Wedding Gifts for Gay Women

by JoHarrington

Are you looking for lesbian wedding gift ideas? Check out this collection of perfect marriage gifts for two brides.

Once you've finished cheering the wedding announcement, you'll need to work out what to buy for the brides.

It is traditional to present gifts for the happy couple on their big day; and we are here to help you shop!

The collection here focuses upon the fact that this is a lesbian marriage. By incorporating that facet into your present, it acknowledges your support, at a time when such legal couplings are so new.

Read on to discover what is on offer for you.

Wedding Gifts for Lesbians v Marriage List Presents

As same sex unions become more common, it's tempting to want to celebrate the very novelty of being able to buy lesbian marriage gifts in the shops. After all, it was a long, hard struggle which brought us to this point!

But remember that the two women at the center of this wonderful day will want to create a home together. That's the point of wedding presents!

Before checking out the exciting collection of lesbian wedding gifts on offer here, it's better to check that no generic list has been registered with any stores. Everything here is all very lovely, but not if our brides were really after a new toaster.

Of course, if they've already been living together for a while, then they will have all of that boring stuff. In which case, jump right in!

The wedding is on! Only this time it is two brides who are walking down the aisle. Pick out a celebratory wedding card for a lesbian marriage.
Lesbian wedding gift ideas for a Pagan handfasting? Here we have handfasting gifts for two brides created by a Wiccan High Priestess.
Are you looking for gay wedding gift ideas for two grooms? Check out this selection with presents to match any wallet.

Art as a Classy Wedding Gift for Two Brides

Choosing artwork is not only a stylish and tasteful wedding gift, but it might also become a sound investment too.

These are obviously more expensive than some of the gay wedding gift ideas further on. They are very likely to be displayed as a centerpiece in the lucky couple's home.

Female Nude Torso | Art Deco Wall Mount | Michael Alfano

Exclusive Wall Mounted Artwork Signed by the Award-Winning Sculptor

Buy an Alfano original sculpture as a future asset for the two lucky brides.

"The best art engages, generates discussion, and brings about change. My art compels viewers to experience, think, and understand life more fully."

Michael Alfano

Female Nude Torsos might be a little pricier than many of you were contemplating for a wedding gift, but it is also an investment.

Michael Alfano was the Cambridge Art Association Artist of the Year in 2005. It is just one of over 60 awards that he has picked up, since graduating from the Art Students League of New York. He's exhibited his work all over the United States, and he was recently featured in E Ashley Rooney's 100 Artists of New England.

This Art Deco, wall mount sculpture, with its depiction of lesbian love, has been signed by this up and coming artist. It could gain a lot more value in the years to come.

For those with even deeper pockets and a careful eye on the future, then BronzeCo have some extremely unique gift ideas too. Both bronze-cast sculptures are limited edition. Only nine have been made of the Erotic Kiss with only two left up for grabs. While Fairies Nude Lovers has just one remaining in stock.

They are each numbered and signed by the artist, which will help greatly as they become rare collection pieces in years to come.

Limited Edition BronzeCo Lesbian Erotica Sculptures

Buy these statues only if you are serious about collecting unique artwork.

Lesbian Sculpture Wedding Gift Ideas on eBay

Can't afford an Alfano or BronzeCo? There are other statue and ornament options here.

By its very nature, eBay's marketplace is an ever-changing array of potential wedding presents for two women. I will keep my eye on it and post lesbian statues and other artwork here. Check back often to see what there is on offer.

Mementos of The Day The Brides Became Wife and Wife

The brides have just walked down the aisle with the lady they love. It is likely to be a day imprinted on their memories for the rest of their lives.

They will naturally want keepsakes or other wares with which to remember their wedding ceremony. Your gift could fit right into that!

Glassware for a Lesbian Marriage

Buy the set for on-going marital cheers.

There is an obvious requirement for champagne toasting flutes on the day that the ladies get married.

But another celebration will occur on their first wedding anniversary, and every year after that. They could well be raising cheers from glasses, which you bought especially for these occasions.

