Faux Stag Deer Head Wall Mount

by HomeArtist1

These realistic and colorful-artistic faux (fake) deer and stag head wall mounts are a popular way to decorate rustic to modern rooms in your unique style.

The new white plastic resin deer heads (and other fun colors) bring a modern, 3D appeal to your wall, while packing a lot of interest and attention from admirers.

Not all fake deer and stag heads are resin, though; the more conventional, woodsy deer heads come in a plethora of materials from paper to ceramic and even metals, for a convincing statement depending on your decor palette.

Scroll down to find out how to establish your new "best friend" in your abode with my frustration~free tips; you won't wanna miss out on a single suggestion for showcasing your buck (without spending too much of them).

Enjoy hunting for fake deer heads ~ it's deer season!

Realistic or Friendly Faux?

All the splendor, none of the hunt. Here's my idea of a deer head wall mount without traipsing over hill and dale (is that even correct? I'm not the outdoorsy type).

This more traditional, life-like but fake, deer head is ideal for a man cave or to cozy up a den. I suggest hanging the mount over a fireplace for a convincing look and feel of a cabin or lodge.

To finish, bathe your walls in earthy hues such as ocher, tan and browns to create an outdoor~inspired ambiance if you're going for a natural palette.

If you'll be decorating for the Christmas holiday, a bell collar would look extra festive.

Realistic Yet Faux Deer Head Wall Mount

for a rustic lodge design
Deer Head Wall Decor - Faux Taxidermy Animal Head Wall Art - Geomet...

A Lesson in Contrast: Getting the Most From Your Deer Head Wall Mount


link for this deer head mount is above
Realistic Faux Stag Head Wall Mount
Realistic Faux Stag Head Wall Mount

Think contrast when hanging your deer head wall mount

with either modern or realistic mounts

These sophisticated, yet fun and modern fake deer head wall sculptures are pure energy on your walls. Mount the piece on a dark wall for a powerful statement done up in high contrast. And how unique, sleek and modern is the silver antler deer head sculpture?

Very Cosmopolitan. I suggest hanging one of these ultra-modern plastic resin white deer heads wherever drama is lacking for instant gratification.

Dress "Mr. Jingle Bells" (indeed, it's okay to name your beast) up at Christmas, New Year's, Mardi Gras or whenever the mood strikes you.

White Stag Head Wall Decor

White Ceramic Deer Head Wall Mount

add a branch--or three--and make this mount your own
Add a Branch White Ceramic Mounted Deer Head

White Stag Head Wall Decor

faux but fun or sophisticated

Making your home your own is part of the enjoyment when decorating. It's this ideal that makes these white stag head wall decor pieces a great option for artwork, where you have the freedom to create your own look--your way.

If you're one for fun, there's no limit to fun looks for these guys. I'm thinking of adding branches that best fit your spaces free area. Come holiday time, add a bell collar and adorn the branches with ornaments.

How fun is that?

Look for ideas in store displays and on blogs or simply use your amazing imagination.

Add Fun to this Tabletop Ceramic Deer Head

Complement for Wall Mounts

Much like the white deer head wall mount above, this white tabletop sculpture is another option for unique art in your coziest room. There's no end to the art piece you can create--and quite easily at that.

I would go with metallic paint like the gold, silver and bronze paints that proffer a fabulous sheen that's amazingly realistic with today's paint; you'll swear the branches are true-blue alloy.

During any holiday, you've one new project to create, hanging ornaments relating to your theme and color. I would string mini or micro lights from the branches to bring the piece to life.

One of my faves: Tabletop White Ceramic Stag/Deer Head Decor

add a branch
Add a Branch: White Ceramic White Deer Head Tabletop

Metallic Deer Head Mounts: A Diversion for the Ordinary


Gold & Bronze Faux Resin Deer Head Mounts for Extra Sparkle

Perhaps it's the artist in me that instantly draws my eye to these uber-unique wall mounts.

They'll certainly catch the eye as an art form worth its investment in time.

Too, they're unique silver metallic finish will bring light into dark and recessed wall areas and awkward corners as they reflect light.

I suggest hanging a wall mount like this one wherever your walls are in most dire need of life and design.

Imagine the imposing, yet impressive look these distinct, metal finish deer head statues will present on your flat wall.

I love art that commands attention: this is it.

Highly Visual: Go Uber-Chic with a Silver Deer Wall Mount

Yes, it's Faux

Cast in plastic, resin and finished in a visually powerful silver, I'd say this deer~head wall mount sculpture can earn its keep in a minimalist modern or cabin chic setting.

These wall mounts are easy to hang and you'll realize quite a look for barely any fuss--I'm all about instant gratification!

Trendy silver, this rich piece is ideal for darker colored walls, as you'll achieve the greatest contrast.

The size of this sculptural piece can create a striking focal point in your room:

Measurements: 22.5" H X 15.75" W X 13.75" D.

Bring an Element of Pop Art to Your Living Space

Faux Stag Wall Mount: White with Colorful Antlers

I was excited to include these colorful faux deer head mounts in addition to the others featured above. Add an element of pop art to your room with the striking detail of the colorful antlers.

I'm thinking Andy Warhol for some reason. Maybe it's the play on the unexpected with color.

