Fun Pizza Cutters with Fun Low Price Tags

by Regi_B

Pizza cutters should add to the fun of a pizza party. Here are some that do -- and cost less, too!

If like me, you are all about the good times, then I am sure a pizza night is in regular rotation in your life. Sure, pizza is a party starter, but why not heighten the atmosphere with a fun pizza slicer?

Here in this article, I have put together a few pizza cutters that bring the fun without taking it out on the bank account. That way, you can enjoy your pizza with your kids, your friends, your extended family, the whole neighborhood -- whomever you like! -- and not have to worry that you may have paid too much.

I hope you see a party pizza cutter that catches your eye, and I hope the first time you use your new pizza accessory you will think wistfully of me, Regi B.

Happy pizza party!

Fun and Functional

That's the Name of the Game!

Fun Pizza Cutters Are...

  • Something to behold,
  • Something to "be held",
  • A slice above regular pizza cutters,
  • Best without an "upper crust" price,
  • Functional in addition to fun, when made right.

Examples of Fun Pizza Cutters

Only $4.99
Only $50.0

The Best Fun Pizza Cutter for the Money

Get a look at the slicer below. It is from Zyliss, and it costs about ten dollars. For the money, it is a great pizza cutter. This product has dozens of above average reviews on Amazon, so you know people are buying it and loving it. I have Zyliss products in my kitchen that are ten years old and going strong -- that is like a dollar per year in cost. Nice!

$17.93  $17.48

How to Save Money When You Buy a Fun Pizza Cutter

One of the fun pizza cutters on this page sells for about five dollars. That is a great price for something neat-looking and fun-to-use that you might have around for several years. Still, I am here to provide options.

One way to save money on a fun pizza cutter is to enter "pizza cutter" on Amazon search, then sort your results by price, low to high. You will find pizza cutters in your results for just a couple bucks. Alas, most of these will be fun only in the way that saving money is fun to do.

Elsewhere -- in the world that exists outside the Internet -- look for fun pizza cutters in places where you like to save money -- such as the dollar store in your area, for example. 

Another good trampling ground to find a slicer whose price is nicer is the Goodwill Store. They sell new kitchen items on a regular basis. Sometimes, that means pizza cutter. Does it mean "fun pizza cutter"? Find a cutter for a couple bucks there, then decide.

Finally, you can regularly find fun pizza cutters on eBay. Indeed, any pizza cutter you pick up for a dollar or two may be considered "fun".

With all of that said, I hope you soon find yourself having a pizza party with a fun cutter you found thanks to this article.

It is the little things in life that please me, like savings, and sliced olives. Good day!

Fun Pizza Cutters on eBay

Updated: 05/31/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 10/24/2012

Maybe. :)

Tolovaj on 07/26/2012

I like my pizza with knife and fork, so I don't have a pizza cutter. Well, after reading this article I should maybe think about getting one)

Regi_B on 06/01/2012

Thank you so much, Sheri. It was my pleasure to write it. :-D

Sheri_Oz on 06/01/2012

This was a fun read.

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