Laundry Room Decor : from Vintage to Modern

by HomeArtist1

Fun laundry room decor like these vintage to modern style ideas can easily transform your ho~hum wash room into a nice little nook you'll love.

We all know how monotonous doing laundry can be: the old wash, dry, fold is not fun! But we can surround ourselves with cute decor to lighten the "load" (pun intended) and make our time with the laundry basket and sock matching a wee bit more tolerable.

Scroll down for a glimpse of cute and cool vintage and modern decor to make your laundry room a lavish show place (well, not that lavish but great looking all the same).

Getting Started with Your Laundry Room's Decor

Defining your space begins with a reflection of who you are: how do you approach the unpleasantries of chores? Do you laugh it off? Do you prefer to surround yourself with sophisticated decor? A little bit of both?

For those among us who prefer to laugh you may want to go the way of fun laundry slogans. Funny laundry room decor is most obvious with signs like this one, where there's no shortage of a play on words--just clean fun.

Determine among the popular laundry room decor genres like, humor, the no-place-like-home nostalgic ilk, vintage and modern design, then you've at least tackled your target wash room decor.

There's no wrong way to approach laundry room decor but you'll know your style when you see it. Make your space your own.

Add Humor to Your Laundry Room:

Vintage-Style Tin Signs Really Add a Punch of Color


Colorful Fun Tin Signs Add an Air of Whimsy to Your Laundry Room
Fun Metal Laundry Room "Self Service" Retro Sign / Wall P...

Decor for Your Walls: Displaying Your Laundry Room Art

If you've a long laundry room wall, consider hanging several of these signs in a row, either vertically or horizontally for a gallery arrangement . Keep you wall art and any hanging decor relative to the size of your laundry room's wall or your efforts will be swallowed up by an expanse of wall: huge wall tiny 'specks' of art.

Let your artwork be the main focus it's deserving of.

Metal Sign Laundry Art: Loads of Fun That Never End

There's just something about the retro look of these tin signs, especially the vintage color choice with this sign here and its sassy humor. Vintage hues like teal, avocado and orange are added to the classic illustrations from yesteryear and you've the perfect 'package' for laundry room decor.

While there's no denying the dread of laundry day (and for some of us, laundry is an everyday event--shudder) these cute signs can bring undeniable fun into a laundry room's decor.

Laundry and Sarcasm: Yes it Can Work
Laundry Worker On Duty Retro Tin Sign

 Decor for Your Walls: Displaying Your Wall Art

If you've a long laundry room wall, consider hanging several of these signs in a row, either vertically or horizontally for a gallery arrangement . Keep you wall art and any hanging decor relative to the size of your laundry room's wall or your efforts will be swallowed up by an expanse of wall: huge wall tiny 'specks' of art.

Let your artwork be the main focus it's deserving of.

Adding Fun to a Not-So-Fun Everyday Ritual: Doing Laundry

Vintage laundry room signs are a fun way to decorate. Their appeal is popular and playful, bringing whimsy to an otherwise utility-looking area. I like that they're printed on card stock (very stiff paper) and are ready to hang straight from the box or you can buy inexpensive, wooden frames from discount or dollar stores for a finished look.

I was pleasantly surprised with these budget-friendly signs. With their standard 8"x10" size, you on't have a problem finding just the right frame.

Set of Four Vintage Laundry Room Prints
Laundry Room Signs: Set of Four 8 x 10

Fit Your Wall Art to Your Laundry Room Space

Vintage-Style Laundry Room Sign: Funny Vintage Retro 'Mom's Laundry'

Be sure to keep your laundry room's art commensurate with the wall's size. I've seen so many instances where wall art gets lost in a sea of sheetrock (wall board).

Remember to keep to the small wall/small art; large wall/large art piece or sizable arrangement; this way, the art--and not the wall--stays front and center.

Note the distressed look of this tin sign. Its color and font styles work well at creating a convincing laundry room or laundromat ambiance.

Laundry Room Rugs Are a Great Idea for Work Spaces

I love whimsy; it's such a simple way to add a pleasant sense of sunshine to a space full of dreaded laundry wash-dry-fold chores. Not fun.

These fun laundry room rugs all have an element of simplicity while serving to make doing laundry a wee bit (I said wee bit) more the pleasant task versus dreaded chore.

Still not 'feeling' it? Really, your surrounds do affect your mood.

Bathing your wash room's walls in yellows or lighter blues will elevate or relax your mood without you taking notice of the walls' color.

Blue is very relaxing, while yellow is a mood elevator. Give it a try!


Warming Up Your Laundry Room's Cold Space with Rugs

I love the homey look of these braided, laundry rugs. Aren't those vintage clotheslines too cute?

Rugs are a great way to instantly warm up your laundry room decor without a lot if fuss. Too, is a good idea to cushion a hard floor's impact on tired feet and backs, as most laundry rooms' floors are hard surfaces like concrete and wood.

