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by SusanM

Best dolls for girls from the 2012 Pixar movie Brave

Princess Merida from the 2012 Pixar movie Brave is the new addition to the Disney Princess Hall of Fame.

She is a strong and fiery character with flaming red hair. She is a character that wants to control her own fate with unexpected results.

Disney Princess dolls have always been popular with girls. Dolls of Princess Merida are no exception. So here are the best Princess Merida dolls you can buy.

A Cuddly Merida Doll

This Princess Merida doll is a plush toy. So she's nice and cuddly. 

It's the only Merida doll showing the princess as a young girl, just as she appears at the start of the movie Brave. The doll's wry expression captures Merida's personality beautifully - and her big eyes give her the cutest look. 

The doll has Merida's gorgeous red, silky hair in a mass of curls. Her lovely dress and belt are made in a satin-like material in a bright aqua blue and gold. 

This is a Disney Store doll and a great size at 22" tall to make a good friend for a girl. 

Princess Merida Adventure Doll

This doll has Princess Merida in her deep emerald colored adventure dress from the movie. She's 11" tall and has bendable arms and legs. This is great because it means your daughter can play with her, re-enact scenes from the movie and create make believe stories. (This doll won't just sit on a shelf gathering dust.)

This Merida doll has a cloak which attaches with a self-stick fabric fastener. So it can be removed.  Her archery glove, shoes, bow, bow compartment and arrow accessories are all removable too. This is good because it gives more room for creativity and imaginative play than if these items were fixed onto the doll. 

Merida Forest Adventure Doll

This is a sweet looking 15" tall Merida adventure doll.

It's a doll that has the most amazing hair that girls will love playing with. She also wears a gorgeous tartan and turquoise dress with a tiara and boots. 

She comes with a pretend bow and a quiver of 3 arrows. (The bow doesn't work it's just for make believe play). Merida is able to wear these items around her shoulders though which is great for pretend play. 

Another Cuddly Merida Doll

This is another big Merida doll at 20" tall. She's also cuddly because she's a plush doll. Her hair is make of soft boa. Her dress is made of stain with a velvet cape. She has embroidered details. This makes her extra cuddly for girls. 

Rather than showing a young Princess Merida like the other plush doll this is an older Merida. But she still has those big eyes and wry smile that is so much of her character in the movie. 

This doll is great for girls 3 years and up.

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SusanM on 07/21/2012

The toddler doll is my favorite
Yes finally got there - thanks :)

Jasmine on 07/21/2012

The Pixar Brave Toddler doll and the Adventure doll are so cute! I see you've reached a 100 wizzes! Congratulations!!!

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