Male Wedding Cards for Gay Couples

by JoHarrington

Have you been invited to a wedding with two grooms? Check out these gay marriage cards for men, to find the perfect one to mark their big day.

After the wedding announcement comes a flurry of activity. There's a big, big day to arrange here!

As a guest at a gay marriage, as with any other, you will have a few purchases to make yourself. There's the hunt for an appropriate gift, not to mention pampering yourself with a new outfit and hat.

But don't forget the least of your items - the greeting card! It's there on the 'To Get' list too; and we are here to help you pick the perfect one.

When two men get married to each other, it can be hard to find the appropriate card in your local shopping mall.  But that's where the internet comes in!

Romantic, funny, conservative and political, they are all represented here.  The hunt is on to find the most amazing card to give at the wedding.

We could all settle for something plain white, with a picture of a champagne glass or ring on it. But how boring is that?!

Place the happy couple at the forefront of your mind.  What are they like?  What do they love? It's time to go shopping!

Two Grooms Greeting Card

Classy Doreen Erhardt Two Grooms Wedding Card

This one comes in a pack of six or twelve, for those of you who have been invited to several same sex weddings!

Romantic Wedding Cards for Gay Men

Romance is in the air! Of course it is, they're getting married! What better way to mark this momentous day than focusing on their love.

Marriage is all about telling the world (and each other) that you're in this for the long haul. You are deeply committed to this man; and just as deeply in love.

Vows are spoken from the heart, eyes locked and hands entwined. This wedding is the epitome of romance; and you can mirror that in your choice of card for the happy couple.

Our first stop is Zazzle, where there is an array of romantic cards for gay couples.  Here is our first selection:

Each ultra-heavyweight card has a gloss finish. They come in 5" x 7" (portrait) or 7" x 5" (landscape), which is the standard size.

However, it is worth getting together with friends to buy in bulk.  Anything over ten cards, ordered together, will spark the bargain discounts.  You don't have to get the same ones either. Mix and match are the key words here!

If there is a style there that you like, it's worth investigating further.  The middle card, for example, is merely one of a series of romantic pictures.  They all feature gay men.

Customizable Wedding Cards for Two Grooms

The personal touch shows that you've really thought about these men and their marriage.

This is probably the biggest day of their lives, and you're right alongside them. But how can they know that?

In the lead up to this wedding, you can bet that every waking moment has been taken up with planning it.  Now the nerves have set in.  Have they made it as perfect as they can?  You only get married once.

More to the point, is everyone else humoring them?  Or are they delighted to be at this wedding?

You can assuage a lot of fears with a customizable card. It demonstrates that you haven't just run into a shop and grabbed the first card off a shelf.

You've taken the time to make it personal. You're not just there for the free buffet and reception party. You're applauding this union all the way.

You can bet that the gesture will be appreciated by both grooms.

More Wedding Cards to Personalize for the Grooms

Add their names or a personal message; or leave them as they are! Each of these cards stands alone anyway.

Sweet Gay Wedding Cards by Cfkaate

Just to prove that you can have your cake and eat it, have a look at these wonderful designs.

These fun greeting cards show two grooms cake toppers perched upon a massive dessert. A wedding cake or a pile of cupcakes complete the colorful display.

Two Grooms on Rainbow Wedding cake has a Gay Pride background in pastel hues.  To me, that just shouts from the rafters that this is one heck of a celebration! 

Both cards have been left blank inside.  You can hand-write your own messages for that personal touch.  But it also means that these cards can be used for any occasion. While they're patently for a wedding, they could double as anniversary cards or even invitations.


Political and Gay Rights Wedding Cards

If the grooms are war-weary warriors, then celebrate their marriage with some recognition.

After centuries of persecution, the fight has been won. People are free to love according to their nature.

But it's been a bloody road to get there.  The men standing before that altar might well have been part of that civil rights movement.  They are battle-scarred beneath the tuxedos and smiles.

While their marriage is an expression of love, it's also the reward for surviving the past.

Honor them, as you hand over that long-awaited wedding card. Choose a card that incorporates the Gay Pride Rainbow, alongside the romance of their special day.

The celebration is not only for their life-long commitment to each other, but the culmination of the road that took them there. 

It's a smile and a wink that says, 'well done' for the past; and 'good luck' for their future lives together.

You could also be a lot less subtle about it, like in the two blatant greeting card messages below.

So many countries (or states, in the notable case of the USA) have had to undergo lengthy legal battles, before two men can even get married. 

The first card shows the Statue of Liberty raising her torch for gay rights.  That is perhaps most appropriate if one or both of the grooms is American.  The second asks the pertinent question, 'Can I vote on your marriage now?'

Of course, the answer to the latter is in the very fact of the card.  You're here, you have a card, the background is rainbow colored.  Your vote is a resounding YES! to this marriage!

Personally, I think that the focus should be more on the individuals getting married, than on the politics and bigotry that tried to rule their lives.

Unless you really know that both men will appreciate the nod to their struggles, then a more traditional card might be better.  Marriage is all about the love and romance.  It's two people joining in union together.

For now, the rest of the world can wait.  Let them have their day.

What Did Moses Say About Gay Marriage?

If there's been a bit of religious tension in the background of their wedding, then this card might lighten the mood.

Final Word

Hopefully you have snatched up the ideal gay wedding card from all that I've found for you today.  Please pass on our congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple from all here at Wizzley.

And don't forget the stamp!

Gay Marriage Wizzles

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Are you looking for gay wedding gift ideas for two grooms? Check out this selection with presents to match any wallet.
Do you know what to write on a greeting card for a gay wedding? You would be amazed at how many people don't! But I have some inspiration for you right here.
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JoHarrington on 09/04/2012

Hi Jean,

I'm glad that you liked it. I'll have to go and check out your article. Were the two ladies able to have their child in the end?

JeanBakula on 09/02/2012

Hi Jo,
Very thoughtful and useful article. You are correct that the attitudes are changing much more slowly in the U.S. I haven't seen any cards like this. I wrote a book review on Hubpages about two women who married and wanted a child, and one of them already had eggs in storage, as her marriage to a man was fraught with fertility issues and the pressure was too much. Hubpages people avoided it like the plague! It's on here now and doing better! I have a GF who served as the "best man" for two men who married, because she was his first friend when he moved to the U.S. She wore palazzo pants and a sort of feminine, yet tuxedo look. Classy!

JoHarrington on 09/02/2012

I'm glad that you liked it! It was fun to write as well. :)

Mira on 08/31/2012

Fun article, Jo! Great read, as always :-)

JoHarrington on 07/22/2012

You're welcome and thank you very much. :)

kate on 07/22/2012

Thanks Jo, Great sales article

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