Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher: Review and Buy Online

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Frigidaire portable dishwashers offer a great convenience for smaller apartments and older homes, so pick one up and enjoy your newfound free time!

For older homes and small apartments, hand washing dishes is a way of life. But for those wanting some greater convenience and free time, portable dishwashers offer a great way to take care of this particular chore, and at a higher efficiency rate as well.

Check out some of the popular models of Frigidaire portable dishwasher, and review if this is what you've been looking for all these years. Be sure to check out how they compare to the competition, and pick one up today!

Why use a portable dishwasher?

Hint: You should totally get one

Most people don't quite realize that dishwashers are not only highly convenient wonders of modern engineering, but they are more efficient than washing by hand. If you imagine the typical process of hand washing dishes, plenty of water goes down the drain, simply due to the faucet running the whole time, while people put dishes away and grab new ones. Plus, since most people spend plenty of time rinsing, much of that water is being used less intensively than it could be.

Enter the dishwasher, which makes no such error of wasted utility. Less water is used in the process, which reduces not only your water bill, but also the demands on the local municipal water supply. It's a win win, not only for the greater convenience, but also through reduced resource consumption. So instead of feeling lazy for buying a dishwasher, feel great about reducing your environmental footprint!

What's also great about portable dishwashers is that they can be wheeled along to a new home, or left behind as a surprise favor to the next tenant. It can be your random act of kindness for the day.

Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher Review

What to expect from a compact Frigidaire dishwasher

Like any large organization, Frigidaire offers a few models, with product lineups changing periodically, so be sure to review what's currently available online at sites like Amazon or eBay.

The current models readily available online are the FMP330RGS and -RGB (same model, in white or black) both of the upright console style, which make great impromptu countertops. If the kitchen is set up to accommodate one of these freestanding models, you can expand countertop space instead of just taking up floor space.

The units work by hooking up with a faucet adaptor to a regular sink faucet, filling up the unit and draining the used water into the sink. At about the same size as the average compact dishwasher, the units are big enough to accommodate families if run frequently. They offer different settings, multiple racks, and other features of a standard built-in unit.

As with any appliance, reviews are fairly mixed, with durability, cleaning efficiency, and price being the most often cited issues. The news isn't all bad, with plenty of people adoring their Frigidaires, but just make sure to check out similar models from competitors, such as the Danby portable dishwasher, which is also cheaper.

Also, check out the eBay listings below, which offer different models, such as the FFPD1821MW, which is a newer model. Reviews are not yet out there, but it's worth checking out.

Frigidaire Portable Dishwasher for sale at eBay

Click to bid and win!

Competing Portable Dishwashers

Portable dishwashers from other companies

As mentioned, plenty of people have great things to say about Danby portable dishwashers, and they're worth checking out. In fact, they seem to be among the very few to receive consistently high praise from their users, and the models are rather inexpensive as well. Danby manufactures an upright, console-style unit in the shape and size of typical dishwashers.

Countertop dishwashers are also an option, and in that category more options abound, particularly from SPT. Remember to shop around first, and check out some of the best Cheap Portable Dishwashers for recommendations on specific brands that tend to do nicely with user satisfaction.

More Portable Dishwashers

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