Educational Games For Children Up To 12 Months

by Tested_to_Destruction

Babies are cute, adorable and gorgeous. They are small, simple and easy to entertain, and yet they still enjoy learning through play - just like older babies and children.

Just a colorful toy that they can hold will keep a baby's interest for a long time. Colorful objects, noisy rattles, anything that dangles within reach - these are the simple things a baby wants.

At this age a meaningful aspect of a child’s development is exploration by putting things into his mouth. That's a part of the learning process. So it's essential that toys and games for children under 12 months are not only clean, they're easy to keep clean! Best of all are those that you can be confident are safe for babies to chew, suck, or mouth at anytime.

IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks

Your baby’s first blocks should be soft and light to your baby's touch, something that you know won’t hurt him even if you are not watching him play with it. These sixteen soft and lightweight building blocks will entertain your baby for months, plus they're the perfect size for your baby’s little hands.

These cute little blocks have peek-a-boo windows too. Peek-a-boo is not just immense fun; it's actually one of the best educational games for children at this age. Your baby will love the crinkling sounds these blocks produce, and even if these blocks seem a bit pricey, they're worth every penny.

IQ Baby Knock-Knock Blocks

Birth & up. Sixteen soft building blocks with lots of peek-a-boo windows and doors to build with. Eight colored blocks, eight black and white. All blocks have textures for littl...

Only $55.99

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Baby Einstein Activity Keys

Babies under 12 months old love to put things in their mouth. As parents we need to be sure to give them entertaining toys that will hold their interest for some time, but above all they remain safe. This Baby Einstein Activity Keys toy is a set of colorful baby teether keys that will keep baby's hands and mouth entertained.

But it's much more than just three colorful teether keys. Press the yellow button to activate lights. Little beads inside the set make this a rattle as well. With these features you are giving them tactile, visual and hearing stimulation that is so necessary for their development.

Sassy Baby's First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set

This is a set of five cute rattles and teethers, a perfect set of toys for children under 12 months. The vibrant colors stimulate your baby's eyesight, while the different shapes and textures help in the development of her tactile senses, and the rattles will stimulate your little ones hearing.

At first, you may just want to buy these because of the colorful and cute details but soon you'll find that your baby loves biting the rubber surfaces. One other terrific thing about these toys is that they are so easy to clean: just put them in the upper rack of your dishwasher, and soon they will be ready for your baby to chew on once again.

Sassy Baby's First Rattle and Teether 5 Piece Gift Set

With literally dozens of award-winning toys to their name, it’s no wonder Sassy is a favorite among parents and babies alike. This 5-piece gift pack of rattles and teethers is a...

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Baby Einstein Octoplush

Once your baby holds this adorable octopus toy, he will want to keep hugging it. It's plush and textured - perfect features to help with the tactile development of your baby. Even as your baby grows beyond twelve months, he can learn his basic colors from this rather attractive, vibrant educational toy. What's more he'll love to listen to the music.

This oh-so-huggable Octoplush is not just cute but is also an educational game for a baby and it will last for years as a favorite toy, possibly into the preschool years.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether by Vulli

The cute Sophie Giraffe is the best selling teethers on the market, worldwide! It has lots of edges and thick rubber areas that are the perfect place for your baby to bite to soothe sore gums. Its shape makes it easy for a baby to grip, pass from hand to hand, and retrieve when dropped. And babies love to gaze at Sophie's contrasting spots and her friendly, comforting face.

It uses 100% natural rubber and food-grade paint, giving parents the confidence that it is safe for baby to chew on. Beyond being a teether, Sophie also encourages and develops a young babies motor skills due to the shape, size and attractive colors, so don't underestimate it's ability to deliver as an educational game type toy for the very young.

Updated: 10/02/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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