Gay Marriage First Christmas Decorations

by JoHarrington

The wedding cake has gone and the photos are framed. Now you're putting up your tinsel together for the first time as a married couple. How about a decoration to mark the occasion?

As newly weds, the festive season becomes even more lovely than normal.

After joining together as bride and bride, or groom and groom, the Yuletide goodwill is shared this year - and every year, for the rest of your lives. This is your home, your lives, your love.

How about an ornament, for your tree, which represents your first Christmas together? It could be a gift, to follow up on that beautiful gay wedding, or you could buy it yourselves. Either way, there is plenty of choice!

Open Hearts Gay Marriage First Christmas Tree Ornament

Rainbow Hearts Decoration for a Married Gay Couple

The nod towards Gay Pride is subtle here, but very much on display. You've made a home and marriage together, be very proud!

How sweet is this?!  It's a Christmas decoration for a gay couple's first festive season together.  That could mean that they just moved in, or that they actually tied the knot during the last year.

Every bit of text on the ornament can be personalized.   You can leave the legend alone, as 'Our First Christmas', or add another more pertinent to yourselves.  Naturally the initials and year will have to be customized.

This 2.87" ceramic decoration is fairly discreet too.  It's only really the rainbow colors on the hearts which give it away.  Slightly more dramatic are the Gay Pride snowflakes below.

Personalized Gay Couple First Christmas Decorations

I really like these, but then I would. I created them!  They're beautiful festive snowflakes which would brighten up any holiday tree. Even more so when they're festooned in an explosive rainbow to indicate Gay Pride.

The legend reads 'first Christmas together' and the couple's names may be added to the top corner. The Rainbow snowflake repeats on the back to add yet more color to this gay married couple's Christmas ornament.

Two Grooms First Christmas Decoration

Two Brides First Christmas Decoration

Personalized First Christmas Decoration after a Gay Wedding

A customized Gay Marriage ornament, which you could buy for yourself or present to your favorite newly weds as a nice, festive gift.

Ignore the names and dates on the display ornaments, you will customize these with your own.

The gay marriage Christmas decorations are designed to mark that moment, when you decorate your festive home together for the first time following the nuptials.  Special in anybody's book!

These ornaments may have pride of place on your Christmas tree, but they could also dangle from a gift.  The ribbon drapes perfectly around a package. It would be a lovely little gift tag substitute, which in itself becomes a gift for a married gay couple.

If you wish it to be the present, in and of itself, then that's great too.  Both the Lesbian Marriage First Christmas Ornament and the Gay Marriage First Christmas Ornament can arrive in matching gift boxes. (How come it's suddenly only the men who are the 'gay' ones?)

I've added a picture of the lesbian gift box above, so that you can see how it looks.  The gay gift box is the same, just with the picture and legend changed obviously.  They are bought separately to the ornaments themselves.

Rainbow Hearts Christmas Ornament

Girl meets Girl Christmas Ornament

Customized Christmas Heart Decorations for a Gay Couple

These 3" ceramic heart ornaments may be personalized with the name of the happy couple, plus a date.

The date could be their first Christmas together or it may be when they got married.  It's totally up to you!  Though patently seasonal decorations (the gold thread to hang them on the Christmas tree gives it away), there is little else pointing towards the festive period.

For that reason, you could opt to have one of these for a wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day or whatever else comes to mind.  Then break with tradition by dangling it from a house plant instead!

The Rainbow Hearts one is fairly unisex, but the Christmas decoration for two brides is for lesbians.  The tale faintly told in the background calligraphy is all about Girl Meets Girl.  However, a little digging has just uncovered its twin.

If you would like a Boy Meets Boy Christmas decoration, then that is available too.

Humorous Gay Marriage Christmas Decoration

Give people a chuckle, as they peer in to read the anti-joke on this funny gay marriage Christmas ornament.

I'm really enjoying the craze for anti-jokes, which appear to have only come into vogue this year.  For those not in the loop, anti-jokes are when the listener is set up to expect something utterly outrageous.  Then they get plain fact or wry observation, or else a punch-line that is totally disproportionate to the lead in scenario.

Maybe that's just my sense of humor!

Gay People Getting Married?

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Updated: 01/12/2015, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 08/04/2013

I know right! And with a Tory government at that! The times they are a-changing. :)

Paul on 08/04/2013

Who'd have thought that in just over a year of this article being published, gay marriage would be allowed in the UK!

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