Decorative Art Glass for Homes

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Decorative Art Glass was a thing that could be afforded only by Elites in past but now with affordable designs you can choose an array of artistic glass decor for your homes.

Whether you enjoy the various warm romantic shades or the bold colours from the light spectrum, you will find that there are various textures and shades of Decorative Art Glass that can produce the snug and cozy feeling of home. There are vases, centerpieces, lampshades, tableware and stained glass art – wide options to embellish your home with matching shades and geometric patterns that go crazy with your upholstery and draperies.

An assortment of art glass that qualifies for home décor comes with the signature of Tiffany, Lloyd, Handel and Weller. Numerous pieces of Tiffany Studio glass are subjects of study and are reproduced for interior decorations. An array of 18th and 19th century French glass is finding its place in home, it includes the trademarks of Galle, Daum, Schneider and many other makers.

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Badash Art Glass Centerpiece

Badash Art Glass Centerpiece Spectrum 14"
Badash Crystal

Which property of glass is used in buildings and skylight?

Magnificent Characteristics of Ornate Glass


The prime property of glass for which it was sought after was providing light indoors. Early human beings quickly discovered that if one side was etched with silver, it would remove the translucent property of the material and instead one could watch his/her reflection. Major discovery of this property led in designing vast mirrors for the elites.

Glass can cause illusions and give an impression of vastness. Lining wall with mirrors gives a delusion of extended space in buildings and they look artistic compared to concrete walls. Along with beads, glass is also used in adorning costumes for all the glittering it provides when interfaced with light.

A magnificent material, glass crystals are amazingly transparent and are used in tableware, Glittering crystals are used for various purposes including jewelry and figurines. 

Art Glass for Interior Decorations


Essential techniques; entrance and hall - front doors and windows, lanterns, borrowed light; sitting room and conservatory - cassette doors, table lamp, fire-screen, quarter lights, patio doors, clock, wall lights; kitchen and dining room - pendant lamp, festive table and window decorations, storage jars, cupboard doors, table centerpiece, glasses set; bedroom - wall and triple mirrors, dressing table group, baby's mobile; bathroom - tiles, shower screen, container set.

A home without crystal and glass is incomplete. Many forms of glass can be utilized to adorn entrance, hall, front doors, rooms and windows. Beautiful chandeliers can set the mood. Bright light fixtures hanging in wall brackets can light the room.  Techniques to enhance the rooms include table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps, classic settings as table centerpieces, wine flutes and tableware.

Stained Glass Fire Screen With Door

38W x 31H Stained Glass Fire Screen With Door

Stained Glass


Stained glass was invented as early as 11th century but its local use at home did not happen till 19th century. The creators and users of stained glass was limited to religious cantonments and cathedrals. You can easily witness the huge skylights in museums and light reflecting from old churches of Europe creating magic in day light.

The filtering of light from a colorful stained glass window produces trance, which explains why it was used in religious buildings. It was also used while meditating, like colored neon lights it produced light that was capable of creating rapture in audience and reverie in making ambience.

Madison Etched Mercury Glass Lidded Bottles - Set of 3

Madison Etched Mercury Glass Lidded Bottles - Set of 3

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamps and Windows


It was not till 18th century when Louis Comfort Tiffany discovered wonderful colors of stained glass that would decorate the interiors of castles and huge mansions. His masterpiece creations were restricted to the elite class of society because they were handmade and very expensive, such opulence and extravaganza that only Royals could afford.

Books on Decorative Glass from Amazon

Decorative Victorian glass

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Waterford Cassidy 10" Vase

Waterford Cassidy 10" Vase
Waterford Crystal

Victorian Decorative Glass


Glass making in Victorian era touched great heights. The technique of coloring glass was getting sophisticated. Soon cathedral windows would come in stained glass, the color, texture, form and mode of treatment of glass was so good that there is not much of upgradation or modification done in the modern era. In other words, the glass that is produced in contemporary times is no superior to the handmade glass made by glassmakers of those era.

Classical influences to these designs were given by the British glad manufacturers, Thomas Webb & Sons, John Walsh and Stuart.

Optical Glass Sculptures by fine art glass artist Jack Storms - YouTube

The Glass Sculptor

Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro Stained Glass Metal Framed

Frank Lloyd Wright Saguaro Stained Glass Metal Framed Ht:13.88" x 11"
YTC Summit

Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright’s special twist to glass was the spectacular designs that filled the windows and doors and the surroundings with the wonderful ambience of light. Abstractions of the patterns that endowed glass the power of lighting, blurring the demarcation between interior and the outdoors.

His contribution to the Darwin D. Martin House complex were tremendous. Iconic designs comprising of shimmering motifs and patterns of unique outline were adorned in a breath taking panorama of beauty. The entire house with its skylights, windows and doors contained almost 400 pieces of his signature art glass decor. Approximately three quarters of the art glass has been removed but some efforts of renovation are going on. These iridescent creations tell us a story of his fascination and discovery of artistry with glass.

The Art of Glass Making

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WriterArtist on 07/17/2015

@CruiseReady - It is exciting to know that someone in Wizzley makes Tiffany style stained art glass. Perhaps you can clean and use it for home decor. Better still, you can try to find the exact price of the glass which no doubt is as good as collectible, and decide to keep it or sell it.

WriterArtist on 07/17/2015

@blackspanielgallery and @melanie - Glad that you found the art glass pieces beautiful.

CruiseReady on 07/16/2015

Art glass truly Is beautiful. We used to make Tiffany style stained glass and take it to art shows. That was long ago, and we don't even have any of it displayed in our home any more. It's just stored in the garage.

melanie_a917 on 07/15/2015

Those are amazing pieces.

blackspanielgallery on 07/12/2015

Your selected pieces to show are beautiful.

WriterArtist on 07/12/2015

@ Dustytoes - Glassmakers had tough time when all work was manual including blowing glass with breath, and yet they produced masterpieces. Stained glass windows create stunning effect with light, both in broad daylight as well as dusk and dawn.

dustytoes on 07/12/2015

Glass making and glass blowing is truly an art. I lived in an apartment in an old house once that had beautiful stained glass windows along the main staircase.

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