Educational Toys - 2-2 ½ Years Old

by Tested_to_Destruction

Toddlers are little bundles of fun. They love to run, jump, and play each and every day, and that means that we parents have got our work cut out.

A toddler's attention span usually doesn’t last more than 15 minutes, and this is one of the reasons that we, as parents, need to buy toys that will engage their attention whilst also helping them to grow and learn.

It's true to say that toddlers building upon their motor skills enjoy pulling, pushing, and knocking down everything they get their hands on. But these little boys and girls appreciate smaller toys as well. Toddlerhood is the stage when they begin to learn the ABCs, basic colors and numbers.

They begin to sort objects and become more creative. That's why it's essential for toddlers to have toys that are suitable for their learning level: toys that will let them sort objects, use their imagination to create things, and learn their basic numbers and letters.

Alex Toys Wooden Stringing Sets - String a Farm

This wooden stringing set is a great pick for 2-year-olds. They love to string objects together and sometimes, you'll notice your child stringing them by color, at other times by animals and objects. It's a fun way to learn about farm animals and colors.

The set contains 12 wooden beads, designed with toddlers in mind, therefore too big to be a choking hazard; and it has a wooden needle that's perfectly safe for your toddlers, though you will still need to keep an eye on your toddler whilst they're playing. Stringing the beads improves your child’s fine motor skills, as well as promotes creativity, though the beads can be played with separately from the 'needle' and string.

Alex Toys Wooden Stringing Sets - String a Farm

String big chunky wooden pieces together. Each set includes 12 wooden beads. Wooden needle, cotton lace & stopper!

Only $26.95

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Small World Living Toys Young Chef Cookware Set

Toddlers love to mimic their parents. Did you know that imitative play starts as early as toddlerhood? Pretend play has the greatest impact on toddlers in their development, and it's where they learn some of their future roles in society. It’s also a means of self-expression, as their imaginative play reflects what they have learned and what they see around them.

This toy cooking set will cultivate your child's culinary interests, as it's a lovely set that includes a colorful cookery collection, utensils, and plastic toy food. Playtime cooking feels more realistic when there is a level of realism, as there is with this set. All of the pieces are large and safe for your toddler, even if they still like to bite and mouth on things.

Small World Living Toys Young Chef Cookware Set

A great starter set of pretend cookware for kids, made of lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic in vivid colors. The 11-piece set includes a large stockpot with lid, small stockpot...

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Teach My Toddler

This includes a set of 17 teaching tools to help toddlers learn their alphabet. However, please bear in mind that this toy won’t be truly educational if you just let your baby figure it out himself. This is an interactive toy, meant to be played with by both parent and child.

The portable carrying case makes it easy for a toddler to carry around, which is an important aspect for a young child moving towards independence. In addition, it has a step-by-step parent's guide to ensure effective teaching and learning, something that is lacking in most alphabet sets. It's definitely an effective method of teaching your little one the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.

Teach My Toddler

5510720 Features: -Toddler learning system.-Age: 18 months and up.-Each section is fully - coordinated with a total of 5 puzzles, 4 board books, 4 posters and 4 sets of flashcar...

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PlanToys 50 Construction Set

Nurture your child’s imagination and creativity with these wooden blocks. The Plan Toys 50 Construction Set is made up of wood blocks in simple shapes that let your child use their imagination to create objects and structures. Block sets have been among the most successful educational toys for toddlers since the benefits of imaginative play were first recognized.

This construction set is an appropriate toy during the toddler years, and will also remain useful as your child grows. Of course, as your child ages they will want to create more extensive structures; so you might want to purchase another sometime in the future. This is more than an age-specific toy for toddlers, as it will last for years to come! It's also a very safe and environmentally friendly toy.

PlanToys 50 Construction Set

Contains 36 natural blocks and 14 color blocks. The set reinforces creativity, expands children's thinking ability and stimulates imagination.Playtime Ideas:Children learn to di...

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Lauri Toys Primer Pack

Teach your baby the alphabet with this Lauri Toys Primer pack. It will entertain your 2-year-old, especially during the times when she can't run around, instead having to just sit and play - for example during a car trip. The box makes it easy to carry during traveling but your little one may need some assistance in selecting pieces when playing, so that the set won't be scattered all over the entire backseat.

Some of the pieces are like mini-puzzles, and some are like 'sewing' cards with plastic-tipped nylon laces. Toddlers love to attach the pieces together, detach them, and be creative. Parents can use playtime with their toddlers to teach them the alphabet, shapes and colors with this set. It's a well-round educational toy for toddlers, lots of scope for learning and development.

Lauri Toys Primer Pack

2117 Features: -Primer pack.-Sampler of popular manipulative that include puzzles, lacing and tracing.-Keep kids busy for hours as they learn letter recognition and sequence as ...

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