Educational Games for Children 5 Years Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

At around 5 years of age, children will start to really pick up on their alphabet. Unfortunately, some are bombarded so much that some of them lose interest in learning.

Who wants to mess with letters from morning until night? Even adults can't stomach a whole day of study. With that in mind you don't want to bombard your child to the point it becomes counter productive.

Away from the classroom, they want to have fun! They want to get back to playing games and enjoying themselves as much as they can. Don't overlook the possibilities available in educational toys. Some of them are so much fun you may not realize their value for development and learning.

LeapFrog Text and Learn

This is one of those toys that will be so much fun for your youngster! It has a real QWERTY keypad that will make any child feel as though they have their own cell phone - just like mommy or daddy. This awesome cell phone-type toy is not only a terrific hit and great fun for imaginative play, it also teaches letters, names and sounds.

Your son or daughter won't realize that they're learning, that their vocab is improving and/or expanding ... they're playing! Let the LeapFrog Text and Learn show your child how much fun it can be to learn new things.

LeapFrog Text and Learn

Text and Learn is designed to let little learners play in a grown-up way! Children can exchange text messages with their puppy pal Scout, check Scout's planner to see what his w...

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This toy is not just for 5-year-olds but for the entire family as well. You'll enjoy playing this game as it's one that requires several players, plus the interaction leads to a lot of fun. 

It also develops memory and hand-eye coordination, and it will help players of all ages to recognize series, make combinations, and anticipate what might happen next. This might be just a fun game for you, but it is an educational one too. Best of all, it also promotes family bonding!


2 to 6 Players. Playing time: about 20 minutes. Flip and stack this clever loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers. Tomato, onion, tomato... slap! Get there first a...

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Earlyears Lil' Shopper Play Set

We love this educational toy! It's one of those toys that will find a home in your house for many years, especially during the years when preschoolers love to imitate adults. As a three-year-old doing chores around the house, a four-year-old dressing up like daddy and mommy, or at age five helping with the grocery shopping just like the adults of the house, your child will learn so much about living in the grown-up world through imaginative play.

Extend the lesson at home throughout the day and all week long with this Earlyears Lil' Shopper Play Set, recommended for the preschooler that's learning all about the foods we eat. The imitation fruits and vegetables are just the perfect size for a little child's hands.

Super Shopping Shopping Cart

When I first looked at this cart I said to myself, I want one of my own. Why didn't we have this kind of toy during my childhood? It would have made grocery role-playing games a lot easier, as this fun set is the type that will nurture a child's sense of reality.

The cart is so much more realistic than the plastic ones found in other sets, and the groceries also look quite real. We recommend this one for children who are starting to play let's pretend games, especially when there are some siblings around to share in the role-playing game. A great educational toy for helping children understand why mommy gets to go shopping every week, and why they've got to come too!

Super Shopper Shopping Cart

Load up your shopping cart just like mom or dad! Includes a bunch of play food for hours of shopping fun!Ready to go shopping? This metal frame shopping cart with swivel wheels ...

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