Bride and Bride Cake Toppers for a Lesbian Wedding

by JoHarrington

Don't compromise on your big day! Buy gay cake toppers for wedding cakes, which feature two brides.

Have you been trawling through the real world shops hunting for gay cake toppers?

Women have been marrying each other since at least 1772 BCE. So you'd think that it would be far easier to find a lesbian cake topper in the malls by now! But never fear, the internet is here.

We've collected together a selection of two women wedding cake ornaments for your big day. Before we let you loose on them, let me just wish you a hearty congratulations on your forthcoming marriage, from all here at Wizzley!

Romantic Porcelain Cake Topper for Two Brides

Hand-Painted Luxury Lesbian Cake Ornament

A couple of brides demurely stand face to face at the altar. With smiles as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa, they lock eyes and hold the gaze. Both beautiful, both drinking in the beauty of each other.

No detail has been overlooked in this dreamily romantic porcelain cake decoration of two brides. Each figurine is hand-painted in order to maintain the quality.

They stand at five and half inches apiece, both holding bouquets of pink garden roses and calla lilies. A perfect keepsake of the most romantic and brilliant day of your lives.

"Romance" Gay Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper

One Butch, One Femme Wedding Cake Decoration

The 'Romance' gay cake topper is cast in dreamy fine porcelain. The two women are caught in a tender embrace, their lips just touching.

This is their wedding day and both are clad, head to foot, in white. The butch is in a lesbian wedding suit, beautifully tailored so not to expose that tell-tale pocket gape. Her bride is in a traditional wedding dress, her full skirt sweeping down to the carpet.

Look carefully and you will spot the really exquisite detail. Both are wearing tiny, genuine Swarovski crystal wedding bands on their ring fingers. That is what accounts for the extra price.

These gay cake toppers stand 5.5" (14cm) tall, with a diameter of 2.75" (6.98cm). Once the cake has been eaten, it will remain as a keepsake of your beautiful day.

'Romance' also comes with exquisitely jewelled bases. That bumps the price up quite a lot, but looks unreal!

Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper

Hand-painted fine porcelain is the quality mark of this gay cake decoration.

At 4" (10.16cm) high, it is the perfect size to act as the centerpiece of your lesbian wedding cake.

The blonde femme wears a flowing, full-length wedding dress, and carries a bouquet of pink flowers. Her arm is linked through that of her besuited, brunette wife.

Both, of course, wear white, as befits the Western traditions of the day.

The two grooms version of this, by the same craft company, is one of Amazon's best sellers.

Lesbian Brides Cake Topper

Porcelain Two Brides Cake Topper for a Lesbian Marriage

The Lesbian Wedding Silhouette of Love Cake Topper loos exquisite! Crafted from ceramic, it stands at 7" tall and 3.5" in diameter.

This elegant porcelain lesbian wedding cake figurine is a beautifully classy touch for your big day confectionery.

Classy Porcelain Cake Topper for Two Brides

There is something beautifully dignified about this lesbian brides cake topper by Rainbow Sisters.

The hairstyles and dresses recall a time of elegance, like both brides have been lifted from the Gilded Age and placed here for their marriage. I particularly like the subtle touch of one bride with her arm quietly about the other's waist.

It's hand-painted Bisque porcelain, which accounts for the smoothness of the lines.

Bit too serious for you?  Try the next one!

Rainbow Sisters Lesbian Wedding Cake Decoration

Fun Wedding Cake Topper for Lesbians

Bride Carrying her Bride Over Her Shoulder Cake Topper

Image: Lesbian Cake TopperThere's a hearty dash of fun in this lesbian wedding cake topper. It becomes even more amusing when you see the expression on the face of the bride being carried.

This is the decoration for a woman who knows who she wants, and has finally achieved her dream. Despite the apparent reluctance of her partner!  Unless the love of her life is just afraid of being dropped...

Hand-painted polystyrene makes up this cleverly crafted cake topper. Light-weight enough to sit in the center of your confectionery without damaging it.

Butch/Femme Gay Marriage Cake Topper

Two Lesbian Women Gay Wedding Cake Topper

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this cold cast resin cake ornament.

I mean, it's very beautiful and all, but the butch bride looks precisely like a man. I can't quite shake the feeling that, in another life, this was billed as a heterosexual wedding cake topper.

Then, as same-sex marriage became both legal and popular, it was re-purposed somewhat.

There is nothing upon which to base that speculation, but what I'm seeing before me. I could well be wrong. After all, not all women have a noticeable bosom, particularly when they want their waistcoat and suit jacket to lie flat.

The butch and femme figurines are separate, but fit together into a perfect embrace. They both stand 6" tall.

Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper Cut Out

Two Brides Acrylic Photo Wedding Cake Ornaments

Not every lesbian wedding has a butch wanting to suit up as the groom. Many women wish to have their moment wearing the full traditional wedding dress. (It answers the dreams of the little girl inside, who wanted to be a princess.)

Both brides are beautifully depicted on these cut out photograph sculptures. Resplendent in veils, white dresses and, depending upon the choice of cake topper, tiaras and bouquets too.

Here's a quick description for those who have never encountered this kind of wedding cake decoration before.

The hard-wearing acrylic images look a lot better in reality than they do on this page. Each one comes with a black stand and a half-moon mount. You merely cut around the shape of the picture, then pop it all together.

It looks great on the cake, then it can spend the rest of your marriage on the mantelpiece. Or beside a framed photograph of the wedding. Or on the hallway table. Or anywhere you wish it to become a reminder or a conversation piece about your happy day.

More Bride and Bride Wedding Cake Topper Photo Sculptures

Customizing Your Acrylic Photo Cut Out Cake Topper

It is perfectly possible (and looks very good) for you to change the image to a photograph of the actual ladies getting married.

This option also makes more sense, if you are wanting to use it as an ornament to display in your home later on.

In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  • Click on any one of the standard photo cut outs above.
  • Select 'customize it' beneath the main image on the Zazzle page.
  • Upload your own photograph when prompted.
  • Add your own text, if you so desire.
  • Delete the standard image listed.
  • Continue as normal to the check out.

Top tip: Using a full body picture looks wonderful on your cake. There's no limit on size and the base stand will support it. The whole ornament will look very dramatic and a perfect accompaniment to your cake.

Gay Wedding Toppers for Cake on eBay

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JoHarrington on 11/12/2014

Thanks for the heads up. :)

Lisa on 11/11/2014

there are websites that build handmade cake toppers with your pictures that could be a good choice too, such as

JoHarrington on 07/22/2012

Using action figures is a really cute idea! I saw one the other day with Han Solo and Princess Leia on it. That was cool, I thought.

Thanks for your comment.

Ember on 07/22/2012

I think being able to customize cake toppers using something like zazzle is really cool. I know my friends used action figures of their favorite super heroes as their cake toppers, which was really cool I thought. But there should be things available for those who want something more traditional like these are, so yes, like you said, yay for the internet!! :)

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