Fabulous Wall Decals For Every Room In Your Home

by KathleenDuffy

It's now so easy to make plain walls look stunning by the application of classy wall decorations. Peel off and add the sticker to your surface for an immediate impact.

In the old days we had to paint murals onto our walls if we wanted to make an impact. You needed a steady hand, a bit of artistic talent and a lot of patience. When you got fed up with looking at your artwork you had to paint over it and it was gone for ever.

Nowadays it's much easier. There are hundreds of stunning wall decals to transform your living space. Decals are made of vinyl and they cling to a smooth, flat surface. And they can be taken down and stored away when you get bored - and used again.

Here's just a few examples of some of the inspirational designs available from the internet.

Installing a Large Wall Decal

The stark beauty of a tree in autumn or the delicate cherry tree blossoms floating on the wind can bring a sense of the outdoors into your home.   This look encourages us to clear out the clutter, or at least hide it away - but once we have done so,  the simple beauty of a tree can be fully appreciated.

 If the size of this particular wall decal seems a bit intimidating, don't worry.  They come in numbered parts with a backing which makes it easy to install.  It can be useful to have someone to help you.  

NOTE:  Don't rely on the photograph of the decal to guage the size - check the size on the product description and make sure it is the right size for your space.  Sometimes the photographs make the item look taller than it is in reality.  Read the reviews too.

Here's A Demonstration of How To Install A Large Decal

It's Easy When You Know How!

Decals for Every Room!

Once you've tackled your first project , you might get the 'bug' and start eyeing up other walls as prospective surfaces for decals.   Well, there sure is plenty to choose from!

There are numerous themes to add atmosphere to that blank wall  - if you are a nature lover you can find animal decals, birds, trees and flowers.   For children there are comic book characters, transport, fairyland creatures, flowers; if you like quotations you can buy words written in beautiful italic handwriting - the list is endless.

For instance, nothing can give a feeling of space or calm like a flock of birds flying across your wall!  

But if your idea of nature is of something that makes a bigger impact,  how about a gorgeous elephant, with trunk raised for luck - or a wild horse in vibrant colours ready to prance out from the wall and into your room!

There's something almost 'hippy-ish' about these colourful, 'flower-power' beasts.  The elephant would look fabulous strolling along the wall of your entrance hall - or imagine the impact of the galloping horse if there was a blank wall facing you at the end of the hall when you came through the front door!

3-D Effect Wall Decals

They Look So Real!
3D effect wall decal - Red roses
3D effect wall decal - Red roses

These smaller-sized wall decals are truly amazing - they looks so real that it isn't until you touch them that you realise they aren't real alcoves containing a beautiful rose.

These items can be found by following this link.  You will also be able to see examples of 3D decals available for other rooms in the home or office.  They are ideal for adding interest to an awkward space or as a focal point above a desk or settee.


The Writing's On The Wall...


The quotes of the rich, famous and infamous can now take their place on your wall - whether at home or in the office!   These quotes range from the perceptive, the surprising, and humourous to the downright dull and patronising - depending on your taste. 

For instance, I like the Monroe quote above - but  I am not sure I could live with:


Oh dear, I know I should be able to do this.....but on a day when I am feeling particularly grumpy, this would be the sort of thing that I might find really challenging...

I am sure anyone else would be able to find something extremely inspiring that would keep them going every day as they glance at it,  whilst picking up the family's dirty washing...

I could probably live with the Bob Marley quote - it would put things in perspective.


So bear in mind - if you have a quote on your wall, whether at home or at work, remember that you might not always be inspired by it, depending on your mood!

Decal Stickers for a Young Person's Room

Depending on the age of the young person, there's plenty of brilliant decals.  For instance, a young child might enjoy animals, fairies, trucks, cartoon characters, blossom trees - there's lots to choose from.

Teenagers  could be keen on Banksy decals (and adults too, of course).  But there's also Spiderman, Ironman, Star Wars  -  and even Wonder Woman!  (I love Wonder Woman....) And here's a link to a rock-climbing decal - a great theme for the outdoor, sporty type of teen.

Don't Forget the Smallest Room

Let's end on a practical note!

This little decal will be so handy depending on your household structure!    It's an easy-to-apply reminder that might just work.  

However, like all signs eventually it becomes invisible - so don't expect miracles!


Wall Decals - the Easy Way to Make a Bold Statement

But it can get addictive!

Some of these large wall decals are extremely striking and can take away the problem of what to do with a bare wall.   And the beauty of it is that they can be temporary.  So if you've just moved into a place, and have very little time, these are a quick fix.

However, they can become addictive!  No wonder they are often called 'wall tattoos' .  Once you've had one, you'll want to get more and more!

Find More Wall Decals

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KathleenDuffy on 03/17/2014

Hi Derdriu - Thank you! I also like the horse, and I like the birds flying over the wall too!

DerdriuMarriner on 03/17/2014

Kathleen, Nice presentation. The horse, of course, for me, is stunning. Per your comment below, I would not be putting it in my bedroom, so no fears of night "mares". :-)

KathleenDuffy on 01/20/2014

As long as it doesn't give you night 'mares' ! :)

Tolovaj on 01/20/2014

I would like to have this horse in my bedroom!

KathleenDuffy on 01/20/2014

younghopes - Hello! I am so glad you liked them. Thanks for commenting.

KathleenDuffy on 01/20/2014

ologsinquit - Thanks for that! Yes, they can look amazing and give a fresh, airy feel to the spaces.

younghopes on 01/20/2014

Awesome, these are so beautiful, i have never seen these before

ologsinquito on 01/20/2014

Actually it went on a different board, but it will still work.

ologsinquito on 01/20/2014

What a great idea for a large wall, found so often in new homes with the open-air concept. I'm pinning this to my Wizzley board.

KathleenDuffy on 01/19/2014

Hi Abby - Yes, it does make quite a statement! You could start off with something small, like a little tree branch or something...careful though or you'll get the bug!

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