Decorative Acrylic Toilet Seats

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Clear and decorative toilet seats like these are a great way to transform a blahzay bathroom from drab to fab in an instant.

Toilet seats have much improved from the old~school plastic seats. Enter the unique, see-through, toilet seats that promise to look spectacular with your bathroom’s decor. Scroll down to peruse several clear fish aquarium style (my faves), and acrylic toilet seats like the fishing lure ilk, that offer a see through scene of sea life aplenty. Conversely, the elongated decorative, designer polyresin seats offer the sophisticated look for a more formal bathroom setting.

Clear Fish & Seahorse Scene Toilet Seats: A Fabulous Start


Clear Acrylic Toilet Seats

It's only natural we think of the parallels with sea life and bathrooms, as both entities relate to water and purity.

I'm fond of the tropics, its inhabitants and its value as a spiritual cleanser of sorts. What better way to bring that ideal into our home than bath fixtures offering glimpse into this other world?

This clear toilet seat with its sea life is made possible by the transparent acrylic its constructed of. It's like having your own oceanic aquarium. I love it, don't you?

a unexpected, lasting memory

The best decor comes from the heart; it's where we meld our own personality into our most personal of spaces. Bathrooms are no exception, rather they're one room where my ideal holds most true.

Here's one personal experience that comes to mind:

I just love these fish toilet seat. For some reason, a single visit to a stranger's house brought me up close and personal with a . . . er . . . toilet seat, of all things. I was accompanied by my mother as a child and needed to try on a Girl Scout uniform she was selling. I was escorted to an amazing bathroom with fish galore, seemingly in every crevice of small powder room.

And there it was: a see through toilet seat I thought was purely magical and to this day, I've a love for all acrylic nautical toilet seats. Who knew?

I've coined those bathrooms appointed with these magical toilet seats as, The 'Loo With a View.'

Incorporating Sea Life Toilet Seats for the Soothing Bath Palette

Create a soothing ambiance with relaxing tropical toilet seat designs. These trendy see through toilet seats feature fish, seahorses and sea shells. Aren't these sand and surf toilet seats magical? You'll have to admit: ocean life evokes the image of eternal waves and endless tides, depositing the sea's treasures for tomorrow's tiniest beach combers.

You may even stay in the bathroom longer as you reminisce about your childhood vacations at the shore, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a blanket, sandy toes and the occasional starfish.
I know, it's addictive. Available in several tints, these sea life scene toilet seats promise to be the treasure of your bathroom and is definitely worth decorating around. 
Toilets can be focal points, too!

Clear Fishing Lure Toilet Seat

'Clearly', my dear Watson, this is the fishing lure toilet seat
River's Edge Fly Fishing Lure Clear Toilet Seat - Elongated

Easy DIY bathroom art on the cheap

clear fishing lure toilet seat

Including a bit of yourself in your decor makes the space all the more intimate. And the bathroom shouldn't be the exception; rather, small spaces make the ideal palette to make it all your own, as the few pieces you use to accessorize can be unique to you without looking overdone.

I just love this clear fishing lure toilet seat. 

I've coined those bathrooms appointed with this fishing lure toilet seat as, The Fisherman's 'Loo With a View!'

Okay, I'll stop.

Seriously though, toilet sets like this one can be a show stopper in small bathrooms. Consider placing some older or vintage fishing lures in a frame with the glass removed, or a keepsake display shadow box type frame for a nice, fishing theme bathroom.  

Bathrooms Are More Serene with Natural Decor Elements

Zen-like Spa Appeal:

bamboo design wood toilet seat: elongated and standard size
Wood Elongated Toilet Seat with Brushed Nickel Hinges, Ra...

Decorating with Bamboo

There's something mystic about the Orient. It my be the zen~like aura that Asia projects: Steamy forests of bamboo, mythical dragons and symbols of peace and prosperity. Begin decorating with the striking elements in this toilet seat and add a lucky bamboo plant, natural grass bath mat and shower curtain.

Add natural accessories; there's so many bamboo products available making this toilet seat one that' easy to decorate around.

This bamboo toilet seat features octopi and brings an air of Asia to your bathroom in one easy installation. Rust resistant chrome plated hardware adds to this quality piece.

Man Caves Have Bathrooms Needing Attention to Detail

Going Green for Real: Eco-Friendly

mossy oak toilet seat with bamboo design inside
TOPSEAT Native Impression Elongated Toilet Seat w/Brushed...

Decorating with Camo

Camouflage Mossy Oak Design

Bringing the elements of outdoors indoors, will set the scene for a comfortable space, a place to retreat if only for a moment.

To create a convincing lodge~like ambiance, paint your walls in earthy hues from ocher to browns. Don't worry, the darker walls won't convert small spaces into smaller spaces. Add a sizable, decorative mirror and go as dark as you're comfortable with.

The fun part, adding accessories, will define your space. Into duck hunting? Add decoy mallards to your vanity top or use as a floor prop. Love deer? Hang a small faux deer head wall mount. The possibilities are endless and this camo toilet seat is a great beginning!

Decorating for the family: toilet seats and kids

Family bathrooms can be tricky to decorate but these see through, polyresin toilet seats have a little something for everyone. Fun, novelty seats are like the prize in the cereal box with their decorative, embedded treasures; kids will marvel at the "built~ins." Not feeling it with the fish aquarium? The wooden seat has the cute vibe without subscribing to any color--the rainbow is the limit for color and decor! Decide what "voice" you want your bathroom to resonate and proceed with your accessories. Simple towels and bath mats will do nicely for these laid back accouterments. Relax and "go with the flow."

Decorating Your Bathroom in Blue: Toilet Seats with Different Genres of Blue

Decorating with blue is a natural choice--particularly in family bathrooms where you've so many personalities to appease.

Keep your bathroom from looking one-dimensional by incorporating several shades of blue and another complementary color like white or sand.

I would keep to all medium or light blues, though, lest you have a dizzying, cluttered result in your smaller space.


Playful Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms can be funny business, too. For a playful loo, these cool, see~through toilet seats have fake or real money ~ dollar bills and coins ~ embedded in Lucite surround. Kids love these all~about~fun seats and decorating around them is really easy, as any bright color or metallic finish is fair game for a successful result. If you've a powder room in your home theater, basement or playroom, these funny money toilet seats fit right in.

Keeping Bathrooms Fun

Not every room in the house need be a serious venture in high-living interior design. Especially where kids are involved, it's okay to be a little silly and go 'just for the fun of it.'

Money toilets seats like this acrylic version sporting a realistic dollar bill and silver coins are great way to introduce fun into your family bathroom space.

Pair the seat up with an equally fun shower curtain. Opt for fun colors like yellow to keep the air light and welcoming.

fun but safety first glow-in-the-dark toilet seat
Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat (Neon Green, Round)
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