With rugs, you can transform a bla~zay space into a cozy state with much~needed cushion power.

Wall decals proffer up some of the most amusing quotes while serving to lighten the mood in a room that would ordinarily be all work, no play; they're the ideal laundry room decor choice. No matter what size laundry room you have, there's a size, shape, color and style to suit your decor.

And wall decals are uber-cheap.

I was happy to see this model laundry room, as it illustrates how well a simple decal can serve as your space's focal point when centered above your machines or applied to an accent wall.

You can opt for several scripts and from funny to whimsical--even formal--messages of a 'clean life' (pun intended).

Like paint color, fun sayings bring out a ray of sunshine among literally loads of labor. Don't worry about your inexperience when hanging wall decals; they're easily re-positioned, so you can try it again.

My #1 Pick for Form & Function:

The Double-Duty Decor Choice for Laundry Room Decor

Cute Laundry Room Sign Couples Form with Function

Clothespin Laundry Sign Wall Art with Clothspins

A Decorative Reminder

Here's a great sign for the laundry room. Its fun, themed look and vintage appeal not only looks good but the clothes pins act as a handy message center or holder for supplies ~ or socks that lost their mate to the sock "monster."

While I can't promise you won't find that elusive sock, it sure is a funny part of all our laundry room woes.

Using Clothespins in 2015

With my busy laundry room, it's not surprising that we find the detergent bottle bone dry; one can't even prompt a drop of the--what's by now--pure gold detergent out of that container. I once knew a penny-pincher who tossed the bottle in the washing machine.

Yes, as hard as that is to believe, it's 100% true.

Enter the laundry room clothespin sign where clipping your laundry stuff shopping list is at the ready, so you'll know what to get without having to wade through and measure your containers' contents. Ever since I've had twins, I've been a list-person; if it's not on the list, I'm going to forget it, for sure.

This wall decor piece and the sign I note as #1 above, are ideal for adding fun decor to your laundry room while serving as useful reminders.

a nifty laundry room tip:

 I suggest having a place housing several colors of laminated note paper, a different color for each item (like red for detergent, blue for softeners, etc.) so you can tell at a glance what's what without having to write them down.

I found this method works better than pen and paper or dry erase board, as clothes that may brush up against the board takes the text with it--not good.

A Note about Your Vintage Laundry Room

If vintage design is your decorating choice, I'm thinking this Ivory Soap Girl laundry room sign is ideal.

Its presence evokes a sense of calm and simplicity that belies the chore of yesterday's laundry practices for sure.

It may just remind the admirer of how much simple our laundry tasks have become.

Pair this darling laundry room addition with the wall decals of the same genre. Ideally, pick decals with the same type font or similar color.

Hanging Pictures & Dimension

Dimension and Wall Art
Dimension and Wall Art
WHG 2015 Copyright

Keep Your Art & Accessories Cohesive for a Neat Result

 I created this image above to give you an idea of how accessories and wall art work together and avoid the cluttered result I've seen far too often.

You may not have noticed, but these pieces are purposefully grouped in threes. While you may not have the space in your laundry room for a lot of decor, it's important to keep your displays to a minimum--less is more is small spaces.

The eye subconsciously groups and 'counts' neighboring pieces. Note how well these unrelated trios look. If you have shelves in your laundry room, you may want to hang any wall art in a linear arrangement, while you group your decor on a shelf. Keep things simple and don't be afraid to experiment; it's your space and you should be happy with the result!

Help Solve the Century-Old Sock Thief Mystery

I'm wondering if any of my reader's know the answer to the laundry room "sock thing". I'm sure you know what I'm talking about without me going into full definition mode. Why do socks go missing even though I swear I've put both in the washer?

Once, when my washing machine broke down, I was determined to figure out the biggest paradox since the industrial revolution: the ever~illusive sock mystery.

Where do socks go?

Somewhere in my washing machine lies a bottomless chamber. It's an abyss of sorts.

But as I loomed over the machine, ready to reclaim my favorite sock (with cute penguins wearing ice skates on them), I was sadly disappointed, very sadly disappointed.

There were no penguins, no cute ice skates, no sock worth mentioning, just a mauled toddler sock with a zillion loose threads and a weird purply stain on it. So, the mystery continues.

I will find the answer. One day.

Is there an award awaiting me when I do?

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What's Your Position on the Lost Sock Conundrum?

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HomeArtist1 on 04/18/2015

My laundry room is teeny, too. I do have a wire shelf above the units, but for the size house I have, it should be more generous. My house before this was half the size and the laundry room was so big, it was weird. I guess ya never know. I don't spend a lot of time in there (like I should). haha . . . I don't even have room for a bin like you do! Oh well, if I could buy more space in there, I might could open the door without inhaling! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Rose on 04/10/2015

My laundry room is small - just room for a washing machine and tumble drier and dirty clothes bin. I like the clothes pin idea though.

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