Does Closys Mouthwash Work to Get Rid of Bad Breath

by Charlotte

Closys Mouthwash review - does Closys eliminate halitosis? Product Review

Therabreath, listerene, Profresh, Smartmouth.... all these mouthwashes and rinses claim to be able to take away bad breath magically. But do they really work? Which one of them works the best? This article reviews Closys in particular, and from my experience, I would say that I recommend Closys to anyone who is looking for a tasteless rinse that will control their bad breath.

Closys is a tasteless and colorless mouthwash that has a mild chlorine taste to it - this is because it is using a patented chlorine dioxide technology to fight bad breath. It does not foam or sting the mouth like other mouthwashes may, so it feels just like gargling your mouth with water. If you like to add a touch of mint freshness to the mouthwash, Closys comes with a flavoring tube - this little tube can be added to the mouthwash according to your preference.

Using Closys

After gargling Closys for a minute and swishing it around your mouth (not forgetting the back of your throat), there will be a noticeable difference in the smell of your mouth. It will have a much fresher and odorless feeling.

The Youtube video provides a good overview about Closys from the medical perspective. It is highly endorsed by dentists as a good mouthwash for overal oral care.

If you have tried Profresh, Profresh recommends that you gargle before brushing your teeth, and after brushing your teeth. Closys did not specify exactly when to gargle, but like most mouthwashes, people typically gargle after brushing their teeth.

From my experience, whether before or after brushing, Closys seems to work equally effectively. Interestingly, the minty toothpaste residual taste was not present even when I gargled before brushing my teeth. For people who like their breath to be completely odorless (as opposed to minty fresh), this might be of interest to you. 


Morning Breath and Closys

If you suffer from morning breath, Closys does a good job of de-intensifying that condition. If you have post-nasal drip, it definitely helps, but does not completely eliminate morning breath, especially since our mouths are drier at night due to less saliva production.


Dry Mouth, Post-Nasal Drip and Closys 

As the day wears on, your breath may not feel as fresh as it was after you first used Closys. Drinking water helps oxygen-rich saliva production, but it also helps to keep your breath smelling fresh. If you have post-nasal drip, and dry mouth, Closys will help to manage the odor, but you will slowly start to taste or feel that your breath is not as odorless anymore.

Drinking water is a very good way to ensure that the effects of Closys are prolonged and are not immediately snuffed out by mucus dripping at the back of the throat. 


Tonsil Stones and Closys

Tonsil stones can be a real pain - both a pain in the throat, but also a pain to manage. If they are small enough, they will be hardly noticeable in your breath. Unlike Therabreath that can be swallowed, Closys is not meant to be digested. But if you are able to dislodge these tonsil stones gently using a q-tip, you should not have to worry about them too much.

Closys and After-food

One of the things that bad breath mouthwashes don't always talk about when they say that they can give you 24 hr fresh breath - is food! I guess consuming food does change the chemical compositions in our mouth, and so we can't always expect our breath to be fresh after eating, especially if we eat foods such as garlic and onions. Closys does a decent job at maintaining fresh breath after eating, although I would definitely go ahead and rinse my mouth and even rinse with another capful of Closys after food - especially if you have a hairy tongue that traps food particles at the back of your throat.


Other Closys Products

Closys has other products such as toothpaste. I have tried the toothpaste and am very impressed by it. It seemed to work well on its own even without the mouthwash - not that you should only depend on it for your oral regimen. Closys mouthwash works with other toothpastes such as Colgate, at least for me, so you may want to try out different combinations to see what works best.


This article is written from my experience, and I do not claim to be a medical expert. The results of using Closys may vary according to individuals, so please exercise caution and check with your doctor if you may have any medical concerns. 

If you would like to share your story, please share it below. 

Updated: 12/28/2012, Charlotte
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