Dragonriders of Pern Series

by Jyreeil

A series of more than 15 books written by Anne McCaffrey follows a number of valiant protagonists on their quest to rid their world of the diabolical foe, thread.

This is a series which I actually had no one recommend that I read. It's actually quite serendipitous the way that I found out about it, because one day in Junior High, I wanted to find a book to read. So, I decided that I would just walk around the library and then pick a book off the shelf without looking at it, and whatever I happened to pick, I would read no matter what. That book happened to be "Dragondrums" the third book in the harper hall trilogy, a sort of side story to the main storyline of the series. Now, I am so glad I decided to do that, because I might not otherwise have gotten introduced to this awesome series which I own just about every book of.

The Premise

What is the Series all About

This series is about a planet called Pern, which is in a system called Rukbat, which is very very far away from Earth.  And, pretty far away from most anything else as well.  This is in the distant future where man has colonized the stars, and a group of people decided they've had enough of all the wars, and found the planet that is so secluded that no war could ever find them there.  This planet was Pern. 

What they failed to realize was that there was another planet in that system, a hostile planet, which had an erratic orbit which took it way out into the oort cloud for 200 years, and then for 50 years it would be near to Pern.  And, the thread, mindless life forms that will devour anything in its path, that it picked up in the oort cloud will descend on Pern for all of those 50 years causing chaos for the planet's inhabitants. 

Suffice it to say that the new colonists of Pern were soon plunged into an age of the distant past, somewhat similar to the Renaissance era, with no technology.  Then, fast forward to 2000 or so years later, and you have the main storyline, which follows Lessa at first, and then starts focusing on other friends of hers as well as the series progresses.

If you want to start from the beginning, from when the colonists first landed on Pern, then read "Dragonsdawn".  Otherwise, you can start out with "Dragonflight".


Sorry, I just realized that I was wrong about the chronicles of pern, first fall being the first chronological book in the series.  I started reading dragonsdawn and then realized that this was the one I read before and that I was going to read "Chronicles of Pern:  First Fall" but then found out that Dragonsdawn was really the first one so I decided to read that one instead.


The First Chronological Book in the Series
Dragonsdawn (Dragonriders of Pern Series)

After 7 weeks on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list, the newest novel of the Dragonriders of Pern series is finally in paperback. Chronicling the first settlers of Per...

Del Rey  / $7.99  $1.54

View on Amazon

The Main Storyline

Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon

If you want to know everything about how life on Pern got started right from the beginning, then read "The Chronicles of Pern:  First Fall".  But, if you want the mystery to go on for a little bit longer then start with these.  These ones start out following Lessa, the daughter of the dethroned holder of Ruath hold, who was forced to work as a drudge in the kitchens, waiting, biding her time until she can claim what is rightfully hers. 

It also follows the dragonriders, surprise surprise, which Lessa soon becomes a part of.  Starting out, the dragonriders are not liked by most of the lord holders, because thread has not fallen for hundreds of years, and the holders are still forced to pay the dragonriders tribute for something they no longer do.  Some thing that thread will never fall again, but it is up to Lessa and friends to convince them otherwise, and to find out why most of the dragonriders disappeared at the end of the last fall.


The third book follows Jaxom, the young lord holder to be of Ruath hold, how he impresses a white dragon.  He is supposed to become the lord holder, and yet he is also a dragonrider?  Read the book for adventure and how he decides what to do with his new found friend.

Dragonflight Dragonquest, and The White Dragon

Here are links to them on Amazon
Dragonflight (Dragonriders of Pern - Volume 1)

HOW CAN ONE GIRL SAVE AN ENTIRE WORLD?To the nobles who live in Benden Weyr, Lessa is nothing but a ragged kitchen girl. For most of her life she has survived by serving those w...

Ballantine Books
$8.99  $6.99

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Dragonquest (Dragonriders of Pern #2)

The second in the Dragonriders of Pern trilogy.

Del Rey
$7.99  $2.22

View on Amazon

The Dragonriders of Pern: Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon

Finally together in one volume, the first three books in the world's most beloved science fiction series, THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, by Anne McCaffrey, one of the great science f...

