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by lou16

If you're looking for a t-shirt based on the popular Showtime show - Dexter - then you've come to the right page as we have a great selection of Dexter t-shirts to choose from.

When I heard the tagline for Dexter - "Am I a good person doing bad things or am I a bad person doing good things?" I was intrigued and so when it began I watched it and from that first episode I was hooked!

Plenty of people fell in love with the show and what do we do when we love a show? We buy and wear the shirt of course! I have seen so many classic Dexter t-shirts on people when I've been out and about, but there's a much bigger selection of Dexter t-shirts available as I'm going to show you on this page.

The Classic Dexter T-Shirt

The Dexter Logo Design

The Dexter t-shirt opposite is the one I usually see people wearing and it's a great shirt that bears the Dexter logo, but sometimes it's nice to get a shirt that's not found on quite so many people - don't you think?

If you like the logo, but want a different twist on it you can also get it on a white shirt which is pretty cool through a t-shirt company called CafePress.


Funny Dexter T-Shirts

Obviously any show where the hero is also a serial killer leaves the door open for some pretty black humor comments and we love t-shirts that embrace that type of humor don't we? (Click on the images to see a larger version).

Dexter Tonight's The Night Fan Art Adult T-Shirt

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Nice Guy with a Deadly Habit Tshirt

New Excellent Quality cotton adult unisex tshirt. Nice Guy With A Deadly Habit Tshirt

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Dexter Touch Me T-Shirt Tv show Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Don't waste time deciding on which shirt to put on each morning. This dark shirt t-shirt will never go out of style and hides stains better too. This high-quality t-shirt is ...

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Dexter Power Saw T-Shirt Tv show Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Don't waste time deciding on which shirt to put on each morning. This dark shirt t-shirt will never go out of style and hides stains better too. This high-quality t-shirt is ...

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I found another Dexter t-shirt that I thought was funny when I was surfing the other day and it's available through CafePress who really do seem to have a great range of Dexter inspired shirts.

Any fan of the show will know that Dexter sets up his kill rooms with plastic sheets and when his 'victims' wake up they are covered in plastic strapped down to a table with photos of their victims displayed where they can see them.

If you kill anyone then watch out or you may just have Dexter to deal with so let me ask you a little question - "do you see plastic sheets in your future?"

There's a range of other Dexter t-shirts which have things like Team Dexter and I Heart Dexter, but the one I was thinking of getting (before I saw the one opposite that is, now I'm undecided!) is this next one......

Dexter T-Shirt
Dexter T-Shirt

A Slice of Life Dexter T-Shirt

When I first saw a Slice of Life t-shirt, it was this one pictured with simply the words 'Slice of Life, Miami, Florida' and an image of an anchor.   I thought it was perfect!

One of the reasons I loved it was only people who actually watched the show would realize it was a Dexter t-shirt.   I've recently discovered that there are other Slice of Life t-shirts that incorporate the Dexter logo as well which I don't think are as good.

If you don't watch Dexter and are just looking for a gift idea you're probably wondering what this t-shirt is all about so let me explain -

Slice of Life is the name of Dexter's boat which he takes out in order to de-stress......or at least that's what his family think.   Dexter actually takes the boat out so that he can dispose of bodies and as he slices his 'victims' cheeks before killing them.   A drop of their blood is his trophy.   Then a Slice of Life is a delicious play on words for him.

Of course when his bodies start to surface that opens a whole new season of fun Dexter style!

Will You Be Wearing a Dexter Shirt?

Updated: 10/27/2012, lou16
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Mladen on 03/13/2012

Last year I bought the same shirt you have for your intro picture! :)
I am fan of the show! Great idea for article! We all love Dexter T-shirts!

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