Discriminating Prejudice Against Pretty People

by katiem2

Have you been discriminated against due to your looks? Are some people out right mean to you because you're thin, pretty or handsome? Do some treat good looking people badly?

Do unattractive people internally hope to discredit attractive people to ease the anxiety welling up inside them, that being jealousy? How common is it for a person who's unattractive to say to an attractive person, "you're so thin or so pretty I hate you"? It happens and is almost always brushed off as some sort of adoration. Envy is not a healthy emotion. Admiration is a healthy response when it evokes the desire to achieve a similar result in ones own self. We are meant to be inspired by beauty not angered. Disliking someone because of their appearance is an obviously unhealthy response. Join us as we dig deeper into the attitudes of this debate. Take part in the polls and debates at the bottom of this page. Let's get to the bottom of this.

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A Unhealthy Dislike of Others

The problem of discrimination almost always occurs due to a inner self loathing brought on in the developmental years.

Hurting people hurt other people. This is the cycle creating discrimination and prejudice which can be easily reversed. No one wants to feel this way or worse yet act in an obviously prejudice manner. While many think the pretty people have it made merely due to their appearance this belief creates unfair discrimination. While there are those of us in society who discriminate against our attractive counterparts, it's a problem we should address openly and honestly.  While good looking people can be just as talented, and often more so, as unattractive people there are those who treat pretty people unjustly. Are you prejudice against pretty people and worse yet have you treated beautiful people badly based on their looks?

Good Looks Equal Success?

It's long been rumored tall, thin and attractive people have the edge when it comes to getting hired, making more money and so on.
  1. If this is true does it fuel anger in some who are neither tall, thin or attractive?  
  2. Is it fair to begrudge those among the blessed beauty? 

While it is not acceptable to discriminate against someone who is over weight or other wise compromised of physical beauty why is it okay to do the same because someone has the edge in terms of appearance?

The next time you feel a twinge of contempt for another because they are physically superior to you think twice. Why? After all it's what's inside that counts.  People behaving ugly are ugly regardless of their outward appearance.

Why you don't want to cut your long hair and if so why taking off just a few inches is best. The hot new trend in braiding hair is a great option for a fresh new look.

Discriminating Against Attractive Women

Men report passing over attractive women in the work place for fear of accusations or jealousy of others.

Men in management positions report their wives or girl friends make them feel tense and uncomfortable about attractive women in the work place. This may be a question of security in ones relationship and self confidence. Do you feel some women give men a hard time about hiring or working with attractive women?  Is this fair to the attractive professional woman?  

Women in management positions have been reported to discriminate against their more attractive counter parts holding them back from advancements they other wise deserved. Have you been apart of such prejudice against a more attractive or stunning female working under you or were you a person who's suffered this?


Attractive Men at Work

Do husbands and boy friends give the women in their lives a hard time about working with attractive men?

Do the insecurities of some men cause friction for their female partners who work with or become friends with attractive men?

is it the primal jealousy surfacing we once needed to protect what was ours in primitive times?  Can you control the jealousy surfacing rationalizing the absurdity of it all? Are you a man who gives attractive men a hard way to go at work? Do you pass him over for projects or consider him a pretty boy you poke fun at?  

Love needs trust to survive and jealousy breeds mistrust. What to do about a jealous person or lover.

Looking Good Takes Work

Very few people are thin and beautiful by mistake, it takes work.

Regardless of what you were born with, if you don't take care of it you lose it. Thin attractive people typically care about what goes into and onto their bodies.

Pretty and handsome people work hard to look the way they do. While some may like the attention they get from being thin and attractive, others don't expect it at all. Some thin people go along with the standard it comes natural to me misconception and yet it doesn't always work that way.

There are many beautiful people hidden beneath an unkempt exterior or poor self image. Anyone can become an attractive person simply by caring about their appearance and their bodies.

 It is wrong to treat anyone based on their appearance attractive or unattractive. It is the way we feel that comes out, seeps from our being presenting itself to the world. What are you displaying for the world?

Discrimination Poll

Tell Us if you have or witnessed discrimination against attractive people.
From time to time we all get an unexpected glimpse of ourselves and think what the…learn how to love what you see the next time you look in the mirror. Get the best appearance now.

Are Attractive People Better

Do you feel attractive people are a better employment choice?
Review and debate the topic of civility in our society is it alive and well or do we need to work on basic manners, common courtesy and random acts of kindness?

The Unattractive Poll

Are you a good looking person who's been treated badly by unattractive people?

The Pretty Prejudice Debate

Share your insights and opinions as to whether attractive people are discriminated against or not.
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NO I do not feel pretty or attractive people are discriminated against for the following reasons.
cherylone on 09/15/2012

I have seen people, time and again, unable to perform their tasks at work but promoted anyway because they look good. I have been told again and again that the work is a 'team' effort and what doesn't get done by one must be done by the other to keep the 'team' going--so who benefits? The one who does the least amount of work but looks good.