Del Rey
$15.99  $10.99

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The Harper Hall Trilogy

Somewhat of a Sidestory, but Still Great

This trilogy follows Menolly, who desperately wants to be a harper, the name given to the musicians of Pern.  But, her parents want her to stay at the hold and help them catch fish and prepare them for a living.  Her mother even stitched up a wound on her hand in such a way that she may never play an instrument again.  Menolly is an adventurous girl who also discovers something very important about the origins of the dragons on Pern.

The third book in this trilogy, like the previous one I talked about moved on to follow the life of a younger fellow in the harper hall named Piemur.  What kinds of mischief can he get himself into?  You'll just have to read and find out.

The third one, Dragondrums is also the first book in the Dragonriders of Pern series that I ever read.  And, as I never had anyone to recommend the series to me or tell me no this is the third book, I am telling you now, read this series and read them in order:  Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums.

Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums

Great Books, In My Opinion
Dragonsinger (Harper Hall Trilogy, Volume 2)

Pursuing her dream to be a Harper of Pern, Menolly studies under the Masterharper learning that more is required than a facility with music and a clever way with words. Sequel t...

Aladdin  / $8.99  $4.72

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Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy, Book 1)

Anne McCaffrey's best-selling Harper Hall Trilogy is a wonder-filled classic of the imagination. Dragonsong, the first volume in the series, is the enchanting tale of how Menoll...

Aladdin  / $8.86  $7.36

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Dragondrums (Harper Hall Trilogy)

When his boy soprano voice begins to change, Piemur is drafted by Masterharper Robinton to help with political work and is sent on missions that lead him into unusual and someti...

Aladdin  / $8.99  $24.0

View on Amazon

The Finish to the Storyline

Two more books!

They are "All the Weyrs of Pern", and "The Skies of Pern".  Ok, so I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but I will say that these are about the protagonist's final quest against the awful thread, and keeping the skies of Pern safe.

These books took me a while to read, because I entered a spell where I didn't really read much at all, but I hung on, and finally, yesterday I finished "The Skies of Pern".  They do start to find some of the technology that was lost when the colonists first came to Pern, and with that they come up against another foe, "the abominators", who wish to destroy all new technology and go back to the old way of living.

There are many more books in the series, like prequels, but I believe these are the latest chronological books in the series, unless Anne McCaffrey has been busy since I last checked.

All the Weyrs of Pern

Second to Last Chronological Book in the Series
All the Weyrs of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern)

Led by Masterharper Robinton and F'lar and Lessa, the people of Pern excavate the ancient remains of the planet's original settlement and uncover the colonists' voice-activated ...

Del Rey
$9.89  $9.99

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The Skies of Pern

Last Chronological Book in the Series
The Skies of Pern

The long-awaited new Dragonriders of Pern® novelfrom bestselling author Anne McCaffreyIt is a time of hope and regret, of endings and beginnings. The Red Star, that celestial cu...

Del Rey
$8.99  $5.95

View on Amazon

Why I Like These Books

And Why You Should Buy Them

Well, obviously I like the dragons, need I say more?  Well, I guess so, I like how each book has some kind of heroic act that one of the protagonists does.  I mean, a lot of books have that, right?  But, these were some of the books which provoked overwhelming emotion at times, because of such heroics.  I guess it's obvious that I like them since I bought them all.  I remember when I would love to go to the book store just so I could look for the Dragonriders of Pern books and maybe buy one of them.  I just kept doing this until I had them all.  I've actually started to read a lot more recently than I did since grade school, and I think I'll definitely get going on the rest of the Pern books that I haven't read yet.

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Jyreeil on 02/24/2014

Ah, I've never heard of the Damia series, I'll have to check them out.:)

JoHarrington on 02/24/2014

I absolutely devoured these books back in the day. She's a great writer. I loved her Damia series too.

Jyreeil on 02/24/2014

Definitely, it's one of my favorite book series right behind "The Maze Runner" and "The Chronicles of Narnia".

Richard on 02/24/2014

You've made me very curious about these books now, I'll have to take a look!

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