Arriving complete with a bottle to store their favorite tipple, this glassware honors not just the wedding day, but the whole marriage too.


Gay Rainbow Sisters Lesbian Champagne Flutes

Ornamental Token for a Newly Wed Lesbian Couple

This adorable Mrs and Mrs token is limited edition. Its etched glassware is hand-painted to add to the allure.

Please note that the picture is taken in extreme close up. This gay marriage glassware is only 2.4" (6cm) squared. It's designed to sit in a cabinet or perch upon a jewelry box.

However, others have put it to great work as a lesbian wedding cake topper.

The ornament comes in its own gift box. It might make for a fairly unique, quirky gift, well, a token!

Spaceform London Mrs & Mrs Mini Token

Don't compromise on your big day! Buy gay cake toppers for wedding cakes, which feature two brides.

Lesbian Wedding Balloon: Mrs & Mrs Decoration

This Mrs & Mrs wedding balloon is an inexpensive gift, offered as an add-on for Amazon purchases. But it's a nice touch for all of that.  It would certainly stand out amongst the presents as an appropriately lesbian wedding gift!

Lesbian Wedding Photo Frame

Buy this to show a picture of the big day.

Ignore the lovely photograph of two happy men. It's the photograph frame that you're looking at for this lesbian wedding gift.

This 5x7 photo frame would be perfect for holding a picture of the brides, captured during their wedding or civil union ceremony.

There is an oak finish to the fruit-wood frame.  The white marble colored matboard has been laser cut to bear the legend 'Life Partners'.

The back pops open to replace the photograph, which can then be propped up with the easel stand, or mounted on the wall via the concealed hooks.

The Life Partners photo frame is a thoughtful and practical gift. Most newly-weds want to show off at least one picture from their wedding day, so your present will pre-empt that.

Alternatively, there's the 8"x20" collage frame below. 

Life Partners Portrait Picture Frame

Life Partners Wedding Day Collage Frame

Customizable Pastel Pride Magnetic Photo Frame

If you're looking for a photo frame gift for a lesbian wedding which screams two brides, then this next one might be the answer.

The pastel rainbow hues subtly nod towards Gay Pride, while keeping the overall scheme very romantic. Two brides reach for each other wearing identical colors. Their names (and the legend above) may be customized for your lesbian couple.

This Lesbian Pride Brides photo frame may be viewed as a large fridge magnet, insofar as it attaches to anything metallic rather than merely being hung on the wall.

Pride Brides Photo Frame

More Pastel Rainbow Gift Ideas for Lesbian Weddings

There is a whole range of items with this design on Zazzle. I've included a mere selection here. They can all be customized, if you want to make them really personal.

Practical Wedding Gifts for a Lesbian Home

Art is all well and good, but it's not very functional, is it? If your two brides are less into the aesthetics and more into creating their cosy home, then your best bet might be presents that they can put to good use around it.

Does anything here suit the ladies who are walking down that aisle?

Mrs and Mrs Apron Set

Aprons for Two Wives

There is a bit of fun in this matching apron set.

Designed with married lesbian women in mind, the aprons come in pairs. They are identical, with the word 'Mrs' embroidered over the bosom.

No-one stepping into their kitchen could doubt that this couple have formally pledged their life-long commitment to each other.

The durable, high quality material is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. The legend is embroidered in black thread. The neck halter and waist straps are fully adjustable to fit any build.

The Mrs & Mrs apron set is a practical wedding gift for lesbians, which will no doubt still be used, long after other presents have disappeared into storage.

Buy these aprons for two brides who you know love to prepare their evening meals together; or who enjoy hosting dinner parties.

Cute Pillowcases for Two Brides

Let's face it, buying linen for the marital bed is almost as traditional as buying a toaster!

Twosome Gifts have a selection of pillowcases designed with lesbian couples in mind.

Their cute messages are romantic, loving and very sweet. They need to be laid side by side in order to display the whole cartoon.

In Falling for You, love cascades over one lady, so much so that she has to put up her umbrella not to become drenched. There's no let up, as her partner has that love on tap; and she's shooting love-hearts through a hosepipe.

