Dragon Toys for Girls

by SusanM

Dragon toys aren't just for boys. So here's the best dragon toys you can find for girls

Dragons are a great fantasy character for children. Similar to dinosaurs they're big and amazing creatures that aren't part of our world. Dragons are magical. They're part of a world with wizards and castles. So they're wonderful for children's imaginations.

Many dragon toys are obviously made for boys. This is a real shame because many girls love dragons too. But there are some good dragon toys about that are perfect for girls.

So here's a list of the cutest, most creative and lovable dragons you can find. They make a great gift for dragon lovers who just happen to be girls.

My Little Pony Dragon

This is a cute baby dragon for the youngest dragon lovers. This dragon toy is perfect for girls who are around 3 to 6 years of age. This is because it mixes the usual baby doll play with their love of dragons. So Spike the Dragon isn't just cute, he's good for lots of pretend play too. 

Another fun surprise for Spike owners is if you squeeze his tummy he talks and sings. Younger kids love toys that do this so it's something else that makes him a good choice. Spike would certainly make a good birthday or Christmas gift for a young dragon lover.

Dragon Floor Puzzle

This is a great floor puzzle for girls who love dragons. This is because it has 3 baby dragons in the picture as well as the mother dragon. It's also bright and colorful with a castle in the background (on the top of the hill). 

This dragon puzzle is recommended for children aged 3 years and up. But a 3 year old might need some help from an adult or older sibling the first time they this puzzle. Children who are 4 to early school age should be able to have fun with the puzzle playing by themselves.

With 24 pieces it might be a little easy for some school age girls. But because it's a floor puzzle (so a novelty) and about a topic they love (dragons) it should still be fun for them

Soft Red Dragon Toy

I had some trouble deciding which soft dragon toys to feature in this article. This is because Amazon has some really good ones.

I decided on this Red Dragon because of:

  • The quizzical look on his face (or maybe I should say her face?)
  • His color. The red, green and yellow gives him a bright and warm coloring which I really like.  
  • His gorgeous wings which not only look great but encourage pretend play
  • His whistle sound when you squeeze his tummy

So one of my top picks if you're looking for a cuddly dragon as a gift.

Lace Up Dragon Set

This dragon bead set is popular with girls (and boys too). Threading beads is a fun activity and is good for preschool or young school age kids. It's a great way to help teach hand-eye coordination. 

In this set you get 12 chunky beads that have different shapes, colors and patterns. So it's a really bright and interesting dragon to thread together. Because the beads are chunky they're easy to grip and easier to string together too.

Being wooden the set is also very strong and durable for lots of play. 

Pillow Pet Dragon

Pillow Pets are very popular soft toys. So it's good you can get them in a dragon style. 

This is actually one of my favorite Pillow Pets (yes I love dragons too). He's got such a wacky look I have a chuckle every time I see him. The colors are great. He's also very soft and big so good for cuddling. 

Now this Pillow Pet can be hard to find but Amazon always seems to have them in stock. 


Wiganz the Dragon

This dragon was too cute not to include. This toy is popular with grown up girls too not just kids. 

The colors in Wiganz the Dragon are gorgeous and the look on her face (it looks like a her I think) is so sweet and cute. 

Wiganz is good for a cuddle. She also has fun, stretchy hyper-flex hair which is in a punk-rock hairstyle. (Kids need to be a little gentle with the hair though and not pull on it too roughly. It seems the hair won't take too much kid "abuse" and hard tugging.) 

This dragon also comes with a code so kids can access the Zibbie Zone. An online play world that seem to be the rage with kids now. So although this toy has been safety tested for kids as young as 3 it's probably better for kids who are a bit older so they can also use the online world. 

Dragon Soft Toys on Ebay


Barbie Fairy and Dragon

This Blue Fairy and Dragon set has been Inspired by the Barbie Princess Charm School movie. I chose the blue set because I didn't have anything blue in this article (so I thought it was a nice balance). But Amazon has this Barbie dragon toy in different colors. 

The fairy is a mini fairy so smaller than normal Barbie dolls. She has hair girls can brush and clips onto her dragon so she can ride it. Her dragon is cute and glitter-encrusted. The set also comes with gem-like wings that either the fairy or dragon can wear. This will give girls lots of ideas for pretend play and make believe stories. That's great for helping their imagination.  

Barbie Dragons on Ebay


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SusanM on 10/10/2013

I feel it's very dependent on each individual child and family. Some girls want something cute. Others want what their brothers have. It's all about providing options and what's right for your child :)

michelle on 10/10/2013

i dont think it matters, id just buy my daughter a regular dragon toy, i couldnt care less if its marketed for boys, its just plain sexism, and shouldnt be allowed theses days, just as my daughter plays with regular lego, she will also play with dinosaurs and dragons, and does.

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