Fun Tuxedo Baby Bibs

by Regi_B

For the baby who enjoys dining in style, there are great baby bibs in tuxedo designs you can buy online.

Is your baby into fashion? Dinner parties? Cocktail hour?

Well, probably not, but you no doubt get the joke that tuxedo baby bibs imply -- that even at this early age, your young babe is dapper, dandy, and doing his best to look his best at dinner time.

If that is a statement you wish to make with your infant's bib, may you find my little wizz-ly-bob of great help!

What do you get when you put a tuxedo bib on a baby? Someone who still can't say, "Excuse me!" when he burps. Of course, someone who is cute, nonetheless!


Get a Frenchie Tuxedo Bib for Your Dapper Baby

It may be the French who wear the tux best. (It may not. I honestly do not know. Ha!)

Frenchie Mini Couture brings babe into dinner-time style with their tuxedo bib.

Made with plush stuffing that is extra-thick, soft terry cloth backing, and a velcro closure, your baby should enjoy wearing (and getting food all over, naturally) this dandy bib.

What better place for drool to land than such a bib?

Frenchie Tuxedo Bib, Black

Frenchie Tuxedo Bib, Black
Only $9.99

Dress Up for Getting a Messy Dinner Down in a Lauren Madison Tuxedo Ruffle Bib

Cute and classy at once -- that is what your baby will be in a bib built with tuxedo ruffles.

(I wonder how one would look on me -- Nah! Silly idea!)

Made of machine washable 100% polyester, this Velcro-closed bib will keep him or her looking smart (that is, until the smears of sauce and splatters of batter -- babies eat batter, right?).

(Now, which size is Regi B.-size? HAH!)

Black Attire from Baby Milano

It seems the folks at Baby Milano know how to dress a baby for success! (Good thing, too, as that's the business they are in. ZING!)

They have built their 100% cotton black jacket tux bib in a large format for more coverage. (Nothing wrong with more coverage for baby's nice attire! We need not mess up the "real" outfit!)

This would a great piece for taking baby to an event where "dressy" wear is the thing. (I think I will order one for me. What! People say I am a big baby!)

Black Jacket Tuxedo Bib

Black Jacket Tuxedo Bib
Only $7.95

Go Organic with a Tux Bib by So Relative!

Kansas's So Relative! sells baby bibs with a touch of style.

(After all, style matters when we are trying to get pureed veggies down their throats! I kid! I kid!)

I like very much the 100% organic cotton and reinforced, two-snap fastener on this bow-tie bib. (No one has ever written that sentence. Would that it had been kept that way!)

So Relative! Organic Cotton Tuxedo Baby Bib

So Relative! Organic Cotton Baby Bib - Formal Tuxedo (Bla...
$16.99  $11.99

A Second Take on So Relative!

I feel it should be noted that So Relative! sells their organic tux-style bibs in an array of bow-tie colors -- not just basic black.

This is cool for any parents seeking to give their baby a little personality. (Was that a dig? Not really! Some babies have more personality than grown-ups!)

Shown at right, So Relative's tuxedo bib in red piping with red and blue striped bow tie.

So Relative Tuxedo Baby Bib with Red Piping

So Relative! Red Piping Terry Cloth Baby Bib - Tuxedo Des...
Only $9.99

Places Where Your Baby Should Don a Tuxedo Bib

Just in case -- in the unlikely event! -- you are unsure where babies might wear a tuxedo bib, here is a little guide.

  • DO have them wear it to a gala ('cause babies + gala = WINNING!).
  • DO NOT have them wear it to McDonald's.
  • DO have them wear it to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
  • DO NOT have them wear it to a funeral (as there are SO many reasons not to do that!).
  • DO have them wear it "just chillin'".
  • DO NOT have them wear it bowling (as babies cannot bowl).

Tuxedo Baby Bibs on eBay!

Updated: 03/16/2012, Regi_B
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