The Ease And Benefits of DuPont Laminate Flooring

by Jerrico_Usher

Discover the ease and benefit of installing laminate flooring. Also learn about your choices, how it's done and more...

One of the most important areas in your home and the one that covers the most square footage, is the flooring. Weather you have carpeting, laminate flooring, or any other floor covering, it's one thing most people are intimately aware of.

Carpeting is a great idea for keeping a room more "padded" for sound, but laminate flooring gives the floor a little more spice. You can use it on one or all rooms in the home but many use it primarily for the kitchen and bathroom areas (water proof). Some put it in their living room to give it a stone floor feel or wood grain appeal.

Whatever your need, there is a great deal of opportunity in choosing a type, material (wood, stone etc...) and even the fact that these can be installed by you yourself easily. They don't require any glue or "anchoring", once interlocked together they become a solid piece and act solidly when you walk on it. let's talk about the intricacies of this type of flooring and your options.


Dupont Laminate flooring


Introduction To DuPont Laminate Flooring



DuPont has several features available in their flooring that cannot be found elsewhere. The latest innovation has been the Multi-Direction design that’s available in the Tuscan Stone product.

When you inspect the flooring pieces you will notice a distinctive pattern that continues across seams giving that seamless full “stone” floor look.

Although in convenient pieces that snap together, once the dust settles, you will have a fully “one-piece” looking floor that will definitely impress!


Seamless stone Flooring
Seamless stone Flooring

They have a wood laminate product that comes in planks called “InterPlank”.

This design has a continuous appearance that looks completely unbroken even on close inspection!

Of course you will see the natural flooring design (seams that are expected to be there as part of the look) but you won't be able to easily tell where the pieces break up!

This not only lowers the work time needed to complete the project/flooring, it also prevents the dreaded ‘repeated pattern’ look.

We love the ease of installing the flooring but don’t necessarily want to see that it was a puzzle put together to create a floor- we’d rather see the solid piece for most types and looks.

Creative Publishing international


If that’s not enough coolness, they also have an attachment of underlayment beneath their products.

When combined with a premium under-layer, you achieve better acoustics and thermal insulation in the room. The stability of the floor is also second to none!


Premium Underlayers
Roberts 70-025 Unison 2-In-1 Underlayment, For Laminate And Wood Fl...


Roberts 70-190 Super Felt Premium Felt Underlayment



DuPont Has Many Unique And Nature Mimicking Designs

With Duponts powerful technology, these flooring pieces have textures that closely resemble hardwood or ceramic surfaces that provide a great option if you’re on a budget and simply cannot afford the real thing. The difference in aesthetics is negligible really so go for it!  They actually use, in some cases, real stone, wood, and others as veneers, an outer layer that’s real but thin and harder because it’s protected by clear laminate.

Products are available in two collection types:


  • The Real Touch Classic
  • Real Touch Elite


Laminate flooring that has great looking (and realistic looking) wood grain, you want to check the Real Touch Classic collection. There are actually two sub categories to this one. One is the in-stock order designs that are generally found pretty easily at any store on or offline. The other is the custom order designs. These are more personalized and more expensive but for those that like it it’s well worth the price. Your flooring is often going to be unique and unusual to cater to your more discriminating style and taste.


AC Ratings System


DuPonts success is also due to their willingness to voluntarily participate in the AC rating system. This system allows people and retailers to understand, at a glance, which floor covering is right for the individual needs of the consumers.

These AC ratings from 1 to 5 let you know immediately whether your choice in flooring is compatible with residential, low traffic areas, or the more industrial needs of a commercial, high volume traffic area.



Flooring stacked, acclimating
Flooring stacked, acclimating

Acclimating Your Laminate Flooring To Humidity and Room Temperature

Before Installing You Need To Acclimate Your Flooring Tiles


It's important to acclimate your flooring by allowing the pieces to sit undisturbed in the middle of the room you intend to use them in for 24 to 36 hours before beginning the installation process.This allows them (stacked) to acclimate to the room temperature but they will also acclimate to the humidity level in the home. If you install the pieces before acclimating them, they will likely not fit correctly or may buckle up later from the adjustment period.

Laminate flooring is very easy to maintain and just as easy to clean. This doesn't require any expensive machines to clean. Gently mopping with a nonabrasive cleanser or a liquid spray and cleaner will work the best.

Electric broom sweepers as well as gentle action vacuums are also effective tools for keeping your laminate or bamboo floor coverings clean. Best of all, laminate, shaw and kronotex type flooring require no sanding, polishing, or buffing to keep them shining and looking like new.

Learning how to lay these types of floor coverings is just as easy as keeping them clean, most have interlocking grooves along the sides and the pieces simply slide together with a clicking motion that helps them to remain securely in place.

The Ease Of Installing A DuPont Laminate Floor Covering

DuPont laminate floor covering is perhaps one of the best known names in laminate floor type coverings. This is due to the great pride they take in assuring quality and preserving the reputation of their products.  

Dupont laminate flooring can easily be installed on top of any “sub” floors (foundation). It doesn’t matter if it’s wood, stone, concrete, or even pre-existing laminate flooring. What’s important is that the area is clean, dry, and level. 


This type of floor covering can be professionally installed by most retailers throughout the country but DuPont laminate floor coverings can be just as easily installed by someone who wishes to save money doing the work themselves.

Most types of laminate flooring are glueless and are also considered a floating style of floor, meaning that the interlocking floor pieces do not require nails, tacks or anchors of any kind.



Expansion Space Concealer!

Expansion Bevels Conceal The Space Where The Tiles Are short  to grow and shrink- it looks seamless!
Expansion Bevels Conceal The Space Where The Tiles Are short to grow and shrink- it looks seamless!

Expansion Spaces

Just as the temperature in your home is variable based on the weather, the internal air conditioning/heating system and a variety of things, your laminate flooring will react to these temperatures, often in the extremes or tapering into cold or hot weather. The flooring absorbs the moisture in the air, and evaporates it during hot days or exposure to direct sunlight (heat). This means it expands and contracts.

If you install your flooring without leaving spaces between the walls and it’s adjacent rows of laminate flooring it will buckle and pull away from the walls. When it grows it’s worse as it can damage the foundation. Make sure you leave an inch or so of space in these areas to allow for this growth/shrinking. DuPont also has some great moldings and accessories that help with this. Replacing damaged or worn tiles is incredibly easy with this type of interlocking flooring.


Installation In Bathrooms

It used to be you could only install laminate in select areas of your home. Although vinyl was a great selective use in bathrooms and kitchens due to it’s seamless wallpaper like consistency water couldn't pollute the underfloor areas.

Nowadays, however, it’s very possible to install this flooring ANYWHERE, including high humidity areas (kitchen and bathroom, garage, etc…). The Manufacturer recommends that you seal the tile and edges (by wall including the space you left for growth of the pieces i.e. on hot days) with silicone sealant.




So There you have it, laminate floors in a nutshell. DuPont is the leading company in laminate flooring and are way ahead of the rest in technological advancements and powerful features you NEED that others don't think to (or want to?) add.

Good luck in your journey to install some cool new flooring!



Updated: 10/03/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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