Lesbian Wedding Cards for a Gay Marriage

by JoHarrington

The wedding is on! Only this time it is two brides who are walking down the aisle. Pick out a celebratory wedding card for a lesbian marriage.

Finding a wedding card for two brides can be difficult in mainstream stores. But never fear! We have a whole array of them here.

It is as if the lights are being switched on across the whole world, as country after country recognizes the union of two ladies. Sooner or later, you are going to need a lesbian wedding card.

There are many on-line greeting card sites already catering for this happy occasion. Come and see what they have on offer.

Are you looking for cutesy, romantic, funny, political or religious? All kinds of card designs can be found for two brides.

You do have the option of finding plain, old non-gender specific cards in your local shop, but that's frankly a cop-out. 

Choosing to buy a lesbian marriage card demonstrates loud and clear that you support the brides. And if you don't, then why are you even at their wedding?

Help celebrate their happy day by finding the perfect card. One that matches them, and could only be from you.

Happy shopping!

Light Touch Wedding Cards for Two Brides

Are you looking for a greeting card which acknowledges gay marriage, without screaming it from the rafters?  There are people who wish to give a nod to the gender of the couple, without turning that into a big deal.

These romantic cards are very subtle. The implication is there, in the profusion of pink, or may even declare that it's for two ladies.  But none of them harp on about it.

In fact, the unobservant eye, or the cursory glance, might miss the direction completely.  You would need to really take on board why both birdies are pink; or why the groom has such soft features.

All of these cards are 7" high and 5" wide (standard size), and they are made from high quality cardboard.

Any here would be the perfect card for family members, or the older generation, to present to the couple on their happy day.

Romantic Lesbian Wedding Cards

A wedding day is ALL about romance.  This is the union of two people deeply in love, who wish to spend the rest of their days together.

Naturally love and romance should figure hugely in their greetings cards. They do in everyone else's wedding cards!

As they read them together later, the brides will be reminded time and again about how they are loved.  Not merely by each other, but by everyone around them.  These are the sort of cards which become keepsakes, kept pristine within an archive, taken out to read into old age.

But it all begins in the quiet time after the wedding, when our brides are snuggled up together on the couch.  Maybe a glass of wine within arm's reach, as they get to unwind and read all that people had to say. 

If that isn't romance, I don't know what is; and what a fantastic way to start married life!

Cute Wedding Cards for Two Women

I adore these fun greeting cards from Zazzle.

They appear to have everything - the message is there (two brides getting married to each other), the congratulatory nature rings out, and there is a really sweet, romantic feel to them.

The designs are simple line art, but very clear in their aspect.

These are wedding cards for brides who are bubbly, filled with a joy of life and very much in love.

I like them so much, that I'm half tempted to get a couple in, so that I'm prepared for the next lesbian wedding that I attend!

Customizable Lesbian Wedding Congratulations Cards

Adding in the names of the brides, and/or the date of their marriage, makes your card that little more personal.

For all of these designs, what you actually write is up to you.  You could enclose a message which really says it all - an in-joke, a shared moment, a verse or a song lyric, which you know the couple would appreciate.

In order to add a personal message to your card, you just have to visit the site.  Once there, select the 'Customize It!' button. 

You will be directed to insert your own text (or even images, if you really want to branch out!). 

The artists frequently highlight where you should position your message, which is very helpful for the non-creative people like me.  You can follow their direction, or ignore it in favor of your own ideas.

Once done, simply save and continue to the checkout.

There are plenty of cards which allow room for such things. I've naturally begun with the cutesy ones, because I like them! 

Incidentally, if your couple (or either bride) has a different skin tone to those shown here, explore the store. Every one of these cards can be bought with different ethnicity for one or both brides.

However, there are more traditional designs, which can be customized into perfection for the happy couple.

The first in the selection here is very popular. It depicts two brides, in a very romantic scene, with their names printed in the band above. This is the obvious option for those who want both the personal touch and the wedding theme.

