Children's Flashlights

by sheilamarie

Flashlights are a fun way for kids to get control of their fear of the dark. Children's flashlights make great stocking stuffers and are fun on camping trips and sleepovers, too.

Kids love having their own flashlights. Children's flashlights can be useful and fun at the same time.

Because they are made especially for kids, they are kid friendly in ways that your own family flashlight is not.

And when your children have flashlights that are all their own, they won't be snitching the one that is meant to be available for emergencies. Children's flashlights? Great idea!

Children's Flashlights Make Great Gifts

Safety and Fun in One Kid's Gift!

There's something about flashlights that fascinates kids. Shining a light on a dark night can help a child manouever through a room and overcome fear of the dark.

Children's flashlights are useful for finding the way to the bathroom in the dark at home or on a camping trip. Your child will have fewer accidents with a flashlight that is chosen just for him or for her.

There are many fun games you can play with one, too -- games such as flashlight tag and shadow puppets.

Some of the flashlights for kids are really cute. Children's flashlights are often designed to look like animals. One of these kids' models can become a special friend, lighting the way in the dark and keeping your little one feeling safe.

Children's flashlights are fun as stocking stuffers. You could get one for each member of the family. Children's flashlights would also be well received as a birthday present or other special day remembrance. Does a child you know need one?

Is there someone in your family who is afraid of the dark?

Who in your family might need a flashlight?
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Madi'sNanny on 11/26/2012

My two year old granddaughter has asked for Cindy Lou Who's flashlight from Santa. Any ideas where Santa is going to find it?

Conquering Fear of the Dark with Children's Flashlights

Shine a Little Flashlight on the Situation

When a child is afraid of the dark, one of the contributing factors is the lack of control that he feels. Without the ability to see clearly what's around him, his imagination quickly fills the vacuum. All kinds of horrors lurk and start to move in on him. A little flashlight that he can control himself lets him regain a sense of control. He knows that if monsters start to crowd around him, he can dispel them quickly by turning on his flashlight. 

Flashlights for kids add humor to the dark, too, as some children's flashlights look like silly animals with light coming from their mouths or elsewhere. If you can laugh when you are afraid, that helps best of all.

When Night Lights Are Unavailable

Camping Trips, Overnights

If your child needs to spend the night in a place other than in his own bed, a children's flashlight can be a life saver. Especially if he tends to worry when the lights go out, his very own flashlight can provide just that little extra security that will reassure him that all is well.

Camping trips are more manageable, too, if your little one has a friendly flashlight along. Flashlights for kids help preserve your own flashlight so that the batteries are ready to go in case of a real emergency.

So you won't be afraid of the dark either!

Flashlight, Camera, Lantern

With Pictures of Your Favorite Pals

If your child is a Dora the Explorer fan, one of these Dora products will be a big hit. What better to accompany an important exploration, whether in the darkest jungle or under the kitchen table, than a flashlight or a lantern?

And who better to accompany you on your expedition than good ol' Dora?

The first kit includes both a Dora flashlight and a Dora camera. The camera, which has no batteries, calls for 35mm film, something that is becoming harder and harder to find at your local store and something that is rather pricey to develop, especially when you know half of the photos will most likely be of someone's foot or the dog's teeth.

But if you "forget" to put in film, your child can still have a lot of fun focusing through the lens finder and clicking to her heart's content.

I've added these two lanterns for your consideration as well. The Dora the Explorer lantern is an alternative to the kit mentioned above. Child-sized, it will travel easily with your little explorer on all her adventures.

If Thomas the Tank Engine is more your child's speed, here's a Thomas lantern that may do the trick. Thomas is well known among young train lovers.

Both lanterns take 4 AA batteries.

Night Lights Prevent Accidents in the Dark

Some Cute Night Lights

Night Lights
Are there tears at your house when it is time for bed? Maybe night lights could help. Bedtimes can be challenging in many families. Try shining a little light on the situation!

Disney Fairy Lantern

Includes 3 AA Batteries
Disney Fairies Rescue Lantern (Open T...

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sheilamarie on 02/27/2012

Thanks, Tssfacts and BalletGifts, for your comments. I think these flashlights are pretty cute, too.

BalletGifts on 11/01/2011

What fun flashlights! There are bound to appeal to kids.

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