty' these lounge chairs offer.

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