Furniture for cats

by DrDarko

Cats will always head for the most expensive item of furniture and make it their plaything. The only thing you can do to save your sofa is to get your cats furniture of their own.

A Real cat's aim is to get through life peacefully, with as little interference from human beings as possible.”
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

Felines make adorable pets. Eventually, you will realize that from the cat’s point of view, you are there only to provide food, shelter and occasional grooming. From the cat’s point of view, since she owns you, all your possessions (including that expensive sofa) belong to her.

Cats are different from dogs and they are different in so many interesting ways. Cats will not scratch anything they can get their claws on. Instead, they will select only the most expensive household items to sharpen their claws.

If you would like to keep your furniture in its original condition, the only solution is to get your cat some furniture more attractive and better than your own. Here are some suggestions for great cat furniture

Scratch and massage cat bed

Cats have a way of always having been there even if they've only just arrived. They act as if the human world is one they just happened to have stopped off in, on their way to somewhere that is possibly a whole lot more interesting.”
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage Bed is a great and cheap solution for your cat. It’s designed specifically for cats and its “Ripple Board” massage surface is treated with organic catnip oil so it will definitely attract your cat.

The material of this cat bed is much stronger and it doesn't fall apart as easily as common cardboard scratch posts. Your cat will love to claw it and enjoy rolling and sleeping in it.

You could really call it an inexpensive, all in one, miniature, cat entertainment complex.

Cat lounger

Pedigree cats talk a lot—catowner speak for yowling softly—and tend to rip curtains.”
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge is a great piece of furniture for your cat. It’s curved surface will make your cat love to rest there. It is also reversible so you will get twice the use from this scratchable lounger. It even comes with a package of catnip.

The lounger is well made and quite sturdy. If you want that something else takes the scratching punishment instead of your furniture, this is the best solution.

Bed and playroom for cats

All cats insist on wearing real fur coats…”
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

SmartCat Bootsie's Bunk Bed and Playroom for Cats is a great multi-purpose piece of furniture for your cat. The quality and durability of this bunk bed is unbelievable. It’s made of wood so your cat will be able to enjoy playing and sleeping on it for a long time to come.

2 spring-action toys comes together with this bed. Your cat will just love like to hang over the top and play with the toys. After getting tired of playing, your kitty can sack out on the top bunk for a restful nap or hide in a secluded, dual-entry hideaway.

Tower hideout for cats

If Romulus and Remus had been reared by a cat instead of a wolf, Rome would be a different place today
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

You can mount Ware Cat Tower Hideout on the wall or even hang it over a doorframe. It is easy to set up and it is easy to dismantle and fold away. If you do not have enough space for a big cat tower, this is a perfect solution.

The top cubby has a removable sheepskin bottom so you can take it out and wash it when needed. Entire tower is made from durable and scratch-resistant material so your cat will enjoy it for a long time.

Tree condo for your cat

An interesting fact about acquiring cats is that the things are, by and large, either virtually free or very expensive. It's as if the motor industry had nothing between the moped and the Porsche.”
- Terry Pratchett – The Unadulterated Cat

If you have enough space for it, GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo Scratcher Post Pet Bed Furniture F2040 will provide your cat with a perfect spot. It is large enough and very stable. This very durable cat condo is made out of wood covered in faux fur and posts wrapped in textured sisal rope.

Once assembled, condo, ramp, and perch look great. If you have a cat that likes to climb, or perch this is a must have item in your home. If possible, keep this cat condo next to a window and your cat will love being able to perch and look outside at birds


If your cat continues to abuse your own bed, you cannot do much about it. In this case, I would suggest that you relax with a nice book. If you like the quotes used here, I would recommend that you Buy Terry Pratchett’s book “The Unadulterated Cat.” Even if you are not a cat owner, you will just love this great and extremely funny book.

Do you own a cat?

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Mladen on 03/16/2012

I love cats! And these furniture pieces look great! Cat scratcher lounge seems like right choice!

BrendaReeves on 03/13/2012

I like that cat tower. I am in the market for a cat tree, but that cat tower might be good. If I decide to buy one, I'll come back and go through your article.

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

Love the cat furniture, my cats would love them all, oh so nice, I enjoy watching my cats enjoy great furniture. I thank you and my cats thank you :)

ThePartyAnimal on 02/02/2012

lovin' that bunkbed - very cool

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