Yes I know for a fact others discriminate against attractive people and this is my proof.
Ann Wadsworth on 11/12/2015

I am 51 years old and have been the victim of discrimination based on my looks for many years and I only think I am average in my looks. On the job heavier, less attractive people could wear the same style clothing or even more revealing clothing and were never called out. I, however, was regularly called out. Even in a social setting other husbands would tell my husband they didn't do things with us because their wives were afraid their husbands would see my figure and wonder what they were missing out on. I thought or hoped that with advancing age this reality of discrimination would go away, but still I am ridiculed to the point that my husband now has a problem with the fact that my looks get in the way of his friendships.

JeanBakula on 09/12/2012

Attractive people get jobs more easily, I've read it in polls. But have you ever gone to an exercise class and noticed the people who work at the gym? They are all really good looking and buff. And most people in your class aren't that out of shape either, or they would feel insecure in coming. Bank tellers, basically anyone in the public, is usually above average in looks. It's not fair, but I think it's true. It goes the other way too. I wore a brace in Middle School, and instead of getting teased, though it happened, some kids were jealous because I got "special attention." Like I wonder if they wanted the pain?

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katiem2 on 02/01/2019

frankbeswick, Mean people are mean people, they come in all shapes and sizes and it best all we good people ignore the negative, lets not feed it yet turn away, I always pretend I don't hear or see them, look right through them with zero facial response, when done successfully it really shakes them up and is most satisfactory.... If ever in such a space and time again, have fun with it. I smile thinking of how you handled it, you should be commended.

frankbeswick on 12/06/2018

It worked the other way for me. When I was doing a day cover-teaching in an unpleasant secondary school a sixteen year old girl told me that she only listened to good looking male teachers. I replied, "Stay ignorant then" and walked away and helped another pupil. When I returned home I received phone call from the agency that employed me to say that the school had phoned to say how well I had done. I was stunned, as I had had a bad day. But the employer imply said, "You didn't run out half way through the day"

katiem2 on 09/06/2016

Toney, I can empathize with your experience, there is so much discrimination against pretty and attractive people. You do not want to work anywhere like that so consider yourself better and more upward and onward. I found pretty people are appreciated as servers, waitresses and hostess of restaurants. I made alot of tips earning more money than I ever had in my life. It was great working at a establishment that appreciated good looks. Patrons prefer an attractive, well dressed, clean and healthy person. Just be careful NEVER to address the man when it is a couple, address the woman first and always if well received, some women get pissed if you flirt with or are overly friendly with their date, husband or boyfriend. Be careful to be kind and polite to everyone at the table, but do not single out the man. Plus parents love it when you are kind and patient with their kids. Thanks for contributing to the Discrimination against pretty people it is real and it happens. My most positive thoughts are with you imagining you are radically overwhelmed with kind people, money, amazing and enriching work and all the goodness life has to offer. Stay Pretty!

katiem2 on 09/06/2016

frankbeswick, the green eyed monster

frankbeswick on 09/06/2016

Jealousy, I fear.

Toney on 09/05/2016

I am a single white female with 2 children and about 15 years ago I was looking for a job and an ' Now Hiring' sign hanging at a Family Dollar, so I decided to ask for an application, the manager looked me over an replied ' Oh we aren't hiring right now ', I looked over at the sign and she still insisted they weren't hiring. That day I felt discriminated against because I was pretty. The manager was around 10 years older and toothless. I did not judge her but she sure did me. Anyhow I wouldn't wanted to work there long if hired.

katiem2 on 06/12/2013

cazort, Once again I agree with you I feel people good or bad I really sense who people truly are and that's what turns me on or off. Great comment, thanks.

cazort on 06/11/2013

I think the whole idea of people being "attractive" or "not attractive" is itself a flawed concept...different people like different things, and just because a large number of people (or powerful media outlets) deems a certain person or a certain "look" attractive doesn't mean I would find it attractive, and certainly doesn't mean everyone will.

I've personally thrown out the idea of "pretty people" vs. "ugly people". Sometimes I find someone pretty and sometimes I don't, but that's just my impression--not some sort of global truth. Even if 1000 people find someone attractive, it doesn't mean they're globally attractive.

So that's how I think about things. I think that it is tricky to talk about any sort of discrimination for or against "pretty people" because I just don't buy into the idea of "pretty people" at all. I think people's biases and prejudices are really complex. People DO discriminate on other people on the basis of how they look, but I think that the way people do varies hugely from one person to the next and I don't think it's possible to generalize about it much in a meaningful way.

katiem2 on 09/24/2012

VictoriaLynn, It's great to hear from you on this debate. Thanks for your honest input. :)

VictoriaLynn on 09/24/2012

I don't know. It seems to me that attractive people get by with stuff more because of their looks--that is, when they use their looks to try to charm people. I think that attractive people often get special treatment, and it's the not-so-pretty people who usually get passed over. It seems to be that way from childhood throughout adulthood. Interesting article. I like the debate.

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