Guide For Yarold's SWLE

by Jyreeil

SWLE stands for Samurai War Link Exchange, but that game, the game that inspired the site, ironically enough, is not even used on this site anymore.

So, I just recently wrote a guide for the game FutureRP, and you may be wondering how you can get your link out there to get a little bit more xp from having people click on it. Well, look no further, Yarold's SWLE is here to help. Just get all the add-ons you need and click links like there's no tomorrow, and pretty soon the xp will start rolling in from people clicking your link. I will also include my referral link early in this article, so you can get me bonus credits - if you register after clicking my link I will get a certain amount of credits for every so many links you click.

What Is Yarold's SWLE?

A Brief Overview

First of all I'll give you a link to the site:  Yarold's SWLE

When you sign up after clicking this link I will get free credits whenever you get credits.  I'm not getting any of the credits you would have gotten, just bonus credits.

Yarold's is a place where people who play click-to-grow games come together and all click each others' links to help each other progress in their respective games.  Basically, for every link you click, you get about 1 credit, and for every person that clicks your link you will lose about 1 credit.

 Now, the reason I say about, is because some links are clickable more than once a day, and therefore only earn or lose you .6 of a credit every time it is clicked. 

If you are serious about balancing your links you clicked with clicks into your links, then it is usually a good idea to get a few of these links to put up.  If you really don't want to play those games, then you can always use someone else's links, which is where the site gets a little fuzzy. 

Some people get so serious about clicking that they end up having more links of games they don't play than links of games they do play.  Then, it starts to become more about the clicking and averagemin clicks than the actual click-to-grow games, which are the reason the whole site exists.

 Anyways, just remember, when you click links you will get clicks into your links.  If you're not a real serious clicker then that's all you need to know.

How to Register

Just a Picture of what to click on after you click my link
Click the words in either of the red circles
Click the words in either of the red circles

How to Put up a Link and More...

A Little Bit More to Get You Started

Okay, so I will put a picture of the links page up below.  Anyways, you basically just copy/paste your url into the white box(without the http://), and then click update.  To get to the links page, just click on profile on the side bar, and click the middle tab called "Links".  To start with you can just put up one link(FutureRP if you decided to play that), but later on you may decide to put up more links.


To get into a dynasty, just click on Dynasties on the side bar, and click "The Mob".  That is the dynasty that I am in, and you can mail me at "Jrady" either on Yarold's or on here, and I will talk with some of the higher ups to get them to let you in.  They may ask you to go to another dynasty to wait for a spot to open up, but I think they will probably let you in without a problem.


If you don't want to be in a dynasty, and just want to be a casual clicker, then tell me somehow on Wizzley or Yarold's that you're on Yarold's and I'll try to get you a list of helpful add-ons.  In this case you can just set your link to main, and click the links that show up in main and history only.


If you're having any more trouble then just message me on Wizzley or Yarold's and I will try to help you out as much as possible.

The Bottom of the Links Page

Where to put your links
Your Links Here
Your Links Here

A List of Games

Some of the Games Accepted on Yarold's


Dragon Cave



Valley of Unicorns

Into the Vale


Stupid Adoptables

Tale of Dragons


And many more...

Updated: 09/25/2013, Jyreeil
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Jyreeil on 09/25/2013

Ok cool, I did now put a link in the sidebar.

JoHarrington on 09/25/2013

Ah! Ok! Then I'd better go and read your FutureRP link!

Jyreeil on 09/25/2013

No that is FutureRP, but this site is kind of supplimental to that one.

JoHarrington on 09/25/2013

Is this the game that you asked me to join last night? I still need to check that out.

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