I Miss You would be the ideal wedding gift for a lesbian couple, where one wife travels away from home a lot. Her wife could have it laid out on the bed for whenever she returns. It would probably tell the story of their lives, with a telephone line curled into a heart. Or maybe it's merely that being on the other side of a double bed is too much distance for these two.

Lesbian Couple Pillowcases

Two Brides Vintage Quilting Square

Doreen Erhardt Lesbian Wedding Quilt Square

If either of the brides is quite handy with a needle and thread, then this might be a cute, but practical gift.

Lifted from the Doreen Erhardt Wedding Collection, it allows your brides to add their own wedding to a memory quilt. It's a present which will bring joy for many years to come, as they nestle under it at night.

Even if neither are crafty like that, then you have the basis of a wonderful community wedding gift here. A few of you could get together and have the quilt ready for their big day!

Woman and Woman We Do Ceramic Mug

Or maybe you'd like your present to have more of a presence next morning, as the coffee is peculating or the kettle is on.

This ceramic mug by Fishs Eddy has been created with lesbian brides in mind, as the design quite clearly demonstrates.

It's dishwasher and microwave friendly. 

It's even more welcoming when it's filled with a hot beverage to soothe and wake. Just imagine the quiet beams that will accompany a newly wed lady, as she glimpses the picture and remembers.

Fishs Eddy We Do Wedding Mug

Lesbian I Do Flask Necklace

Gay Wedding Necklace Flask for Women

If the 'I Do' hipflask for lesbians looks tiny, that's because it is. It only holds 1 oz of her tipple of choice.

You might be forgiven for wondering what is the use of that? But appearances are deceiving.

I have one quite similar to this. I too gave it a little shake and contemplated that it was only a couple of mouthfuls at best. But the lip is also tiny. You're only afforded a sip at a time. That's plenty to get you through, say, a concert.

How About a Christmas Ornament?

Some of these are designed for a married couple's first festive season together. They can be customized too.
The wedding cake has gone and the photos are framed. Now you're putting up your tinsel together for the first time as a married couple. How about a decoration to mark the occasion?
The festive season is here again! This collection is for ladies, who take Pride in their Christmas decorations.
All the colors of the rainbow are represented in these festive ornaments; and so they should be!

Final Word

I hope you found something here that perfectly matched the blushing brides. If so, please do comment to tell us all about it.

If not, then there's always eBay!

Lesbian Wedding Gift Ideas on eBay

Updated: 06/23/2014, JoHarrington
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Cheryl on 09/27/2016

An anniversary sundial is a good idea...we have one that sits on the windowsill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It was handmade just for us, and has a special date line and a mark that the time shadow touches at the time of our ceremony every year. Very appropriate for a lesbian couple!

JoHarrington on 04/29/2015

Wow! That sounds amazing! That really is quite cool.

Cheryl on 04/29/2015

A coworker got a great gift for her wife, an anniversary sundial that she found online. It sits on the window sill in their apartment and makes a really vivid rainbow on their family room floor whenever the sun hits it, and they had a special anniversary date line added to the little glass sundial that the time shadow follows on their special day each year. It has got to be one of the best anniversary gifts I have ever seen, and I am thinking about getting my husband one of them as well!

JoHarrington on 10/13/2012

You're welcome and I'm glad you liked it.

Incidentally, random back-linking in blog comments is apparently bad SEO these days.

Gajraj Jaipur on 10/13/2012

<a href="">GAJRAJ JAIPUR</a>
Great info.I like all your post.I will keep visiting this blog very often.It is good to see you verbalise from the heart and your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed. Thanks again!

JoHarrington on 04/01/2012

I couldn't say that better myself. No. I really couldn't! Thank you for commenting. :D

katiem2 on 04/01/2012

Each and every union of love should be celebrated with as much ceremony and celebration as possible sending the message to your partner they mean the world to you. Shout it from the roof tops and do honor your life partner with an amazing keepsake gift of love. :)

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