Dark Angel Wings

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Dark Angel Wings - No one said that all angels were good angels! Some people prefer to toe the line where the shadows meet the light.

Dark Angel Wings - No one said that all angels were good angels! Some people prefer to toe the line where the shadows meet the light.

This awesome fallen angel Halloween costumes are sure to be a huge hit this season.

These versatile dark angel wings would also work well for a Gothic fairy costume; or even a dark pixie outfit!

Angel Costumes - Good or Evil

No one said that all angels were good angels! Some people prefer to toe the line where the shadows meet the light. After all, fallen angels are still angels!

You can easily create your own Halloween costume by adding a few fun and inexpensive angel wings. Add a touch of goth to just about any dark colored clothes you already have and you are in business.

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Dark Angel Wings Costume

Dark Angel WingsCreate your own angel of death costume with these realistic looking dark angel wings!

These adult sized wings are covered on both sides with fluffy feathers that are firmly attached to a solid, cardboard type base! As they are worn via comfortable elastic shoulder straps they can be easily removed while driving or other activities where space is limited.

You can easily change the positioning of the wing span by adjusted the heavy duty wires found within this fun costume accessory!

These wings measure approximately 29 inches long by 18″ wide and are built to last!

Black Angel Wings

Black Angel Wings

Whether you have been naughty or nice, every angel costume needs a great pair of wings!

These incredible wings will certainly compliment any costume that you choose to wear this season. Add these wings to complete your dark angel costume, raven costume, goth costume, or even a trendy gothic fairy outfit.

You truly are only limited by your own imagination!

These wings measure approximately 37" tall, and 26.5" across.

Angel Wings Costumes

Angel Wings CostumesWant a halo to go with your wings? No problem!

These super cute black angel wings are a nice addition to any outfit.

A marvelous marabou halo is also included at an extremely low, discounted price through Halloween.

This angel wings costume is designed to fit most adults and is also available in white!

Angel Wings

Dark Fairy CostumeAngels have been described in numerous different ways throughout the centuries yet almost every depiction talks about their angelic wings.

While it is certainly true that most are described as being feathered like a bird’s wings, some of the more obscure references indicate that at least some dark angels had wings that resembled a bat’s wings!

Similarly, dark fairies have always had a bad reputation, especially with European villagers during the late 1800s. Some legends even depict all fairies of being supernatural monsters that stole babies from the homes at night and cause chaos whenever possible.

Regardless of which theory you believe a good pair of dark angel wings are the perfect addition to your dark angel costume!

Updated: 12/11/2012, costumeideas
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