Employee Appreciation Ideas

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Every employee wants to know that they are appreciated. Ideas and tips on how to show your employees that you appreciate them.

Employee Appreciation

Every employee wants to know that they are appreciate. Employee recognition is a powerful motivator. Not only does appreciation boost an employee's morale but it increase productivity too. According to the The US Labor Deptment, over 60% of employees leave their job because they didn't feel appreciated. That is a clear indication that employees want, and need, to know that they are appreiated. Recognizing your employees' value will help you retain them in the future. Employees who are appreciated are more loyal, motivated and productive in their jobs. 

Employee appreciation is so important that there is even a day designated for it. National Employee Appreciation Day started in 1995, and is always on the first Friday in March. This is a day to show your employees that you appreciate and value them. Employee recognition should expand beyond a single day of the year though. You can organize an employee appreciation day bi-annually, quarterly or monthly. This page will explore some of the ways you can show your employees that you appreciate them. 

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Ideas For Employee Appreciation

  • Thank You Letter -  Write a thank you letter to your employee. Make it personal and sincere. You would be surprise how much a simple thank you note means to an employee. For employers on a budget, this is the least expensive way to show an employee that they are appreciate. 
  • Cash - Cash is always a welcome gift for employees. Give your employee a surprise bonus, raise or promotion.
  • Gift Card - Gift cards make nice appreciate gifts because the employee can choose their own gift. Take it one step further by giving the employee an extra hour off work so they can go shopping with their gift card.
  • Gift Certificates - Gift certificates can range from movie tickets to a spa treatments.
  • Day Off - Show your employee that you appreciate them with a paid day off of work. Rather than just telling the employee they can have the day off, you can make it more special by making a certificate that entitles them to a paid day off. Better yet, let the employee choose the day. Entitle the employee to any day off throughout the year. 
  • Employee's Choice - Let the employee choose their own way of being appreciated. Let them tell you what they want. Give the employee 3-5 ideas to choose from, or let the employee give you a wish list of how they would like to be appreciated and then you pick from their list. 
  • Catered Lunch - Show your employees that you appreciate them by arranging a catered lunch at the office. Cater a BBQ or taco bar. Rent a couple snow cone and ice cream machines. For the morning shift you could rent a cappuccino machine and order donuts.
  • Picnic - Organize a picnic packed with food, games, and other entertaining activites. These event can be arranged for just the employees or for the employees and their families too.
  • Toys - Toys may sound silly but this is one way to let your employees blow off steam. Install a permanant toy room at the office. Fill it with things like a pool table, dart boards, games, and exercise equipment. 
  • Quiet Room - Set up a permanant quiet room at the office, a place where employee can go to relax and destress. Fill it with books, magazine, a cappuccino machine or massage chairs. 
  • Give Aways and Raffles - Puchase 31 gifts and raffle one off every day in March, which is Employee Appreciation Month.

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