DIY Wedding Ideas

by emilienathanson

Having your dream wedding doesn't mean you have to spend an excessive amount of money. Having a DIY wedding is a great way to make your wedding more personal while saving money.

Top 5 DIY Projects

Everyone knows that a wedding takes both time and money.  For the many different components that go into a wedding, the expenses add up quickly.  However, to have the perfect wedding does not mean you have to go above and beyond with you expenditures.  The amount of money you spend on your wedding does not necessarily reflect the quality of it.  If you are tight on money and are working with a budget, there are many ways to save money here and there with do-it-yourself wedding projects!  Not only do DIY projects help save money, but they can also be a fun a relaxing way for you and your friends or family.  DIY projects also give you more control in terms of how much money you would like to spend and how you would like the final product to look like. 

1.       Flowers:

Even if you don’t have a green thumb or know anything about arranging flowers, there are many simple yet elegant ways to arrange and display flowers for both a bouquet or for centerpieces.  Once you have an idea of what you want your decorations to look like, you can go ahead and pick out the type of flowers to match.  Start off by doing some research—look through blogs, pictures, and youtube videos that will provide good inspiration for you.  Buy one set of flowers and experiment with arranging them and you just might come up with a great idea

2.       Wedding Cake:

Making your own wedding cake is not only cost effective, but also fun!  There are countless of ideas online for what you type of cake you can make and how you want to decorate it.  Instead of settling for a generic wedding cake, by making your own cake you have complete control of everything!  As with the flower arrangements, it is best to experiment with it beforehand. 

3.       Wedding Invitations:

Depending on how many wedding invitations you plan on sending, if the number is on the lower end, consider making your own invites.  Personal invites are often times much more creative and memorable for both you and your guests. 

4.       Wedding Favors:

The good thing about wedding favors is that you have free range over it.  Many people choose to do wedding favor candy, candles, cookies, and so forth.  A great idea is to make your own favors, make your own gift presentation, or a combination of buying your own tiny favors or buying your own gift presentation. 

5.       Decorations:

 Wedding decorations is one of the most fun DIY projects.  By designing your own and making your own decorations, you have complete control of how you want your wedding to look like.  Some wedding themes are perfect for DIY decorations.  Themed weddings such as eco-friendly, vintage, alternative and unique weddings as such make perfect candidate for DIY decorations. 

Which DIY project are you looking forward to the most?

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wizza on 01/14/2012

wow that's a lot of ideas! but also a ton of planning

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