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by Jyreeil

A very good game that I knew about for a long time but didn't get into it until just recently.

I've been on the site Yarold's SWLE a few times before, but the accounts were deleted due to inactivity. The most recent time I got on Yarold's I kept my account active for almost a year, and a good friend who I met almost a year ago finally got me into FutureRP after me seeing those FutureRP links for many years on Yarold's. It's basically a massively multiplayer online role playing game(MMORPG), although it's not really all that massive compared to other games in that category like World of Warcraft, and Runescape.

Overview of the Game

A Little Summary

First of all, here is a link to FutureRP:  FutureRP

This will take you to my page, and if you register through the link there I will get some bonuses.

Anyways, this game is like a conglomerate of a bunch of different worlds, as well as a system where you can attack other players that are around your level.  There are many different worlds, but only a few will be practical to enter when you are first beginning.  The main one for newbies is the newbie asteroid, which will take you through levels 1-20 or so.  Then, if you get to higher levels, there will be more worlds for you to explore as you become a high enough level to beat the monsters in them.  There are quests to do in some of the worlds, and monsters to fight as well.  You don't have to stay for the whole fight unless you're not sure you will win, but if you've beaten a monster of that level before then you can just press the Q key to not have to stay for the whole fight.

I should also probably tell you that you regenerate your health after every fight.  No need for health potions here.:)  So, if you can beat a monster once, it's most likely that you can beat it as many more times as you want.


The attack system is pretty straight forward.  You basically just click the players name on the attack page, and then if you feel you can defeat them, then click the launch attack button on the top right of the players profile.  Then it will take you back to the attack page with the player's name filled in, and you just choose the amount of turns and click launch attack.

The Menus

A pic of all the Options in All the Menus
Options, Options...
Options, Options...

What are the Options?

A Description of Some of the Options

#1 takes you to the attack page, and I gave a little description of what to do there up above.  You basically just launch attacks against other players who have worse armor and weapons than you so that you can beat them.  When you win, you get credits and experience.

#2 takes you to the backpack, and here you can see all the items you've accumulated over your adventures, and the things you've bought.  Just click equip to equip the item, or drop to drop it where you are in whatever world you're currently in, or destroy to just get rid of it forever.

#3 takes you to your bank page where you can deposit or withdraw money from your bank account.  You cannot use your money when it's in your bank, but it is also safe from other players when it is there.  You only get 3 chances to deposit credits in your bank a day, so make them count.  If you don't have any left, and have a lot of credits outside of the bank, you could do the lottery, or just take your chances and wait till the next day.

#4 takes you to the page where you can look at all the guilds, and choose one to request to join.  My guild is "Disciples of the Gods".  If you decide to join my guild, then send me a message(just click inbox and then new message and type "Jrady" in the player name box).  I'm pretty sure they will accept you anyways, but if you message me I will talk with some of the higher ups to let them know that you are someone I know.

The noob asteroid on the world list#5 takes you to the list of worlds.  If you ever get taken out of the world you want to be in somehow, just click on this, and search through the worlds until you find the one you want.  The newbie asteroid is the world I was put into to start with, so if you don't know which world you were in, it was probably that one.

#6 takes you to your current position in the world you are in, or the lobby if you clicked the go to lobby button.  If you are in the lobby and want to be in a world just click Place Listing and search through the list of worlds for the one you want.

#7 this is where you can find all the quests you have already started, and a description of them and what you need to complete them.

#8 is where you will see the messages telling you who clicked on your link, and any Objectives you've completed.  If you've completed objectives then there might be some points for you to claim, which will be in your temporary storage which is at the bottom of that menu.  Or, there might be a link to it in the notification.

#9 is where you can buy all types of armor suited to your level, provided you have enough credits to buy them.  If you're low on credits, then a good rule of thumb is that worlds are good for xp, but attacking players is better for getting credits.  It's really best to just filter the armors to each slot individually so you can see what you want for each slot.

#10 is the guild chat and forums.  This is where you can chat with your guild when you've joined one.

#11 is the official forums, official wiki(which isn't all that good, but may be able to help you in some cases), and the player chat.  The player chat is where you can chat with players from the whole game that are online at the moment.

#12 is the player home and profile pages.  The player home has a shoutbox, and some basic information about your account, and the profile has your equipped items and some stats of your character.

So yeah, that is all you probably need to know to get started, but you can just browse the rest of the options as you see fit.  I will include a pic of the guilds page and how to join a guild below.

Guild List

Choose Future Soldiers
Future Soldiers
Future Soldiers
Future RP

Just a Couple Pictures

From the lvl 40+ Forest of Trials, and One From My World
Forest of Trials Pic
Forest of Trials Pic
Made by Kuzachika
Elephant Mother
Elephant Mother

The Play Style

What to Expect From the Graphics

The pics up above are from some worlds with good pics.  The dragon is from the forest of trials, and that world has lots of dragons in it.  And, the elephant is from my world that I made.  But, the only thing that really moves in the game is the dot on the minimap.  It's really more about the stats of your character than the graphics in the game.  You get some pretty awesome equipment to to put on your character.  The best stuff you have to do raids to get.


I like how you can actually build your own worlds, and as long as you have pictures to put in them, you can make monsters and items.  But, the items have to be reviewed first, so they have to be at least a little decent.

Updated: 07/19/2014, Jyreeil
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Jyreeil on 07/19/2014

@Ember you should show your mom this site(Future RP) we need all the players we can get.:)

Jyreeil on 12/15/2013

Just for anyone reading this article for the first time, I got a somewhat not so good first impression of the graphics, but as you get to higher levels it improves a lot. I definitely like this game a lot, so it's definitely worth a try. It doesn't take too long to get to lvl 30 if you're going at a decent pace, so try it, you'll like it.:)

Ember on 09/25/2013

Oh, this was definitely back in the 90's, so it wouldn't be this one that my mom used to play. Though, it's definitely the type of game she used to love. I wonder if she might like this one :D

Jyreeil on 09/25/2013

@JoHarrington yes it is. I have gotten somewhat addicted to it in the past week or so lol.

@Ember well I think this one has only been since like 2004 or so, so not that old. And yeah some of the worlds do have pretty bad graphics, maybe I should put a pic up of a world that actually has somewhat good graphics.:)

Ember on 09/25/2013

I played Runescape once...for like two weeks. It was actually a lot of fun. How old is is this looks oddly like something I've watched my mom play when I was a little kid, just, you know, much older graphics. Or are there just tons of MMORPGs out there, and I only think the one my mom played looks similar? xD

JoHarrington on 09/25/2013

Is this a MMORPG?

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