Educational Games For Children 4 Years Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

There are lots of educational toys for pre-schoolers, and they're aimed at aiding a child's growth and development. A look at the more popular toys for 4 year olds.

A child is naturally inquisitive, especially at the pre-school stage and helping your child move seamlessly towards an important aspect of their on-going learning process is one of the signs of good parenting.

Thankfully there are plenty of good quality educational games and toys on the market and, chosen well, they will help support your child's journey towards independence.

Children Are Never Too Young

We all want the best for our children, we all want our children to be the best they can be, to have the widest opportunities available to them in later life and a good way of fostering that outcome is to realize that they're never too young to learn. 

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

The D-Rex is a great educational toy, in that it encourages interaction and imaginative play. The D-Rex is akin to the 'pet' that many children hope for - albeit one that doesn't even closely resemble a cute puppy. Still - unlike a real pet, this one won't fade away if forgotten about and the way it works will enthrall a child enough to keep them happily occupied.

It comes to call, will play hide and seek, chew it's bone, play happy, growl when it's sad and generally expect the kind of attention that will delight a child. Though very much a simulated version of a real pet, D-Rex does help to instill an understanding of what it means to have something that requires interacting with for less-than-selfish reasons and will please/engage/amuse for all the right reasons. A popular educational toy and a much wished for Christmas and birthday gift by toddlers and young children.

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur

Ferocious, loyal and with an independent personality, D-Rex is the ultimate pet.

Only $799.99

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LeapFrog Read & Write LeapPad

If you want to purchase on if the best writing toys for a 4 year old, you won't go far wrong with this one. Designed to encourage and develop a child's ability to both read and write, the Read and Write does a great job of engaging children without making them feel as though it's a whole lot of hard work.

It's a magical way of helping your child to gain a better understanding of both the written and spoken word. Their vocab will improve, their ability to write will grow, and their confidence will grow right along with it.

This is a fantastic learning toy for a pre-school child and will help with the transition that all children face when it's time to start school. It uses music, sounds and characters that talk as a means of capturing your child's imagination and attention. A thoroughly good buy, worth every cent for the sheer educational toy value.

LeapFrog Read & Write LeapPad®

Bring the magic of books to life with this innovative reading and writing system. The Read & Write LeapPad Learning System is uniquely designed to make stories come to life righ...

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Every child needs to learn to tell the time and for that reason alone, this is possibly the best time-telling toy for 4 year old children. It has a colorful and engaging design, full of appealing colors and easy to read numbers that will promote your child's understanding of both units of time and what time is.

The numbers also double up as a shape sorter - making this a fine toy for a child younger than four, plus the colors of the numbered blocks will help as a visual aid for basic number understanding and color matching.

Teaching your child will become a breeze with this good old fashioned educational toy and it's current selling price is an absolute steal in view of both the quality and interactive play value.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

3 years & up. Time to Block the Clock! Combines shape sorting and learning to tell time. It's two toys in one. Place the colorful numbered shape pieces in their proper places on...

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Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

When it comes to imaginative play, no child can turn down the opportunity to play with their food! This is a traditional wooden toy, a great toy for 4 year olds and will engage a child for hours of valuable play that revolves around learning and development. They can slice the food, create little sandwiches and dishes - the limit isn't what's missing from the set so much as their imagination. Fortunately children have imagination by the bucket load!

This is a robust toy, the wood and paints are all non-toxic and there's also the added attraction that it all comes in its own box - meaning that it's a lot easier to keep all the pieces together. The food has sounds - they all 'crunch' when they're sliced, which adds to the fun and overall, it's a wonderfully well made and well thought out play set. A bargain price makes it even more attractive - and it's one of a variety of similar playsets. More food - more fun - more play food for mommy to eat!

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

This super-sized set enables kids to cut their food just like mom or dad. It's perfect for encouraging hand-eye coordination. This set includes more than 25 pieces, including a ...

$17.59  $15.6

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