Educational Games For A 3 Year Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

Compared to educational games ten years ago, games nowadays are more sophisticated and better geared towards a child's development, striking the balance between fun and learning.

What makes a toy that's designed to be both fun and encourage development really effective is when you introduce them at a very young age with ongoing support from parents and caregivers.

Keep in mind these educational materials are only effective if they are given at the right age. So, before you start haphazardly handing toys over to your children, don't forget to factor in the guidance they may need, as well as (with some!) the safety issues.

LeapFrog My First LeapPad Educational Book: Dora The Explorer To the Rescue

This is a great educational toy, and it's  packed with activities for kids--games and stories--to make reading and learning even more enjoyable for toddlers. It comes with a magic pen that will make the book play words and stories when touched to the book, which is a very stimulating way to learn language.

The Dora character alone will be a hit (for your three-year-old), and the educational features are a great addition. This is not just a cute book for your child's entertainment, as it also teaches English and Spanish vocabulary, problem solving, shapes and colors as well.

Even better? If your toddler loves to mimic school teachers, and if a younger baby is somewhere nearby, you will soon enjoy watching a little teacher in action.  

LeapFrog My First LeapPad Educational Book: Dora The Explorer To the Rescue

LeapFrog My First LeapPad Dora the Explorer To the Rescue. Preschool, Interactive Book & Cartridge. Teaches English and Spanish, Vocabulary, Problem solving, Shapes, Cooperation.

Only $12.99

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden 27-Piece Lacing Beads in a Box

A child, at three years of age, is very inquisitive and this inexpensive game will keep even the most fidgety child in their seat. It's good for reinforcing colors and shape, and promotes learning and development. All the blocks have vivid colors on them, as well as come in an array of different combinations and shapes.

It's a great toy for encouraging coordination and a child's ability to think and/or problem solve, whilst they match up the blocks, sit them together and create wonderful patterns and shapes of their own.

Lots of scope for parents to get involved and gently encourage and, even better, it's one of those affordable toys that can be passed down to younger siblings.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden 27-Piece Lacing Beads in a Box

This timely classic has been reborn with lively graphics, colors and new shapes.

$17.99  $12.99

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Little Partners Learning Tower

This learning tower is more than a toy for your toddler. With a few adjustments it can be a sturdy platform that can be adjusted from 11 inches to 19 inches high. Now your three-year-old toddler can help you with baking, or something else that requires they're a few inches higher.

You won't have to worry that your child might tumble over, as the build quality is solid, which makes it nice and stable. In short it's been well designed and includes the kind of safety measures that we all like to see for our own children.

Despite what it looks like, it will allow a child to play at a level that makes them able to see better (what it is that you're doing), which should lead to less grumbling. Or at least that's the theory ... because you might just find that you've somehow managed to create your very own tiny director!

Little Partners Learning Tower in Natural

The Learning Tower by little Partner is a kid's step stool that features safe, sturdy and non-tip construction. The Tower helps nurture a child's innate desire to be independent...

Only $199.99

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Songs and Games for Toddlers

Music is one of the most effective tools for learning. Even if your toddler is doing something else, you can just play songs in the background and your toddler will learn along with them, even while passively listening. This is a fun way of discovering and learning a variety of different things.

What makes this a great game for 3-year-olds is that the songs are so simple, the child can sing them without help. This is not just entertaining music for your toddler but very educational as well; with enough guidance they will learn the meaning of "high," "low," "over," "under," as well as a whole lot more.

Songs & Games for Toddlers

Research shows that physical skills, the use of language, social interaction, self-esteem, and pre-reading skills are enhanced as children discover the joys of making music them...

Only $5.99

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