A pretty, pink, towering wedding cake is the focus point of the second card.  But look closely. The cake toppers perched atop the confectionery are both brides.  It is indeed their special day; and you can add their names, or your own message, in place of that legend.

One of my favorites though is the rainbow love heart, bearing the names of the brides within an artistic vine framework. The black background may be too dark for some people's tastes, but I love it.

It makes the colors of the rainbow stand out.  A lovely bit of brightness in the gloom, which is largely what these brides are for each other. Love has a way of adding color to the whole world!

Gay Pride Lesbian Wedding Greeting Cards

I'm not sure how I feel about the politics of the occasion creeping in here. 

While I wholeheartedly support Gay Pride (and presumably so do the happy couple), it seems to shift the focus too much to include it here.

Nevertheless, you know the brides better than I do; and they may really appreciate this nod to the struggles, which brought them finally to the altar.

The Rainbow flag is the icon of Gay Pride.  It was developed in San Francisco, USA, by Gilbert Baker in 1978.  He had a vision of all the colors co-operating to make a glorious whole; and the rainbow motif underlines how that is the natural state of being.

For 'colors' read the diverse nature of human beings everywhere, whether it's diversity in favorite music and food; religion; skin-color; the sports team that you follow; political leaning; and, of course, sexuality.

Also known as the Freedom Flag, it is now recognized world-wide as a symbol of equality.

Both brides would know what it meant.  It probably means something very personal to them.  There's a very strong chance that they've waved the Freedom Flag at some point during their lives; or at least marched behind it and/or had a drink in a bar displaying it.

By incorporating the rainbow into their card, you are invoking an international groundswell of support for their marriage.  That's a big deal!

You know, on second thought, perhaps there is a place for the rainbow in this lesbian wedding.  There's nothing more romantic than love against the odds.

More Rainbow Wedding Cards for Two Women

Female Symbol Wedding Cards for Two Brides

On the subject of symbols, there is another one hitting very close to home here!

The universal representation for 'female' is perfect to apply to this very feminine wedding.  When both of those taking their vows are women, then woman is very much the key word of the hour.

It's a little known fact that the standard gender representations came from the world of botany. Plants tend to be male or female, so botanists developed a short-hand to denote this in their notes.

The symbols that they used were borrowed from astrology. Male is represented by the astrological sign for Mars; and female for that of Venus.  That was long before they started to be used to show where the gender specific restrooms were!

Nevertheless, they've now made their way out of the scientific fields into popular culture; and landed on our wedding cards. 

The delight here lies in the fact that artists can get very creative, when the female symbol looks like a stick person standing there!

Final Word

Hopefully you have snatched up the ideal lesbian wedding card from all that I've found for you today.  Please pass on our congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple from all here at Wizzley.

And don't forget the stamp!

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I thought so too. :) And congratulations to whoever is marrying to necessitate a card!

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Nice collection of wedding cards.If a get a chance i must choose one among this.

JoHarrington on 10/18/2012

I'm very glad that you liked it and I hope that you were able to find a card for yourself.

Ocala Wedding on 10/18/2012

Finding a wedding card for two brides can be difficult in mainstream stores or finding a wedding cards for two grooms is also difficult. The world is changing now and people are accepting same sex marriage , so now it is not big deal to get involved in same sex marriages. So wedding cards now being generated for lesbian or gay marriage. Are you looking for a greeting card which acknowledges gay marriage or lesbian marriage so your problem is solved . Great collection and lots of variety of cards. Good post about gay and lesbian marriage cards give a light to homosexual .

JoHarrington on 09/17/2012

It's always so exciting when that happens! I hope you were able to find a nice card here.

Please pass on my well wishes to your friend, when the grand announcement comes. :)

lavero on 09/17/2012

Hehe, some nice cards you've shown here. I believe one of my friends is going to celebrate a lesbian marriage in the near future... but she didn't admit it yet :-)

JoHarrington on 09/07/2012

Thanks! I hope you were able to find something there.

Kate on 09/07/2012

Great collection lots of variety!

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