Dinosaur Classroom Activities for Children

by TerriRexson

Dinosaur Activities for Children to enjoy at school, homeschool or just for fun. Lots of ideas for studying dinosaurs and using dinosaurs to engage children in learning.

My older son is dinosaur mad and is starting primary school this year. We went to visit the school for an open afternoon and couldn't believe what we found. The kids had been learning about dinosaurs and the classroom was set up as a dinosaur museum. My son had a brilliant time and is now very much looking forward to going to school. I just hope they run dinosaur activities when he is there!

Let's take a look at some of the dinosaur activities that made my son so happy.

Dinosaurs at Primary School

Make Dinosaur Bones

Make Paper Mache Dinosaur Bones
The children had also made huge dinosaur bone fossils! I bet that was fun.

We made dinosaur feet at home too

Our dinosaur feet
Our dinosaur feet

A dinosaur feet craft activity

Dinosaur Feet Craft
The children had created made dinosaur feet.

More Dinosaur Craft Activities for Kids

A dinosaur dig

A dinosaur dig was set up in a big tray of sand on a classroom table. It was filled with small plastic dinosaurs. There were lots of paintbrushes available for children to brush the sand away and uncover and clean the dinosaurs just like paleontologists. 

The children had great fun with this. Warning: The sand did not all stay in the tray! Definitely some clean up required if you do this activity indoors!

Run a Classroom Dinosaur Dig

With fossil bones and make a T-Rex skeleton!
Are you planning a Classroom Dinosaur Dig? Find ideas and resources to help the children learn all about dinosaurs. Great for schools, clubs and summer camps.

Dinosaur Computer Games

Dinosaur Train Games
Fun and educational dinosaur games featuring Buddy and Tiny and friends from Dinosaur Train. Includes a dinosaur field guide where kids can learn facts about dinosaurs including how tall they were compared to children. Great for very young kids.

Dinosaur games and activities.
A collection of educational dinosaur games for children from Sheppard Software. Kids learn all about different species of dinosaur, what they ate and when they lived.

Dinosaur Games with a Big Screen

The school had a big smartboard with a pen connected to a computer so the children could play educational dinosaur games. My son thought this was wonderful. He was so excited to be able to easily control the games by pointing with a pen. We had to drag him away when it was time to go home!

A Dinosaur Play Area

Always popular, there was a dinosaur play area with lots of big dinosaurs to identify and play with. This was the area my son headed straight for when he walked into the classroom. 

A of course wherever you find dinosaurs, there's sure to be a volcano. Kids are fascinated by volcanoes and there was plenty of volcanic activity in prehistoric times. 

Jumbo Toy Dinosaurs

Learning Resources
Jumbo Dinosaurs
Learning Resources
$28.99  $21.81

Cross-Section Volcano Model

Cross - Section Volcano Model
Learning Resources

GeoSafari Fossil Collection

GeoSafari Fossil Collection
Educational Insights
Only $21.61

Fossil Display

There was also a fossil display area at the dinosaur museum. The children were allowed to pick up and handle the fossils. One of the older children was very happy to show the fossils to my son and let him take a look. 

A Dino Den

And finally, there was a Dino Den area. A section of the classroom had been covered over to create a dino den with dinosaur books and toys inside. Somewhere quiet to go and think about dinosaurs!

Off to dinosaur school

I did explain to my son that he will be learning about things other than just dinosaurs at school. I think he understood, but he does rather like the idea of dinosaur school! I suspect he knows more about dinosaurs than his primary school teachers do though! 

But what a wonderful set of activities to find when we went to visit his school. I think he's going to be happy there!

2012 Update

My son is now part way through his first year at primary school. He still enjoys the dinosaurs toys they have in the classroom. And he made a couple of really good friends through a shared interest in dinosaurs. 

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Updated: 05/22/2012, TerriRexson
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EducationInfo4U on 01/10/2012

These activities should like so much fun! Thanks for sharing :)

paul stickland on 07/14/2011

Hello, you might want to check out the free dinosaur colouring pages taken from my children's books, Dinosaur Roar, Swamp Stomp and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs <a href="http://www.paulstickland.co.uk/#10565...">Free dinosaur colouring pages.</a> More dinosaur goodies at my <a href="http://www.zazzle.com/paulstickland?r...">Dinosaur Store!</a> Best wishes and a big Roar!!! Paul Stickland

Jimmie on 06/10/2011

Fun ideas for a unit study! Who isn't intrigued by dinosaurs? I love 'em!

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