Doctor Who Ornaments - Put a Tardis Ornament on Your Tree

by Digby_Adams

Legendary Doctor Who has captivated several generations with this Tardis time machine. If you're a fan, you'll love putting these Doctor Who Ornaments on your Christmas tree.

If you're a Doctor Who fan it is only natural that you'd want to include him and his equipment on your Christmas tree decorations. The first ornament any Doctor Who lover has to have is a Flying Tardis ornament. Ornament Designers such as Kurt Adler understand this and they have created colorful Tardis ornaments for you to enjoy throughout your Christmas holidays. You'll also find Daleks to help populate your Christmas decorations. Don't just put these colorful ornaments on your tree. Decorate your front door Christmas wreath with them. Hang them from colorful ribbons and put them on your fireplace mantle.

Kurt Adler's distinctive ornament style has entered a new realm with his Tardis ornament. This generously size 4.5-inch royal blue ornament will make a statement on any Xmas tree. It can be traditional green tree and include many other ornaments. Although a stunning futuristic white Christmas tree would show these Doctor Who Christmas ornaments off to perfection. The windows to this police box are carefully trimmed in white. Look carefully you can even see the door knob. It's also possible to read the words at the top - Police Public Call Box. If you're a passionate Doctor Who fan you might even want to have a special tabletop Christmas tree. You could use it as a centerpiece for your Christmas party.

Kurt Adler Tardis Ornament

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Kurt Adler 4-1/4-Inch Doctor Who Tardis Figural Ornament

Collectible Tardis Ornaments

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Doctor Who Tardis Ornament

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Doctor Who - Dr. Who Tardis with Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

Doctor Who - Dr. Who Tardis (Phone Booth) with Santa Hat Christmas Ornament. Not for children under 14. Size 2" x 4". This is not a play toy.

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Every good guy needs a bad guy to give them a reason to exist. For Doctor Who, it's the Daleks. These guys appeared in the early Sixties and Doctor Who has been after them ever since. This was a time when robotics were still a dream for small children and visionaries. George Jetson soon appeared with Rosie his robotic maid. What child of the Sixties can forget the Lost in Space exhortation, Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robonsin!

Combine these red and yellow Dalek ornaments with the royal blue Flying Tardis ornament and you'll have a colorful Doctor Who ornament collection liven up your Christmas tree. The ones shown to the left are by, Kurt Adler, my favorite ornament designer. Compare his version of ornaments to others and you'll see how rich his interpretation is. Adler always uses vibrant colors on his Christmas ornaments. The end result is a luxurious vibe. This is a Christmas celebration after all. Our Xmas decorations should give our home a joyous and optimistic feel, even if it includes robotic villians intent on world domination.

Doctor who first met them in a jungle with his granddaughter Susie. He learned that they had already destroyed one planet and were mutant creatures syphoning off radiation to live. The radiation was the result of a war they fought. Remember that this was particularly chilling vision put forth at the height of the Cold War. It was a cautionary tale for two super powers that were protecting their spheres of influence with nuclear weapons. This is perhaps why the series struck such a chord with old and young alike when it was released.

Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Cybermen are another group of enemies that Doctor Who has raced through and space to defeat. They arrive in his world in the first season. They began as 100 percent human beings. Then they started adding robot parts in order to survive as a race. Eventually they became more robotic than human Does this sound like another cautionary tale of our society?

The Six Million Dollar Man and later the Bionic Woman were examples of the positive way that robotics could save lives and become part of a secret government agency. The Cybermen show what can happen when technology and ethics diverge.

Include the 4-inch ornament to the right on your Christmas tree and you're sure to inspire a fascinating conversation on Christmas Eve. Because isn't that night also a major player in the good versus evil debate as the Baby Jesus is about to be born.

Kurt Adler Cyberman Ornament

Thrill Your Favorite Whovian with this Xmas Ornament
Doctor Who Kurt Adler Glass Cybermen Ornament, 4.25-Inch

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Digby_Adams on 06/27/2013

Thanks sheilamarie. I've been watching Star Trek Next Generation reruns. I'm amazed that the issues they brought up then, that are reality today. There hasn't been enough debate on the ethical use of technology.

sheilamarie on 06/26/2013

These are really fun ornaments. I like your idea of using them to inspire some deeper conversations on Christmas Eve. We are moving into some shaky territory that needs more thought. Sometimes these quirky sci-fi ideas are ways of looking at the "what-ifs."

Digby_Adams on 06/24/2013

Thank you Mike! Are you a Doctor Who Fan?

MikeRobbers on 06/24/2013

Nice collection here! The Dalek ones look really great!

Digby_Adams on 06/24/2013

Chocolate would be wonderful! Your cat is spectacular by the way!

jptanabe on 06/24/2013

Well, my favorite ornaments are made of chocolate! Do they have a chocolate dalek, I'd enjoy eating one of them!

Digby_Adams on 06/23/2013

That sounds like a lot of fun WordChazer!

Guest on 06/23/2013

Polar bears and Daleks? Yessir. On my tree at least, this would be a possibility...

Digby_Adams on 06/23/2013

Thank you kimbesa. Christmas decorations let us express ourselves and that's a good thing!

kimbesa on 06/23/2013

Those are cool ornaments! I can imagine my small tree decorated with Dr. Who and pickle ornaments, an unusual combo for sure.

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