Dragonflies give answers on ley lines

by BardofEly

Many people believe in dowsing which can be used to look for water and there is a belief too in ley lines and a mysterious grid of energy pathways said to be laid out on the land.

Ley lines, dowsing and pyramids Tenerife-style
I have written before about the mysterious pyramids on Tenerife, and not just the famous ones at Güímar, but the ones hidden away like those in San Marcos where I live. I originally thought there was only one but discovered a second pyramid further down the road known as Camino de la Suerte ("Road of the Luck").
My luck was in because my friend Diane Morgan was on the island, and because she has had experience of the ancient art of dowsing she was interested in finding out what the dowsing rods could tell us about the pyramids, which I had shown her on another occasion.
Now in case you are wondering what dowsing is, it is a method of divination and can be used for looking for underground water or searching for things. The dowser traditionally uses a hazel twig forked into a Y-shape but we don't have any of this tree growing here and metal rods shaped like the letter L are an alternative dowsing tool. The dowsing twig or rod moves of its own accord and this is a signal to the dowser.
Metal coat-hangers make easy to get and functional dowsing rods and this is what Diane was going to use. Our mutual friend Becky Ingram also came along although she was somewhat sceptical about it all at first.

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Diane shows Becky how to use dowsing rods

Demonstration of dowsing
How to dowse
How to dowse

Pyramid of Camino de la Suerte

A green pyramid
The first pyramid in Camino de la Suerte
The first pyramid in Camino de la Suerte

Pyramids of Icod

Pyramids in Camino de la Suerte

It was a lovely day with the sun shining brightly as we set out down the road that leads to the pyramids in San Marcos. Diane and I had noticed that Mt Teide can be seen in the distance behind the pyramids and we both thought that they were built were they were as a deliberate alignment.

We also thought that this meant that the pyramids were on ley lines, which are lines of energy that travel through the ground and are associated with ancient monuments, churches and wells. They are the equivalent of the chi lines of power used in the therapy known as acupuncture, but instead of being in the human body they are in the body of Mother Earth.

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Second pyramid construction in Camino de la Suerte

Is this a pyramid or pile of stones?
One of the neglected pyramids of Tenerife
One of the neglected pyramids of Tene...

The Ley Hunter's Manual by Alfred Watkins

Searching for ley lines

Searching for ley lines is something that can be done in the UK and there is a book on the subject - The Ley Hunter's Manual by Alfred Watkins. But these mysterious channels of force extend all over the planet so we decided to investigate the ones here in Tenerife.

Diane started dowsing and was walking down the middle of the road steadily holding a coat-hanger rod in each hand whilst asking a question for the rods to move to answer. She wanted to know if the energy coming from Teide and through the pyramids was masculine or feminine.

A German man was walking up the road from the other direction and we told him what we were doing. "We are searching for ley lines," Diane said.

"Ah, yes, we have those in my country too," the man replied, before he carried on his way.

The first pyramid gets ferns sprouting all over it in winter and looked really magical and green - very in tune with the Earth energies Diane was contacting. The rods were twirling in her hands as she walked slowly asking "Which direction are you flowing in?"

Diane discovered that the energies in some parts were flowing from Mt Teide down towards the sea and they were female. An anti-clockwise motion meant feminine and clockwise showed it was male, and we found a mixture of energies, both masculine and feminine.

Becky wanted to have a go at dowsing too and Diane demonstrated how to hold the rods. Later on she told me that at first she had thought Diane had been somehow moving the rods herself until she saw them move in her own hands.

A big blue Emperor Dragonfly

Anax imperator

At one point, Diane was asking out loud "Are you masculine?" when a bright blue Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) flew around her head. I thought it was funny because blue is the colour of the male in this species. She asked the question again but the dragonfly flew away. He had already answered the question once!

Diane and I think that there may well have been a complex of several pyramids in the area just like there is on the other side of the island at Güímar. We carried on down the road a bit further to where the second pyramid is.

This second one is not so easy to see because it has a wall in front of it, and at first sight you wouldn't perhaps notice what it is. It has also been very neglected over the years and has weeds growing on top and also many of the stones have fallen away on the sides.

Diane began asking if the energy flow she could detect was masculine or feminine. It was then that I spotted over a wall on the other side of the road a reservoir with floating masses of algae and weeds growing in the water.

A green-bodied female Emperor Dragonfly was in the process of laying her eggs in this. It was as if she was answering the question Diane had asked.

Footnote: First published in the Tenerife Sun.

Copyright © 2012 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

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Weedy pool

Green algae
Perfect for dragonflies
Perfect for dragonflies
Updated: 11/24/2012, BardofEly
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BardofEly on 11/29/2012

I am glad you found this interesting!

Mira on 11/29/2012

First time I hear about dowsing and ley lines. It made for an interesting read. :)

BardofEly on 11/24/2012

The ones that day proved it!

katiem2 on 11/24/2012

Very interesting. I knew Dragonflies were special... :)K

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