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by SeanMac

We all love our DC Comic Superheroes and the best place to find them is in the DC Universe. You might find your favorite Super-Villain lurking there too.

Most children dream about becoming a superhero like Batman or Superman or maybe the Flash but there are many more to consider. DC Comics have literally hundreds of heroes for comic book fans. They have a plentiful supply of villains too, because after all, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and company would have little to do without the so called Super-Villains members of the 'Injustice League' such as The Riddler, The Joker and The Penguin You may prefer different superheroes that those chosen by the author for this article but those featured are the most well known over the past 70 years. A section on ‘Teen Titans’, who are the youthful Superheroes is also included.

Best DC Comic Superheroes

and their Super-Villains

The Joker DC Comics Super Villain

Batman, Robin and Superman are the most well known of the Superheroes, perhaps because of the movies concerning them or Batman Lego, or kids Superman PJs or maybe it is the fact that they have been around the longest.

The Super-Villains they faced like The Joker (opposite) and Lex Luther are among my favorites. Whatever the reason for the popularity of these heroes and villains, they have endured, whilst others like Deathstroke and Gorilla Grodd are less well known.

DC Comics Characters

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Best DC Comic Kids

Superboy DC Comics Teen Titan

Some of the younger Superheroes of DC Comics such as Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Girl and Superboy are interesting. Wonder girl is the younger sister of the better known Wonder Woman and she also fought crime when she was known as Troia. The teenage Supergirl is a cousin of Superman who looks out for her but she would rather hang out with Wonder Girl and Superboy (shown opposite). Batgirl who regularly teams up with Batman and Robin was originally known as the Spoiler and had a love interest for Robin. Another of the Kent family, young Conner, is Superboy, who poses as Clark Kent’s cousin. He is romantically involved with Wonder Girl.

Less well known DC Comic characters

Superheroes and Supervillains

4 DC Comics Superheroes Martian Manhunter, Brainiac, General Zod and Firestorm

Some characters like the Joker and his female accomplice Harley Quinn may be known to most fans but these four pictured might be new even though 3 of them made the debut over 50 years ago. The newest one is Firestorm (on the right of the image) who first appeared a mere 34 years ago. The others (from left to right) are Martian Manhunter, Brainiac and General Zod. So, who is the baddie? Brainiac is Superman’s nemesis and he was more than capable of knocking a few dents into Supey. The two ‘Justice League of America’ members are Martian Manhunter and Firestorm. General Zod is commander of the military Guild and has superhuman strength and the ability to fly. Perhaps this article has whetted your appetite, or rekindled your interest, in DC Comics because we are never too old to enjoy a comic.  

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SeanMac on 07/19/2012

Detective Comics, as they were once known, continue to thrive and produce new superheroes on a regular basic. DC Villains too, by the way. Thank you katiem2 for your visit and comment.

katiem2 on 07/15/2012

I love DC comics, what a great web page packed with amazing super hero's, comics and other great stuff. Thanks :)K

SeanMac on 04/28/2012

Thank you for visiting DC Comics article and for your comment on Diana Prince, yet another DC superhero in the form of Wonder Woman. I much prefer the comics with Donna Troy, who is presented as her younger sister called Wonder Girl. She was a founding member of the Teen Titans which included teens such as Starfire, Nightwing, Robin, Speedy and Superboy.

VAL on 04/27/2012


SeanMac on 04/02/2012

Hi Miaden, thank you for the comments. I am glad that there are other 'grown ups' that like comics. I do believe that the villains, or Super-Villains as they are now called, are the most exciting aspect of DC Universe. I like the teens: Superboy, Batgirl etc. The artwork in comics over the years has progressed to the highest professional level but I like the old stiff too.

Mladen on 04/01/2012

I am huge fan of DC comics. I admit I was always on the side of villains (shame on me). :)
Batman comics and movies are the things I grew up on. And I still enjoy reading it or watching from time to time. I am not such fan of Superman.

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