I'd suggest hanging these stags anywhere fun is involved: family spaces, tween and teen bedrooms or game rooms. Pair these guys up with funky abstracts splashed with color.

A Fun Way to Adorn Your Walls: Hot Pink deer Antlers

Ideas to Make Your Space Pop

With their colorful antlers, these deer wall mounts are definitely high~energy pieces that will command attention upon first glance.

You might consider positioning this party animal in a corner space with a fun chair and floor lamp for a great space to hang out in.

A nice area rug (of the same color as the antlers) underfoot is a nice finish to an amazing, accent corner.

Hang anywhere that begs attention and you'll for sure succeed. Can we say, "More bang for your 'buck'?"

I know, I know; I just had to say that.

funky wall art: deer head wall mount with hot pink antlers
White Deer Head Wall Mount Stag w/ Hot Pink Antlers

A Rainbow of Cardboard Deer Head Mounts

Cardboard Deer Head Wall Mounts
Cardboard Deer Head Wall Mounts

A lil' Color: Red, Yellow, White & Black, Goes a long way

cardboard puzzle deer/stag head wall mounts in fun hues--or not
Deer Head Antler 3D Puzzle Cardboard Wall Mount

Game Room/Man Cave: These Colorful Deer Head Wall Mounts Breathe Fun

Cardboard deer heads are pop art faves. They hint at the taxidermy idea, serving as the real thing on your wall without the angst of guilt.

I'm thinking these sturdy guys will make ideal game room and home bar decor.

Be sure to hang wall art where the work itself takes up the majority of the wall's width ~ unless you've several other pieces to hang in an arrangement.

You don't want the wall to 'swallow' your artwork. The larger a piece is on your wall, the more prominent it will appear.

White Resin Deer Head - Contrasting with Darker Walls

Here's a rather doe~eyed, feminine version of the white buck wall mount above.

I suggest hanging this deer head against a darker wall as I mentioned earlier; contrast is key to bringing attention to any piece of decor.

Grey, taupe, earthy colors--even red walls-- will proffer the contrast you'll need to make this addition pop and give it the attention it so deserves.

The antlers make this wall mount multi-dimensional. Don't you think?

A Softer Look: Doe-eyed Deer Head with Antlers

Faux White Deer Head Wall Mount w/ Faux Antlers

Realistic Yet Fake Stag/Deer Antler Wine Rack

River's Edge Faux Deer Antler Wine Rack

Complement Your Deer Head Wall Art

with this very fitting wine rack

Combine the natural beauty of deer head antlers with the functionality of a wine rack and you've achieved a great art installation with a purpose.

This deer antler wine "rack" fits in quite nicely with modern and traditional decor. If you're not 'feeling' it for everyday display, consider this piece a great option for Christmas decor.

Speaking of Decorating Your Deer Head - Oh, the Many Ways to Create a Focal Point

As I perused the Internet looking for info for this article, I happened upon various how~to videos where one could skin, gut and do other unappetizing things to create a deer head wall mount and prepare a deer for consumption. I've only eaten venison once, and I was tricked into thinking it was stew beef. Not nice!

Anyway, I saw this video from a proud owner of a cool Christmas wreath plus the . . . er . . . trimmings (you'll see). Seeing it reminded me of a very similar decoration I witnessed (that's a strong word, witness, but you'll fully understand when I explain).

I live in a large city in North Carolina, which butts up to a small "blink~and~you~miss~it" town. It was about noon but the tiny bar was is full swing with happy spirits ~ both people and brew. The parking lot had its usual denizens: cars with multi~colored bumpers and other replacement parts and the well~worn pickup trucks with equally tired tires of different tread.

Nothing special.

Then I saw it.

It was a Christmas ornament like none other. There on the grill of the farm pickup was a giant wreath with obvious battery~operated blinking holiday lights of different colors, and I caught a glimpse of some red and blue ones, made distinct by the foreboding clouds. It was adorned at top by a tattered red bow that I think was the velvety kind.

That was just the backdrop.

For there in the center of said wreath was a huge (drum roll) deer stag (?) head with what seemed to be a seven point rack! On a pick up truck's grill!

Can anybody say, "I love duct tape?"

This thing was huge. I wish I'd had a camera handy back then. Can you imagine looking in your rear view mirror and seeing Rudolph ~ sans the red nose ~ in your eyes? I imagine the happy spirit in the bar was not afraid of standing out in traffic.

I sure hoped he was friends with the sheriff.

Stag Deer Head Door Decor

who knew?
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HomeArtist1 on 04/18/2015

I'm like you in that regard. I like the puzzle cardboard heads and the white mounts with turquoise or pink antlers. I also like the twig statues. thanks for stopping by Cazort!

cazort on 04/08/2015

I definitely like the more abstract faux deer heads than the more realistic one. For some reason, the realistic one draws attention to the fact that it's "fake", making it look like a cheap imitation, whereas the more abstract ones look more artistic to me. It's like a nod to the traditional practice of having a real deer head, but while putting a novel twist on it.

I also love those brightly colored cardboard mounts...there's something really funny about it...and they seem to fit the aesthetic of the bright white, sleek modern interior, whereas I associate a real deer head with an older room with dark wood paneling and more traditional decor.

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